Legendary Hit Factory Studio Turning Into Condos

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
By: Kenny Rodriguez

The Hit FactoryThe Hit Factory, one of New York's most prestigious recording studios, is being converted into a condominium complex after the edifice closed its doors last year.

In early 2005, the Manhattan building was closed due to increasing rent costs and a dwindling demand for the large-scale studio. The six-story building - which once housed seven recording studios and five mastering suites - was sold for $17.5 million, and a new Hit Factory was erected in Miami, Florida.

The original Hit Factory housed classic recordings by hip-hop artists Jay-Z (Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life), the Notorious BIG (Ready To Die), Mase (Harlem World), and Lil Kim (Hardcore) - as well as rock-n-roll and soul greats John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, and Madonna.

In 1994, Hit Factory recordings received a combined 41 Grammy nominations - thanks in part to Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard" soundtrack.

Later in 2000, the famed studio saw some short-lived negative press when G-Unit rapper 50 Cent was stabbed there, allegedly stemming from a dispute with former rival Ja Rule.

After builders construct the 27-unit condo complex, they plan on lining its hallways with platinum plaques and retaining ground-floor space for music rehearsals. The property opens early next year, and each condo apartment is projected to sell for $1 million to $4 million.

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Spider bloke says:
Shame but at least the history will remain.

cense251 says:
Lol in the capitolist society nothing or no one is sacred.

Sair says:
No honor in coorperate america... None at all. The whole damn nyc gonna be over-priced condos in the next 5 years. $2.5 million for a one bedroom.... What a shame. Righteous stand up!

Kalliope4eva says:
Idk if it was you, but i was addressing that...the fact that err'month a "major" studio has to close. Dawg, technology is a mutha, all that shyt that they have in a seven story building can be in one cats backpack. Period. And be knocking...only thing i wouldnt advise doing is just mastering a joint yourself. But shyt, you can get the software for that too. With the sale of hip hop (or music in general) falling quicker than stock in the diplomats, its no way a record company would think about sending any artist to those high end spots. Peep that making the band...shyt all the major producers have their own spots.....

Triumph says:
". Dawg, technology is a mutha, all that shyt that they have in a seven story building can be in one cats backpack." that's the truth right there. Now anybody with fruity loops can make an album. Studios like that are now only reserved for high end recording jobs like bands or orchestras.

g flesh says:
That would be hot to live in one of those condos i can picture some rapper getting a condo there then doing some stuff out of the condo

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