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Needle Tatting 
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This little guy can be made for a great tree ornament or a pin to wear and show off your favorite person.
LR 3ds p 3ds p 2ds p 1ds LP (for hanger or leave small to use metal hanger) 2ds p 3ds p 3ds p 3ds Cl rw
Ch 3ds p 3ds  Rw
*R 3ds + (to side of large ring) 3ds p 3ds p 3ds DNT
R 3ds + 3ds p 3ds p 3ds Rw
Ch 3ds p 3ds p 3ds p 3ds Rw
R 3ds p 3ds + (join to top picot of prev ring) 3ds p 3ds DNT
R 3ds + (to side picot of prev, ring) 3ds p 3ds p 3ds Rw
Ch 3ds p 3ds Rw
LR 3ds + (to side picot of last small ring) 3ds p 2ds p 1ds P 1ds p 2ds p 3ds p 3ds Rw
Ch 3ds + (to other smal chain) 3ds
Continue around for a two more sides, from *
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