rallyforcanada.ca and makeparliamentwork.ca are opposing political sites aimed to sway public opinion and act as an organizing vehicle for each side.

rallyforcanada.ca and makeparliamentwork.ca are opposing political sites aimed to sway public opinion and act as an organizing vehicle for each side.

Coalition feud sparks flurry of online reaction

Updated Wed. Dec. 3 2008 9:44 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

The unprecedented crisis in Ottawa appears to be making more than just political history. It's also thrusting Canadians into the brave new world of virtual campaigning.

The blogosphere has been in overdrive in the past few days, as bloggers vent their frustrations, misgivings, or thoughts about the fight in Ottawa between the Liberal-NDP opposition coalition and the Conservative government.

Because of the virtual anonymity that the online community provides, some of the blogs give an unadulterated look at how some Canadians feel about the political crisis.

"The current so-called 'Coalition' is nothing short of an attempted peaceful Parliamentary 'Coup d'Etat,'" wrote "Sandie," the blogger behind "crux-of-the-matter.com"

But not all of Sandie's readers agree with her, and they're not afraid to tell her so.

"There is nothing 'unconstitutional' about this either. If you are going to post something, please do your homework first," scolds one of her readers.

Non-bloggers aren't staying out of the virtual fight, either. They've inundated news sites such as CTV.ca with record numbers of comments. The volume of responses highlights what may be the Canadian online political community's coming of age.

The sheer numbers offer a dramatic look at just how pivotal the online community may be in the current political debate.

CTV.ca broke 1000 comments Wednesday for the first time ever on Wednesday, as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and Liberal Leaders Stephane Dion addressed the nation over the airways.

By contrast, just under 200 comments were posted on September 7, 2008, when the Tories dropped the federal election writ.

But the online community isn't just sitting back and letting their keyboards do all the talking.

Supporters of all the parties are organizing nation-wide events from computer terminals across the country. Conservative online supporters appear to have been the first off the mark, organizing what has been one of the most publicized rallies against the coalition scheduled for this weekend.

"Rallyforcanada.ca" wants "democracy-loving Canadians from coast-to-coast (to) gather to support democracy, not political games in this time of crisis."

A warning on the website, however, highlights the speed with which some in the online community appear to have galvanized -- and just how quickly they can alter strategies and plans.

"Cities and times (of rallies) are tentative. Please check back regularly," it says.

Not to be outdone, supporters of the potential coalition government have also rallied online. Just like "rallyforcanada.ca," an opposing website, "makeparliamentwork.ca," doesn't say who is behind the site. But it does give the locations of a number of rallies its members can attend in cities across the country.

It claims Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government is "committed to trampling workers' rights and women's rights to pay equity." It then urges site visitors to "support a coalition government that will get us through this economic crisis."

And, just in case visitors want to convince skeptical friends to join their cause, the site offers "talking points on the coalition government."

Web surfers also have their choice of online petitions they can sign, both for and against the coalition. The pro-coalition site, Progressivecoalition.ca, had collected more than 22,200 signatures by Wednesday.

At the same time, the "Our Right to Vote on the Coalition Government " petition, which opposes the coalition, claimed to have more than 169,000 signatures. Neither site's signatures, nor numeric claims have been independently verified.

There are also dozens of other pro- or anti-coalition sites on the Web, and Facebook groups are popping up by the hour. Just a cursory survey of the social networking site shows the intense interest in what is happening in Ottawa.

For example, on early Wednesday evening, a Facebook search of:

  • "NDP and coalition" turned up 92 groups
  • "Conservatives and coalition" found 57 groups
  • "Liberals and coalition" discovered 35 groups

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People may be blogging, but in the event of an election, who's going to vote? If this coalition goes through, it confirms people's fears that their vote truly doesn't matter.

The main issue: Yes, only 40% voted for Harper. However, 0% voted against harper. The 60% "against Harper" in fact voted FOR somebody else. That's how our system works. This is not Survivor.

If Harper simply stepped down we could avoid this mess.

Brock, Ottawa
An Angus Reid poll also reveals that 64% of the country is uncomfortable with Stephane Dion at the helm of a coalition government, therein throwing this notion of "representing the majority" out of the window. Unless the Liberals advance a separatist, socialist agenda, they'd still be only representing 26% of Canadians, far less than the 38% that voted for Harper and gave him the largest number of seats.

Tamra in Alberta
I do support the coalition because I DID vote against Harper... not that it helped. Another wasted vote.

Maybe all this will stir debate about 'proportional' vs. 'representational' government. With the ease of communication there is no longer the absolute need to have 'someone from your area' elected to bring that viewpoint to Ottawa. If Ottawa wants to know what's going on in NWT or NB or AB, they can visit or surf the web or commission a poll. Every area of Canada is only hours away, not months, weeks or even days.

Proportional goverment (get X% of the votes, get X% of the seats) seems to me to be a more equitable solution, and then every vote WILL count.

Of course we are going to be vocal!!!I ses it getting worse. We are tired of being kicked in the teeth with taxes and being deceived with campaign promises. IMO it doesn't really matter who is in charge because the lies and the beatings will never stop.

S.ONT conservative!
Lets hope that all the younger people that have been woken up to politocs in ontario and see what a bad idea a liberal government is for thier driving privelages, will finally execute thier right to vote and maybe we will finally have some political rest in Ottawa. GET OUT AND VOTE if an election comes up. Its your right and one of the most important things you can do for our country and what our Vets fought for!!!! dont take it for granted. and if you didnt vote ....you have no right to an opinion on this matter!

Mark - i didn't vote in the last election because i didn't feel i could make the proper informed decision about my local constituents because i was too lazy to read about them. but if there is another election i WILL vote this time. if not only to vote for the rest of my fellow canadians right to have THEIR votes count when electing a party and it's prime minister. i believe my neighbours votes should count and i'm also afraid that if the coalition goes through it proves it didn't.

Anne M
The west have now a perfect opportunity to let Quebec know how we actually feel, not what the French media and their politicians are telling them. It is time that all the people from Ontario and west, stood up and let the Quebecers have their "separation". We should now separate THEM. They cannot have any seats in "our" parliament, no transfer payments to them, no taxes from the west, no gas tax (federal excise tax) on our gasoline. Oh, I could go on and on about what we could take away them.

Simple Math. 37% voted for Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party. Canadian wisdom would not allow him to govern unfettered so 63% voted for someone else. Obviously a very astute judgement given the "Rome burning philosophy" shown by the sadly inept economic update presented by the Tories.

A coalition of the majority makes sense. Fiddling while Rome burns does not.

Matt Lennox
I continue to read over and over again that 62% of Canadians voted against Mr. harper in the last election. Somehow that justifies the power grab that the loosing parties are trying to make. Well let me remind all of you ideologically blind people of some math facts. Although it is true that 62.4% of the people did not vote for Mr. Harper, 73.8% of voters did not vote for Mr. Dion, 81.8% did not vote for Mr. Layton and 90% did not vote for Mr. Ducepe. I would be willing to bet all of my worldly possessions that if given the chance to vote on it, a majority of Canadians would vote against the current coalition too. Mr Harper won the last election with an increased mandate to govern. You might not like it but it's called democracy. Let him do his job as mandated by the voting public. You will get a chance to change it next election.

Lee in Calgary
Not only do I hope the GG does the right thing should the government fall in a non-confidence vote and send us back to the polls but more than that I hope this electrifies the Canadian public to come out and vote.

I don't care who you vote for and won't try and convince you to vote for any party or coalition just vote. We need to get a bigger turn out than 58% or so of our people participating. We also need to have a massive education effort into how our system works so that people clearly understand what they are voting for and the possible outcomes.

Come on Canada stand up and be heard...tell the GG that we vote for our government in the 21st Century we don't appoint our governments.

Dr J
People did not vote for this coalition in the last election ergo the Gang of Three do NOT have a mandate to govern without a further election...what are they afraid of? Losing?

if this coalition gov.goes thru ,I being a long time liberal will vote for conservative in next election.There is no need for this nonsence.

But Mark, all those who voted FOR somebody else have MPs who do not support Harper. Thus the 62% are being represented by the coalition which is more democratic than the 38% who voted FOR Haper over ruling everybody else. Majority rules, no?

This situation isnt at all about who voted for what or whatever Giorno instructed people to say. Its about the fact that Harper tainted the parliament with his own games. The lynchpin of parliament not functioning is him and him alone. Either the government should persuade Mr Harper to step down or let the confidence vote take place.
Enough with the rhetoric, read up on the British Parliamentary System

Edmonton John
Too many people are just becoming mules for propaganda.

They pack misinformation from one speaker to another medium as if by shear repetition their dissembling exaggerations will become accepted as truth.

As Harper begins his desperate media campaign we will be inundated with falsehoods and misinformation engineered by media professionals to evoke specific reactions.

What we will be reading on the blogs is sadly not a discussion that moves the dialogue ahead, but one that dissolves into partisan arguments about Harper's lies.

For instance his biggest 'lie' is branding the coalition through association with the Bloc. I will not dignify the term he uses by repetition, but you hear it every time he refers to the Coalition. This message is misleading, hypocritical and divisive.

By repeating it on the blogs, Conservative supporters may convince a few people, but they will get no closer to the truth, and consequently we will get no closer to a better future for Canada.

DB - Winnipeg
Noone took the time to vote last time - now that right is being jeopardized by the shennanigans by the Coalition of the Clueless! Dion and Layton just need to go away - far away. Those 2 have done way too much damage already.

Over the next few days the Conservatives are going to claim to be the real Canadians, slamming the other parties for being in cahoots with the Bloc, questioning their loyalty to the country.

This is the exact same strategy the Republicans used in the US - calling anyone who was against illegally invading a foreign country Un-American. You're either with us or you're not American they'd say, and now we see the same thing from our own neo-right.

The truth of it is that Harper doesn't like Canada and never has. He describes us a northern European welfare state in the worse sense of the term. He thinks Atlantic Canadians are defeatist and Ontarians are just out to steal Alberta's money, necessitating a firewall. He says when he's through with Canada we won't recognize it anymore and now he's launched a blistering attack on our Parliamentary system. These are not the words of a Patriot. He doesn't love Canada the way it is, instead he has devoted his life to turning it into something it's not, against the will of the majority. It's clear his preference would be for us to be a lot more like the Americans.

But the truth of it is that Canadians are healthier, live longer, are better educated and read more than their American counterparts. We're more popular in the world, have cleaner, safer cities and enjoy a considerably higher quality of life in spite of the weather. We're doing fine just the way we are and have no reason to look south in admiration, especially at a time when Americans, having realized their mistake, are now looking north and becoming more like us.

Samuel Johnson once said that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." Having spent much of his life bashing the country Harper will this week wrap himself in the flag and claim to be the defender of Canadian Unity. We cannot allow him to dupe us the way Americans were duped for so long by the scoundrels in the Republican party. If we do we'll end up in the same if not worse shape than they are today. So lets get out there, talk to your friends, talk to your neighbours, participate in the rallies and donate to the coalition parties so that they'll have the resources they need to fight the good fight.

Barack Obama spoke often of a defining moment, well these next few days are ours. What happens over the next few days will determine Canada's course for the next decade or more, they will determine what sort of place Canada will be at home and its role in the world. This is a fight we must win

Penelope Fudd
If the conservatives got less than 50% of the vote, then more than 50% of the population were against them. This coalition reflects that.

It is exactly the opposite Mark, if the 163 elected MPs are ignored because of the tryanny of Harper's 143 MPs, then our votes are meaningless. In a Parliamentary system, the majority rules. Harper is trying to overthrow our democracy by insisting that he rules even though he can't bring a majority of MPs on board.

Just wanted to say that I support the coalition!
It is how our parliamentary democracy is supposed to work in a Westminster Parliamentary style!
I do not mind the involvement of the separatists. No matter what they say, they are Canadians too, and in a free and democratic society they deserve participation in our government, even if they have a different opinion about the future of this country. As Canadians, they are entitled to their opinion! Isn't being able to disagree the very freedom we cherish?

If EVERYONE in this country turned out to vote in the last election, I bet NONE of this would be happening right now.

to mark's comment:

"The main issue: Yes, only 40% voted for Harper. However, 0% voted against harper. The 60% "against Harper" in fact voted FOR somebody else. That's how our system works. This is not Survivor."

the fact of the matter is that 60% voted FOR someone who ISN'T HARPER. This coalition is actually carrying out the willingness of the MAJORITY of Canadians. If the MAJORITY had wanted Harper, we wouldn't have this situation.

However, Harper can't get anything done in Parliament with no-confidence votes so a new government needs to be formed.

Mark in Manitoba
The thing that upsets me is that, yes, this is part of our Constitution but it hardly seems Democratic. A political Party & our Prime Minister should be elected by the people, NOT put into power as part of a coalition made up of parties that normally despise each other, especially the Bloc. Their only agenda is to separate from Canada. They definately DO NOT have the best interests of Canada & Canadians at heart.

As far as I'm concerned, the political games are doing well in keeping the general public blissfully unaware of the real dangers they are in. There is NOTHING that is going to stop what is happening to the economies of the world. Not a single thing. As a matter of fact, creating more money and pumping it into the economy right now like the coalition is suggesting will do nothing but spiral the economy down into the abyss. There is no other alternative other than to not create the new money (a.k.a. 'stimulus package') thereby not devaluing the dollar any further.

Of course, it's too late for that now isn't it...the truth is, the current gov't = bad...the coalition gov't = disaster. Either way, we as taxpayers and citizens are both no longer prosperous, and unfortunately no longer free...it will just take a while to realize it. Of course, by then it will be way too late.

Jim in the Highlands
Did anyone notice Mike Duffy who had been lauding the opposition parties is now backing away from this whole coalion idea when the Separatist ramifications finally sunk in.
It would seem that this fire was fueled by the main stream media and now they're trying to put it out?
Should have thought of it sooner Mike.
Also: Where are the women in all of this? Time for some major floor crossing I think.

How about the people not show up at poll station. Dion shall put this number in his pocket and claim actually He is the winner of last election.

The writing is on every wall but the politicians aren't paying attention. CTV polls for the past 3 days indicate 60% plus in favour of the Conservatives staying in power, but who's listening. I don't think I'll ever consider voting Liberal again.

We voted 6 weeks ago and the Conservatives won a minority. Where is Democaracy??? How can anyone expect any government to have a RESPONSIBLE economic plan in that time?? The books need to be checked, money needs to be found, etc.

How can the opposition promise all these billions if they get their coalition?? Well just remember that Bob Rae could end up being Prime Minister if the coalition goes through and he DESTROYED ONTARIO AND IS NOW POISED TO DESTROY CANADA WITH SUCH CRIPPLING DEBT that our Great-Great-Great Grandchilderen will still be paying, and oh yeah, our taxes will definitely climb to uprecedented heights. How will the billions be gotten?? Off the backs of the taxpayers. Harper has lowered the GST and given child care money to the parents (the opposition wanted to NOT trust parents with that money). Give our elected government a chance!!! 6 weeks???? hardley enough time to sneeze.

Conservatives have said they will have a budget in January, let them get that done. Govenment take over after only 6 weeks is only Dion's & Layton's & that French fellows (can't spell his name) grab at POWER and Dion being such a poor loser that he is going to be Prime Minister no matter what before he steps down. LIBERAL, NDP, GREEN, WILL NEVER GET VOTES FROM ANY OF MY LARGE FAMILY AGAIN.

C. Bruner
Actually, I voted against Harper, when I voted for Mr. Dion. And I will also tell you, that I voted for a minority government - that is what I wanted.

The only vote we need now is the one in the House of Commons to determine who has the confidence of the House.

In reply to Mark...

Only a select group of people in Alberta voted "for Harper". The rest of us voted for our MPs - whatever party they belonged to. What people forget is that we do not have a US-style system where you vote for the Prime Minister. He just happens to be the leader of the Conservatives and thus is PM.

We vote in a Parliament and if the PM does not have their confidence, they have every right to form a coalition. If that fails, then we go back to the polls. It's the way our system works and frankly, I think it makes sense. Just remember, the coalition means that the majority of Parliament is working together to run Canada now. It works!

Mark> How can you honestly say that 0% voted against Harper? I for one voted for anyone BUT Harper, and I know many people who voted for NDP or Liberal or Green to avoid having Harper as PM.

Hugh Gibson
The web will one day foster a revolt of the people.
Politics, media and market economy no longer serve us.

Gail (Hamilton)
Mark, included in your 60% are those that didn't vote and individual party totals added together for the opposition in our First Past The Post System. Combining the Liberals, NDP and a Separatist party is not what all Canadians want. I don't recall seeing a Coalition MP name on any of the ballots, and the Governor General should allow another election call with two choices for Canadians. You may or may not get your 60% but that would be the fairest and most democratic way.

It's not survivor and it's not the US. 0.2% voted for Harper and 0% voted against Harper. You voted for your MP and the party with the most MPs has their leader chosen by the GG as Prime Minister.

If multiple parties decide to work together, and form a coalition, the coalition's leader gets chosen by the GG as Prime minister.

That's how our system works.

The other day a young friend of mine asked me if I still wondered why his age group didn't vote and didn't care about this country? I didn't have an answer. Today he asked me why he should vote, when it doesn't matter who wins because the loser can just take power anyhow.

I think that maybe, just maybe, these kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Mark, on the contrary - if the coalition goes through, it proves that the votes of 62% do matter. Hopefully they give us proportional representation so that the 8% that voted green will matter even more.

I have learned a great deal about parliamentary democracy in the last week...none of it from bloggers. I worry about the abundance of people spewing uneducated rhetoric and the people who lap it up without question. Gone are the days of respectful disagreement.

mark: your comment that 0% voted against Harper is nonsense. Many Canadians chose to vote for candidates precisely because they would be the best alternative to voting Tory, not because they were the best candidate.
We should move to a Proportional Representation model like 90% of the world's other democracies so that we have a system where CITIZENS CAN VOTE FOR A PARTY rather than against one.

The country is now galvanized, perhaps this time people will get out and vote and we will see whom they would like to run the country

Yassin in Calgary
Vote matters cause 60 and more% did not vote for conservative party!! neither for Harper, only calgary west riding voted for Harper not the whole 37 or whatever!the parlement has no more confidence in the government this is how our system work!!! Coalition is the democtatic
If Harper is crying out about this been undemocrativ why he fid it in 2004!!??

Mark - That argument is nonsensical.

Canadians vote for individual representatives, not directly for leaders as they do in the US. This is not semantics either --- it goes to the very nature of our democracy.

Canadians voted for a minority Parliament that was to work together to govern Canada -- ostensibly under the leadership of the Conservative Party. It is now being argued that the Conservatives have failed in this duty -- so a majority of representatives are banding together to goern the country.

That is the nature of our system -- especially in a minority parliament. I think a lot of people jsut don't seem to understand this.

I guess the Liberals and the NDP, including the block were correct during the debate in saying that Harper is either incompetent or he did not really care about the Canadian financial problems.
What the opposition is doing is perfectly normal I do not understand why it did not happened before; Harper only had about 40% of the votes.

Kimberly, Ottawa
Finally something that is getting Canadians engaged and realizing that voting in elections is important. Whose to say what our parliament would have been like if more people had voted in the last election...

Personally even though the coalition is consitutionally legal, I can't support anyone who gives more power to the Bloc. I don't want a seperatist party to have ability to hold our country hostage...I am sure they are just rubbing their hands with glee.

Marc in Quebec
As a Quebecois who is not at all in favour of separation, I find Dion's actions deplorable. How dare any Canadian party get into bed with Duceppe? I did not vote for this and am furious!!!

the facebook group canadians against liberal / ndp coalition has over 54,000 members and is growing by a few thousand every hour . if the liberals and ndp think there is widespeard suport for there plans they are dreaming .

In the recent election I voted Liberal. Because of this "so-called coalition"... in the next election I will vote Conservative.

The reason why is this coalition will give the Bloc too much power and influence.

Be like me.

Allan Dickeson
The chaos in Parliament at this time of global and national economic crisis is clear criminal negligence. Our livelihoods are at serious risk, and these people are playing power and ego games when they should be working on solutions and FAST.
Allan Dickeson
Balfour, BC

The Governor General should arrest them all and recommend prison sentences for the leaders. That would straighten out their priorities.

Dan O'Connor Pakenham Ontario
When the Election campaign was on, several times the NDP and Liberals flip/flopped on issues and pointed fingers and stated how wrong these other parties were in the 'Plans' if they were to be elected.

Now, they apparently have flip flopped again in forming this 'Coalition'. This is very evident to not only myself since all the 'Polls' I've seen reflect that Canadians are not in favour of this 'Coalition' proceeding.

Fact is, only the Conservatives were sucessful in their bid for power, be it a 'Minority', but "The People Spoke" and now it appears that the remaining bigger 3 parties, are throwing a tantrum.

This is not acceptable no matter what 'Political Party' you favour.

An election right now would probably turf the "3 Amigo's" and leave a 'Majority Government' in place.....and this also may not be a good thing, but it would teach the "Coalition" a lesson.

Carol in Niagara
Two years ago, we had an election. The infighting in Government forced another election in October, meanwhile, nothing got done for the people. Apparently the Government dosn't care about the Canadian people.Our votes really don't matter. The continued battle with blatent disregard for the wishes of the people will continue, and nothing will get done, once again.
Yes, Harper had 40% and 60% went to others, but it's the Government we elected, and as such, they need to grow up and learn to work together to help the Canadian people in thesse times of econimic crisis, and let's not forget, war.
Just be quiet leaders and DO YOUR JOB...that's why we pay you.
If another election is called, I say nobody vote. Let them fight it out is a round robin hockey tournament. 1 day, minimal cost to the people. Maybe we can make some of the money back we lost on the LAST 2 elections.
Just a thought.

Can we really afford to spend money on another election, only weeks after the previous one? I think this is simply a fight for power at all cost by our 'beloved' politicians.
And speaking of the car makers: one - why doesn't Ford need bailout money? Because they are stable financially. And two: where's the competition in a free market if a poorly managed company with weak products needs to be bailed out?
Let Capitalism sort it out. Maybe they will start caring about the customers and not their pockets. Look at Saturn - decent product and excellent customer service.

peter from toronto
I find it hard to believe that in these difficult times that our leaders are spending time and money on politicking rather than solutions. What a farce. Like many, I am livid and considering stronger means of protest than writing letters. I am really starting to think that these people won't get the message until millions of upset Canadians show up on the Parliament's lawn ready to throw those bums out.


You people that are for this coalition really scare me. Are you so naive that you don't understand that its a coalition of the Libs, NDP and THE BLOC QUEBECOIS. You obviously don't understand how the Bloc will negotiate with the Libs and NDP to ensure all decisions are in favor of Quebec...not Canada...Quebec. Is this what you want?

Kurt Keller
I do not support a coalition government. It is insane to think that three losers can hijack the "position" of running this country. The three stooges should act responsible and accept the defeat from the elections that they rightfully earned and support Harper in running this country of ours.

R Bacon, Ontario
If everyone had voted in the last election, who would have won? This is not the real question here. The real question is whether we want a coalition made up of the other parties, with the Bloc Quebecois included, which is not a true national party. It appears that the politicians have lost touch with reality - what it is like to be the average Canadian in today's economy, trying to pay the rent, put food on the table, make sure you have utilities, that you can afford prescription drugs, etc. Most people are struggling to do this, whether they are working, have young children, or even retired on a fixed income. It is time that each politician came out of their office, and actually lived like the rest of us for a year on minimum wage or a fixed income, with costs rising all the time. Then, they can go back to Ottawa and demand that we, the taxpayer and their actual employer, fund their political parties. This is what the real issue is - how much money can they get for each party.

Garry , Surrey BC
I wonder what is the coalition will represent Canada in front of those third world countries where Elections always ended with coup, or some sort of attempt to avoid giving the citizens the right to decide. If the Liberal want to come back or the NDP want to test power or the Green to feel Ottawa's chairs They better tell Canadian what is their real purpose. Because this situation is just one step to diminish Canada international credential, its a shame. Now I want to see the governor general who is from a country that suffer a lot from military coups, i want to see her letting the so call opposition destroy what Canada democracy

vladimir cicha
hello, it is absolutely disgusting to spend so much time in discussion about such more than clear matter
That triumvirate should be nicely treated in Canadian Correction System, not signing treaty under the canadian flag!
Vladimir Cicha, Vancouver

Gord from Brantford
The fact that a coaltion is possible which includes a group-BLOC that are ONLY voted on from Quebec and have a manadate to separate says something about our FUNDAMENTALY FLAWED polictical system. When this fiasco is all over with the cooler and clearer minds need to develope a way that it will become ILLEGAL to form a political party that promotes separatism and truthfully TREASON. The potention coalition government is definitely NOT what the Canadian Voters asked for a few short weeks ago. Our Governor General needs to cancel parliament with instructions to Harper to present a Budget in early January and if voted down-go for a another election and let the Voters decide.

Sharon Leger
North Bay, Ontario
Our boys on Parliament Hill need to stop fighting like little children.. Mr. Harper won a "Minority Government" and needs to be reminded of this and act accordingly.. This being said, Canadians made their choice when the ballots were counted. For better or worse, it was still the peoples' choice.. We, as Canadian citizens voted "Conservative", "Liberal", "NDP" OR Green; as separate entities.. We DID NOT vote "Conservative" OR "Liberal/NDP/Green"; as two single entities. To have done so would have been absolutely "Strange"... If this "Choice" that, we, as Canadians, made just 6 weeks ago is taken away by this "3-in-1 Party", I'm sure that I, along with thousands and thousands of others will have lost faith as being part of a truly democratic society.. We would no longer have the inclination of EVER voting again, as our voices and our choices would be taken away on a whim of three or four sore losers. We have enough to worry about in this wonderful country, so let's let Parliament do its job. If we are not satisfied, then we can always vote DEMOCRATICALLY for the next election.

I don't know what all the fuss is about. We have a parliamentary system, people. Mr. Harper has a minority government.He behaves like a despot and has caused his own problems. A vote of non confidence is quite common throughout our history and that's why we have opposition parties, to have a system of checks and balances. Can you imagine Canada with Mr. Haper having a majority?
That's why no majority was given to him in the last election , Too many of us don't trust him . He's the one who cut funding to the other parties. Now why would that be?He just doesn't get it, that our system works because we have opposition parties.Good riddance to him.

Greg - Hamilton , Ontario
It is unecessary to vote for the coalition. The canadian people have already made it clear that they support a coalition government by giving Harper a majority of votes. Harper is the most hypocritical leader we have ever had. HE is the power grabber (See "Harper tries to cut the opposition's funding"), and the Coalition is uniting to prevent this guy from abusing his power. Overall, a coalition is more democratic than the current government. A coalition government would be forced to work together, and would better represent the majority of canadians, in contrast to the current government which has very right wing views.

Are we Canadians really as passive as everyone labels us? Did our election votes not elect the Party we wanted to run our country? I say no to Coalition Government. Talk about dictatorship. How about Harper working for the people of Canada and that includes everyone. Come on Harper I voted for you. I could go on and on, but am quite frustrated with these politics. Spoiled brats and childish behaviour is all I see.

A Holden
I believe organized federal polictical parties should be banned in Canada.

Every elected member of parliament should be a representative of their riding, and act independently from every other riding.

Please make this happen.

Jason B.
I still don't see the amount of fuss everybody seems to be having over this for several reasons. First it is not unprecedented for a coalition in Canda, although it has been a long time since the last one has. Second it is common in many countries which have minority governments, not third world countries, but members of the G8. Like Germany. Switzerland has been like this for years now. And lastly if it is really unfounded and truly not in the interest of Canada, the Governer General will call for an election, and the people will get to speak. Whether this coalition happens or not the votes in the house remain that of MPs and if a minority government will not put due consideration into gaining at least one other parties help on votes things like this will happen. Either way I am neither for or against this, just happy Canadians finally show the kind of interest in our politics that was missing from our election, that the Americans seem to have for theres.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Try to be respectful of others views, it is their view, which is even more of a right the the right to vote is.

Jonathan Teichroeb
Kitchener, Ontario

The one thing that is clear is that a majority of canadians do NOT want Harper as a leader. 60% of voters opted for progressive left leaning platforms. The real tradgedy here is that the opposition allowed Harper to blackmail them and the country for the past two years with the threat of an early election. Mr. Harper then passed laws to prevent early elections, and proceeded to break them. I find it bewildering that the notion of a majority of the government actually practicing non-partisan politics for a change should be such a threat to some people. If there was ever a need for proportional representation, surely this is it.

Garry, Surrey BC
I do not care if you are a Liberal, NDP or Separatist, this idea is third world countries political game after loosing an election. Dion is just proving to Canadian he is a fail leader who doesn't know how to lose. with a coalition LIBERAL AND NDP get to pick who manage the country but an election the people decide. I think we just decide.

Guy Savard
Reponse to Gary.

Why would the Prime Minister step down to avoid this Mess. He was elected by us Canadians. So if the Coalition cannot take defeat they are the one that should step down. Mr. Harper might have made a mistake but they should just start working all together and make it better.

It is not by doing this Coalition and try to over throw the conservative that this Country is going to move ahead.

Liza Ottawa
Gary perhaps Harper wont step down because he doesnt like to succumb to out and out political teamster bullying tactics by the ranting opposition parties. Dion: I didnt get voted in so I will vote myself in no matter what the Canadian people want and I will do it by making some smarmy deal with the party that wants to break Canada up. Isnt that convenient?

Wes Nesbitt
I totally disagree with the notion of the Coalition running this great country of ours. My understanding is that the "plot" to take over the duly elected Government of Canada was hatched by Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe (as proven by the tapes) and of course the hapless Stephane jumped on board when he found they would make him Leader of the Coalition. Now it seems that Elizabeth May has shown her eagerness to join the Three Stooges. Of course, she would get a Senate seat and Cash for Life if she did this. Mr. Layton is nothing but an egotistical thug with delusions of grandeur, Stephane Dion is a hapless individual who wants to be prime minister at ANY COST. Elizabeth May, despite her supposed principles, has prostituted herself to the Coalition. Now Bob Rae and Ignatieff are rubbing their hands in glee and waiting for Dion"s departure in May so they can take over without an election. None of the above people is compentent to run a Mac's Milk let alone Canada.

Probably the only "honest" person in the Coalition is Gilles Ducceppe, who has made it quite clear from the day one that he would like to destroy Canada.

What happen's when there is an election? Do they run as a Coalition or go back to their parties?

God help us if these guys form a government.

Steve Daly, Mississauga
Sad that it took an unprecedented power grab attempt by by the New Liberal Democratic People's Separatist Party to wake people up!

This whole thing is a sham, the NLDPS (see above, referred to a NilDips) simply wants to maintain their hand in the public cookie jar.

They knew, to a certainty, that no stimulus package could be in the economic update... and they didn't care.

The whole plan was to bring down the House before Obama was inaugurated so that they could launch their own package afterwards.

Let's have an election... Anyone But Coalition is ready to throw the pigs out of the public trough!

Rob from Toronto
A coalition government is not what voters voted for. It is a political play by power hungry parties that are very weak in individual support. Canadians voted for Stephen Harper, not Dion/Layton/Duceppe. Most disagree with this and will increase the vote in the next election to a majority Conservative government (if we can stop this madness and we dont end up a dictatorship).

Petty partisan politics during a time of extreme economic uncertainty is only making our economy worse off.

The internet provides Canadians a opportunity to voice our concerns, as opposed to simply relaying our comments through our MP.

This is a new age for representational democracy in which everyone can have a voice.

Canadians MUST choose who governs OUR country, not the opposition parties. I'd rather not see an additional $350 million wasted on another election, but there's no way that Dion should be allowed to TAKE control of the government without our approval.

The conservatives won the previous election, but only managed to secure another minority Government. His party’s entire platform was that the other guys were bad and the conservatives were good. The conservatives did not actually run with any Ideas other than voting for anyone else would hurt Canada. Stephen Harper also promised to put aside the partisan garbage and work with the other parties until the economic crisis had subsided.

So why is everybody surprised when he had no economic plan? Why is everybody surprised when all he could do is revert back to the partisan garbage? The people who voted in the last election voted for the best representation and got a party of no Ideas other than the “other guy” is bad.
Stephen Harper should apologize to the Canadian People and the other Parties on TV tonight. He should beg the Canadian people to forgive him for wasting their time with this garbage. Then he should promise to Govern, and Govern the way he promised and cooperate with the other Parties. Going on TV and name calling is not going to give Canadians back their jobs. A few short weeks after an election and this is what he thinks the Canadian people deserve.

I think every MP should apologize in person on TV / Radio / Internet and then go to work tomorrow with their heads held in shame and THEN GET TO WORK!!!!!!
(what a bunch of cry babies)


If you want to be technical about people voting for and against Harper, you should probably do your homework first.

People voted FOR a local MP, nothing else. We don't vote for the PM, we don't vote for the party, we vote for the MP. The government is then decided by the elected MPs. As the majority of MPs doesn't have confidence in the current government, they have the right to use the power invested in them by those who elected them to form a coalition government.

44% is greater 38%, the coalition is just democracy in action. Bilateral politics? That's just good governance.

While I agree and support the parliamentary system we have, I cannot support the proposed coalition. The only reason this coalition has come to be, is their complete dislike of Stephen Harper. There's no doubt that Harper is a political tactician - and yes even a bully; however that is what politics is about.

Dion, Layton and Duceppe are clearly out-classed by Harper's political skills and are merely showing all Canadians that they are mere oportunists trying attempting to gain power to advance themselves.

This coalition does not have the interests of Canadians at heart. In the present economic crisis their focus should be on creating stability - not the unprecedented instability which they have created.

I'm sure everyone has had to work with someone they personally don't like, but we remain professional in our dealings and work cooperatively for the greater good. If we're unable to do so, then quiting always remains an option for Dionn, Layton and Duceppe!

Let's face it, if the Canadian people wanted them in power then they would have won the election.

Barry, Wainwright, AB

Don - Ottawa

Whether you're Liberal, Conservative or whatever - please remember all of this turmoil is because the Conservatives proposed (and later withdrew) to eliminate taxpayers subsidies of political parties. Does anyone believe that this issue would exist if that hadn't been in the original document? Can anyone justify the potential damage to Canada over an issue which has been withdrawn? Maybe it was wrong to do - but there is an argument for that proposal. But this is the stuff of banana republics when you propose to overthrow - legally or not - the government 6 weeks after an election over an issue that doesn't affect 99.99% of Canadians. Geeezzz.

What a waste of time! Canadians have more important business to take care of then watching a bunch of spoiled children fight because they didn't get what they wanted out of our democratic process. Their childishness has put aside much more pressing matters as our economy. I think they should all get sent to their rooms for a time out!

Ert Dredge
Wow, the lack of knowledge in the blogosphere of the basic workings of our parliamentary system is very distressing. How can this move be a surprise to so many people? Please, CTV and the rest of the media, keep up the remedial civics lessons, we apparently need them.

John from Calgary
Skimming through the topics about getting out and voting, now that is hilarious. Look around smell the roses your vote DID NOT COUNT in the last election so why do you think it will count in the next election. Democracy in Canada has been ursurped.

Charles, Nanaimo
2 things that have been totally ignored by both the media and posters, the latter not really looking at facts but expressing personal feelings.
The first is the fact, that, in spite of Mr. Dion telling us the Bloc. were voted for by Canadians, this is a distortion of the truth, which is, that they were only voted for by a handful of voters in one province, who can't be legitimately classed as Canadians, because they support a party that doesn't really considre themselves Canadians and are committed to becoming a separate nation.
Two, which is really the most important. If this is a Liberal/NDP coalition, one assumes both leadres have the support of their parties. So, where is the Liberal Deputy Leader, the man most likely to succeed Mr.Dion and, if this coup succeeds, will, by default become Prime Minister.
Does he support this coalition and will he be happy to lead a government controlled by a group of anti-Canadians and a cabinet containing members of a party, whose policies even Dion rejected completely before his about face. Or, will he, in fact, collapse this coalition 5 months down the road and call an election anyway.
I think we have a right to know his stance.

Wow! Now THIS is democracy in action! ...Truly we will have 'rule by majority'.
...and women worried about their rights, and equality, will be able to exhale again.

Peppy Smith
Politicians only care about gaining power in the parliament. They do not think about how to make our country much productive and better livings. During parliament meeting, they spend time arguing and fighting each other without proposing any good answer to all the problem that we have. MP just care about how to get more votes for the next election and not solving any immediate problems. Nothing can be changed unless there is a change in partliament election policy and voters' revolts.
Coalistion is just a joke and waste of time as the 3 parties have different agenda and principles. How can they be productive base on their major differences. They just want to defeat the conservatives and I cannot see them able to improve our current economic situations.

MFraser from Nanaimo
Canadians are apathectic, they let Harper slip through, again, with another minority government. My opinion, Harper is a Bush clone, and we know how well that went, don't we! I'm for the coalition, with one difference, replace Dion with Layton. Sorry Dion, but we don't need another leader that speaks fractured English!

The really worrying issue here is that Canada's next Prime Minister, will be decided at the upcoming Liberal Leadership convention, not at the polls, and while true that we vote for our local "MP" the reason why many of us vote is because we want a party leader to be Prime Minister.

So it boils down to this, will the Prime Minister of Canada be decided by Canadians, or will it be decided by the Liberal Party?

Judy Pearson
One of the principles of a democracy is that it is of, for and by the people. It is not of, for and by Layton/Broadbent, Dion/Chretien and Duceppe/Parizeau in this despicable, self-serving, irresponsible power grab. I am disgusted hearing Layton and Dion state that this coalition is what Canadians want. What Canadians want is that these players abide by the last election results. What Canadians want is for politicians to get down to the business of governing in a responsible manner.In a time of serious financial meltdown round the globe we have these clowns in Ottawa brawling like schoolyard bullies. Let there be no mistake: Canadians are livid.

jeffw in calgary
Although I am conservative, I do understand how/why a coalition is democratically allowed to become/form government. What I dont agree with is that in this case it can only occur with the assistance of the Bloc, which does not represent Canadians, only Quebec and seperation. They should not be allowed to assist this coalition that claims to be representing the will of the majority of Canadians. Now, if the Liberals and NDP had enough votes combined to topple the Conservatives then thats fine. I still wouldnt be happy but at least I could understand it and believe it was the will of Canadians and then wait till the next election. Remove the Bloc from this equation as they only represent breaking up the country and then see how the votes tally. Furthermore, even allowing the Bloc a voice in parliament, nevermind government, is the number one detriment to the unity of our country regardless of your party affiliation.

This doesn't feel right. The coalition will be lead by a leader who has already resigned. Harper may not be popular, but he has kept more election promises than anyone in recent memory. And Canadians voted for him as a leader, and not for any other party leader.

If this coalition moves forward, we won't even know who will be the nation's leader. Will it be Stephane Dion, who has acknowledged that he failed his party in the last election, or a new, yet to be announced liberal leader; an individual that nobody voted for?

The notion that we vote for the party and not the leader, is simply wrong. The party leader makes a big difference in out voting preferences.

The conservatives have already promised economic aid to ailing industries. How does the coalition's economic stimulus package really differ from the conservative's. Is their approach so superior, that it warrants a change in government, without an election?

If we hadn't had a recent election, admittedly precipitated by Mr. Harper, the natural reaction, would be to hold an election. The coalition is now looking to hold power without an election. The coaltion is capitalizing on our election fatique, may suspect that the result of an election might not go in their favour, in the present economic climate, with no leader, and an untested coalition platform.

Is this really about what is best for the country, or just a naked power grab, propped up by the Bloc? It would appear that most Canadians believe it is the latter.

Rob from Toronto
If Dion, Layton and Duceppe all stepped down, we could avoid all this mess.

Laurence Savage
Our MP's should be ashamed of themselves acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. They say they are worried about the Canadian economy, if they were, they would be sitting down and trying to resolve their issues.
When we voted, we voted for the leader as well as the party. Canadians deffinitely didn't vote for Dion or some other unknown to be our Prime Minister.
All I can say is grow up!

I believe the voters who actually vote for their MP and not the leader of the party are few and far between. Would you actually vote for a representative of a party whose leader you could not stand? If you say "yes" then congratulations and I don't believe you. With that in mind, to say that Mr. Harper didn't get the majority of the vote is to be in denial. Its convenient for those who oppose the present government to get up on their soap box and scream that this is democracy and all those voters voted against the government but that's not realistic with our current voting system, which I think could use a revamp. We need to eliminate polictal parties and perhaps limit it to no more than three choices to prevent this type of fiasco. Again, if I hear someone say again that the other parties actually won the majority in the last election I think I'll be sick. People, when you write that crap you are the only ones believing it....

If things run smoothly - you've got a good boss - looks to me like Harper is the most incompetent, divisive leader we've ever had - he's billed as a leader - but where has he led us and his party - sheesh! Like a bad manager he blames everyone but himself for his problems.

I am in complete and utter despair for my country. I'll never be able to vote again with any comfort that it will mean something. The willingness with which people in this country are surrendering the political process to those who want to destroy it is depressing to say the least. No one thinks anymore. Everyone merely reacts along partisan lines. We need time as a nation to decide on this.I am a conservative, and though I now think Harper should go, I think the proposed alternative is a disaster in the making. It will not be forgotten who betrayed the country when it was at its most vulnerable point. Ultimately the Liberal Party of Canada will be held responsible for this disaster, not the conservatives.

Marissa from Ontario
I think its surprising how many people forget a few key facts: Harper tried to form a coalition government with the Bloc and NPD as recently as 2004, Harper is the one that got the country in this mess by betraying Canadians by not focusing on the needs of Canadians and rather by trying to destroy the democratic process by removing all funding to political parties (I'm not sure about all countries, but I know that even parties in the US get public funding..or else the rich would rule the government), and finally the fact that ALL Canadians are in the same boat right now, facing the same economic fears and concerns INCLUDING Quebecers. This demonizing of Quebecers, and of any other province in Canada, is unfounded. Quebecers are preoccupied with seperating right now, and in fact, the Bloc has removed that from the table as part of his coalition deal. Quebecers, like people across Canada, are concerned about the future of their jobs, their families, and other Canadians. Don't let Harper work his campaign of fear on us..the elected members of parliament of the Bloc, the NDP, and the Liberals are fighting for us, for our future, when Harper was only thinking of how to destroy the other parties. Harper put us in this position, not the other parties. He lied to us about trying to work, about the state of the economy, and, despite stating in Lima, Peru the need for a economic aid package, refused to help until the coalition came forward.

I was one of the foolish who did not vote in the last election, mainly because of apathy and laziness. But NOW I am no longer apathetic. It does seem as though Harper is fiddling while Rome burns, and is serving his own political interests, and not those of the country. While all the other nations are coming up with economic strategies to help their countries in a swift and decisive manner, Harper is stalling and playing politics whilst many of his fellow citizens are suffering. I believe a coalition government would assure that the majority of Canadians would be heard.

James from Kenora
Why is it that people keep talking about how over 60% of the people voted against Harper. If people understand the way our country's elections work they would understand that the Conservatives could have reached a majority without 50% of the popular vote. Does that mean that the more then 50% that voted against him should be able to dictate who governs. I don't think so. When you have a multiple party system,that is how it works. Would all these people be saying that the majority should be able to govern if Harper would have won a majority without 50% popular vote? I don't think so. So lets call this what it is, an act against Canadians that should be punished by going back to the polls and voting in a majority government.

Don in Toronto
One thing is to vote for the Liberals, but the NDP is way too left to even consider. So in the event of an imminent election I would much rather vote for the Conservatives than this ill-formed "coalition".

It is the electoral system's fault. It used to be there had to be a set number of candidates before a party could be named on the ballot. Now, you only need one candidate. Sounds petty but when a Majority consists of 155 seats and there are more than 6 parties that people can vote for on a federal election then there never will be a majority.

I see this mess as a good opportuntiy for the entire system to be overhauled.

It is time to modernize our system. We are not in 1867 nor is it 1931 we are in 2008. We were provided the Canada Act in 1982 but still follow the British Parimentary system called the Westminster. Time we came up with the Cannuck. We need our own Electoral laws.

This is a slap in the face to the democratic process. We might as well put the money spent on the election by the taxpayers in a bin and lit it on fire. The coalition says they are working on behalf of Canadians. I find this hard to believe since Canadians voted in a governement that they felt could manage and run this country. The coalition are more concerned about handouts and freebies. Remember that this was sparked by the Tories cutting funding for political campaigns. The Coalition would put someone in as prime minister that does not have the confidence of his party.

This is an outrage and I hope that the Governor General turns down the request.

And people wonder why voter turn out is low. This will cause a lot of people not to vote in the future.

Scott from Calgary
Regardless of who anyone voted for last election, the present gov't has shown that it has failed. I think most Canadians including myself who did, in fact get to vote for Mr. Harper as my MP, are in agreement that he no longer deserves the leadership of his party or his country. On the other hand Mr Dion has already admitted his failures and annouced he isn't fit for leadership either, and as the 'minor' minority party the Liberals do not deserve to lead regardless of whatever politicking they do as this was not the will of the public. The only true democratic solution to this is to wipe the slate clean, restart the party leadership and have another general election. From the sheer volume of responses across Canada, it doesn't look like informed voter turnout would be a problem.

Very bad move by the Liberals. When this goes to election they will be annihilated. They've thrown their lot in with the separatists and the socialists, and they will have not platform to campaign on+ Morals are important to Canadians, they don't seem to understand that. The Tory's will rip them apart.

What a poorly thought-out strategy. This is who wants to help the country navigate through these impending difficult economic time? Oh wait, just until May, when some back room deal will be made to announce our next PM. Unbelievable. Bizarre. Stupid.

How about some cool heads? The fact is we voted in a minority government. Therefore the possibility always existed that other parties could unite and form a new government. There is nothing illegal about this. Also, these parties combined - do form a majority!
The debate here should be over who has the better plan for our immediate and long term future.

Steve McC - Cobourg, ON
Canadians voted for a minority governmment. There are certainly those who believe that Mr. Harper's stances on Arts funding and youth crime, revitalized the BQ.

Mr. Harper approached the BQ in 2004 to bring down the Liberals.

Once again, Mr. Harper used partisanship as a tool to defeat Parliament's purposes.

In September, Mr. Harper said we needed an election because he could not work with the Opposition Parties.

It is about the economy and making Parliament work.

A Patriotic Canadian would step down in the best interests of his country. Unfortunately, Mr. Harper is forcing a Parliamentary crisis.

The MPs have a job ... thousands of Canadians are losing theirs. MPs do your jobs and help our economy NOW!

Mark, your statement about me not voting against Harper is very strange! If I voted Green I voted against Harper! harper is not the leader of a Majorityb Government and needed to work with the Opposition Parties which he has refused so do so he is in HOT water now with his Party Too I would hope! Dictator rules everything the Conservative Party does and they have all followed like little sheep!

Jen's comments are truly why the coalition has acted in the manner they must. We can't wait and watch the auto industry collapse. Doing so would send us into such a recession we would need another world war to climb out of it. The games Harper has been playing are for children, we need mature adult leadership which I am sure can be found elsewhere.
It is up to the government to help solve these serious economic issues, a wait see attitude is just another escapist tactic to avoid dealing with an issue one has no idea how to tackle. Harper had no problem approaching the Bloc to topple Martin, where is the hypocracy here. He even lied about the Canadian Flag not being present during the Coalition signing, can we trust a Prime Minister like that? I guess the coalition learned this from Harper. Let's not let another Mulroney continue to constantly deceive Canadians.
How many Canadians will have to suffer before we say we made a mistake?
A very concerned citizen from Toronto

Lu frim Vancouver
Parliament is not working with Harper's minority government.Harper has refused to work with the other parties at a time when world economy is on a downturn.

Harper may have won an election but 62% of Canadians voted for other parties.
Harper must step down now, or allow the vote on Monday.

The governor general must remain neutral in making her decision.

Gus Bonnett
Give us the chance to vote again and we ALL canadians will show to those coalition power grabbers who will be in power with a majority government this time...

With all of the feelings one way or another on this we should have another election.
I realize it costs $300 mil but it is going to cost us 1.5 billion to go to Quebec to have this coaliton gov"t
If the other parties want to rule why not have them join up for the election as the New Liberal Seperatist Party?

debbie Sask
I am very concerned that the three leaders of this so called coalition either live in or have strong family ties in the province of Quebec. How can they possibly be expected to know what the rest of the country needs? Regardless of their political platforms, which seem to have gone out the window now, isn't this just another move toward a separate Quebec? Maybe through the back door under the quise of this conflict?

David S
Where were all these people during the election?

If people would have got out and voted we would not be in this mess!

Is the reason we are in this mess because we didn't have one suitable politician to vote for in the last election??? Our House of Commons resembles an elementary schoolyard with nothing but spoiled bickering children. No wonder there was a record low voter turnout! At times like these we need to concentrate on riding out this recession...not acting like pouting imbeciles! Get it together Ottawa & give us something better.

Steven La Hay
This proposed "coalition" is complete bunk! There is no way that the Bloc Quebecois can ever represent the best interests of any Canadian individual who does not reside in Quebec. And as the coalition can only exist with the backing of the Bloc party (whose main purpose is to secede from Canada), what part of our soul will we have to give up to receive their continued support?

Neill B.
It is very disappointing to be at this point. The politicians have failed us, but is this surprising? The people voted for a Conservative approach to handle the economy. In considering public support, we cannot consider the Bloc seats since they openly state that they will vote for what is good for Quebec. So, we have 143 seats Conservative and a acombined total of 114 seats Liberal/NDP. Conservatives have a wider base of support across Canada. So, we will have a small base coalition form a goverment propped up by a selfish regional party, a short term lame duck prime minister, a future prime minister that we haven't even voted on, and Liberal/NDP infighting as time goes on while they start to try to distinguish themselves from each other for positioning for the next election. Wow, that is a bright future. Oh, by the way, we will also rush in to prop up the auto sector on our own since the US hasn't even addressed the issue yet. I'm sure the big 3 will take our money and tell Obama that they can't shut down Canadian plants due to Canadian agreements so take your US money and take a hike.

While I think the Conservatives made some poor political decisions, I think we are better off to stay the course for now.

Lance Cole
That the opposition partys would attempt this is an insult to the Canadians that took the time to vote!
Mr. Dion and the liberal party had the opportunity to rebuild our confidence in them! They could have shown us that they were actualy in touch with the Canadian people, had our best interests at heart and were worthy of being the next Canadian government! But instead they show us that they are more like spoiled children! Trying to steal what they could not win!
The last time a bunch of politicians gave the Canadian people the impression that they thought we were to stupid to know what was right for our country they ended up fighting for the right to even be a political party.
This has shown me that beyond a shadow of a doubt, none of the opposition leaders are worthy of representing Canada.

Canadians will soon be faced with another election, regardless of what the Governor General decides. Coalition governments are inherently weak and are doomed to fail. All of our elected representatives have been acting like spoiled, irresponsible children and should be ashamed. We need to demand better! I hope this experience teaches all Canadians to start taking an interest in politics, make informed decisions and, above all, VOTE! Ask questions of your MP and let your opinion be heard on this matter. Speak up! And when the candidates come knocking around our neighborhoods again, let's all show them who's boss by INTERVIEWING them, demand that they prove their qualifications for the most important job they'll ever aspire to. We deserve better than we've put up with for decades but we won't see any improvement in the quality of our candidates unless we let them know our expectations. If we're not part of the solution, we're all a part of the problem, aren't we?

when will politicians ever learn that fighting never solves anything? the so called coalition could have gotten together and presented something to Harper so he would back down and play nice, just to work things out. but instead they come out swinging leaving him very much in the defensive position. all of this was done at a really bad time for the economy. this is not the time for dangerous political games of chicken.

David Preston
I believe that anyone who looks deeply into this issue will support the coalition. Stephen Harper not only presented a useless economic plan, but also attempted to bankrupt his opponents by cutting off public subsidies. This is the kind of stuff we see in South America and Eastern Europe, not Canada. Harper must immediately be removed from power to demonstrate that this kind of corrupt action is not acceptable.

John in Toronto
Let's all ask ourselves this question. Does anyone actually believe Harper would have gotten ANY legislation passed in this parliament even if this hadn't happened. Step back a moment and really think. Did he think that any party was just going to prop him up because no one wanted another election???? Harper needed help for ANY legislation to pass and he doesn't care which devil he had to make a deal with so long as his agenda goes thru, so you see, Harper needed a coalition with someone and he would never get that unless he started co-operating with the wishes of all Canadians, not just Conservative Canadians and that is where he made his mistake. Then again, he would just try to do what he did before and make everything a confidence vote and we'ed be in this exact situation again.

Ted C.
Don't any of you really get it. it is not the 60% what voted this way or 40% who voted that way. it is the fact that we as a whole were uninformed as to what could happen to our government in this particular case. would all of the people who voted for the Libs, and Ndp still have voted for them if their was a chance that the Block would become part of the Government. Would more people have voted for the Cons if they had known or would less? we don't know. no matter how you spin it, the Bloc's only purpose is to break up this country. If the people of Quebec thought that by electing members of the Bloc this time that might actually happen, would they have still voted for them. Once again we do not know. It is legal to say that the Lib, Ndp and Bloc have enough votes to gov. the country, but is this really what the majority all want.The coalition has Harper where they want him and under control,if they go through with this folly, it will be the end of this country. the West will decide that it doesn't matter even less that it does already and may decide to follow the Blocs lead. I say we try it again at the polls with an issue that really matters to all Canadians and see where we all end up. right now, we do not know what most canadians are thinking because the outcome was not clear to most Canadians at the time. maybe we need a second chance to get it right. I sure hope so because I love this country and do not want to see anything happen to her that isn't the choice of most of canada.

Coalition is the best. Haper wanted to taunt the opposition parties and he was too blind or arrogant to see that he was still a minority government. Now he's caught in his own trap. He didn't think the poor liberals would want an election. A mis-calculation. Well, the liberals, the other parties and the Canadian people do not want another election, but we will accomodate the coalition. It may be good for Canada. After all, this is a democratic country and the more we have to work together, the more we have have to be accountable. Hurray for the coalition.

bob ryan
The Canadian Parliament is set up to work in the time of disagreement. The party with the greatest number of seats does not have to be in charge.
Our’s is a representative government and as such if there is a group that can garner the support of the majority of duly elective representatives then they should be allowed to govern.
The last two elections showed that the Canadian people don’t have enough confidence in a single party to allow them to govern without cooperating with one or more of the other parties.
The proposed coalition would provide a parliament, made up of elected representatives, who are willing to work together to govern our country.

Some commentators keep calling this a "unprecedented crisis". It is not. It has occurred may times in the British parliamentary system. When the Executive Council (Gov't)looses a confidence vote, the Prime Minister has to seek dissolution of Parliament from the "monarch". As an alternative the monarch (Gov. Gen.) can ask the opposition if they can get the support of Parliament to form a government. And if Parliament chooses to support the opposition party or parties, that can hardly be said to be undemocratic. Consider who elected Parliament.
Some folks may be disappointed with the outcome, but it's basic British constitutional law. It's hardly a "crisis".

Richard in Alberta
Matt Lennox: You are bang on correct and I wish people would take the blinders off. When I go to the poles I do not take my card and put an "X" beside who I don't want to govern.

These coalition lovers want to use the argument only when it fits their needs and refuse to look at that same argument when it goes against their views.

If you are going to use math (i.e. 62% of people voted against the CPC's) you have to use the same math for those that oppose your views (73% did not vote Liberal and 81% did not vote for NDP). But yet you would rather have a higher percentage of parties not voted for running the country.

All I read is how Harper only had 38% of the vote and 62% voted against him. How simplistic is that. There are over 5 significant parties all vieing for votes from Canadians. Harper got the majority of those vote, that is why he in power albiet a minority power. Now the next top parties who previously all had separate agendas and idealogies are banding together as one big happy family to oust the "bad boy". GIVE me a break. Once this is pushed through if it does, then we'll see the real agenda of these three, if not immediately then at the next election where they will once again square off to their separate corners with their independant idealisms

Sid Edmonton
I hope this coalition does not expect to finance this "stimulus package" with money from Alberta.Sorry Quebec but the money is all gone,big oil has stopped major investments until after the economy improves.Let them have their fun,it is perfectly legal and constitutional.The recession is upon us no matter what they do and an election will decide their fates.After all the layoffs at the oilsands and on the conventional side I wonder if they will be part of this "stimulus"(A.K.A.more welfare for Quebec)

Stephen Lawrence
This confirms what my wife has been telling me for years that I am wasting my time voting. The gang of 3 stooges have reinforced this much to my dismay. If we need a colition then I should be able to vote on it.

This is fine example of failed democraty. We had elections and Stephen Harper is chosen by majority of canadias as their PM. Now Coalition of loosers want to take power???

What is the point of elections then?

They should focus of economic catastrophy thats ahead of of and join togeter as united government with Stephen harper and find solutions to help country out of this mess.
No matter what I will never, ever vote Liberal again.

Don from Guelph
Two Points:

1)There is NOTHING undemocratic about our elected officials grouping together to make parliament work. When a minority dictates to the majority, that's undemocratic.

2)The Tories ruled only with the consent of the Bloc last time. It is hard to govern Canada without Quebec. My Canada includes Quebec, Mr. Harper's Canada does not.

Shawn Montreal
I'm not sure if I agree with the coalition idea but I AM sure of one thing - the conservatives and their leader have made a disastrous miscalculation and brought thsi on themselves by not even attempting to work with and opposition party and assuming that the opposition would not defeat anything put forward by their government. By arrogantly shoving several blatantly partisan measures into the oppositions's faces they have provoked this response. They do NOT have a majority and cannot act as if they do The hypocrisy now being spouted by our PM when he tried to do the exact same thing to the Liberals in 2004 (didn't work because he couldn't work with the other parties back then either) is embarassing. And I am truly amazed that we fall for the cr-ap of the Conservatives - that any and every issue should be dealt with by advertising money. Sorry- I DON'T want to see the ads- they perversely have the OPPOSITE effect of what they want to convey to me. "What a terrible power grab by Stephane Dion!" Hey guys- he's ALREADY resigned!
Maybe someone like him is the BEST guy to run the country. Maybe he's NOT going to think of every issue with a hidden agenda. Stephen Harper has brought US-style confrontational politics to our country and is not fit to be Prime Minister any longer.

I personally want to see Harper tossed in favor of a more inclusive government, but what really amazes me is that he trying to turn the tide instead of working with one or two of the Opposition parties to create his own coalition. Really, how hard would it be to sit down with Jack and offer him the changes to the Bank act that the NDP want? How difficult would it be to work with Gilles to offer a package to the forestry industry that also supported BC - and possibly took the wind out of Layton's sails in that province.

If Harper wants to fight it out to the bitter end, then we as a nation truly are better off without him.

Kevin in Toronto
There's no point in raising the issue of popular vote. This x% voted against Harper, y% voted for Harper is complete nonsense. The Liberal government of the 90's achieved a majority government with 38% of the popular vote. This argument is meaningless.

True, a coalition government is legal. I just don't see how anyone can seriously say that it's best for the country right now. The public funding for political parties raised this whole issue but it appeared that the majority of Canadian's supported that initiative, regardless of the motive of introducing it.

I stated here before the election that a Liberal win would raise the specter of Western Alienation and Separation and introduce the serious threat of this movement to the east. This coalition government will amplify this even further.

It's not about legality, it's not about the popular vote, who is for, who is against - it's about what is best for this country. THIS coalition government isn't it.

Greg in the Hammer
People who are quoting percentages of the vote that represent who voted for whom clearly misunderstand the first past the post system. It doesn't really matter. We've had massive Liberal majorities under Chretien with little more than 36% of the vote.

Its who wins the most seats that has the mandate to govern. The Conservatives won an increased minority and thus a mandate to continue with their agenda with the opposition as a foil to keep the government honest.

While legal and allowed in the parliamentary tradition. The founding fathers never anticipated any form of coalition government to include the balance of power being held by a party whose very existence is predicated on the destruction of this country.

Perhaps this is the price we all pay - for such a poor voter turnout in the last election. Hopefully this will encourage people to get involved in their country. Remember that good folks have given their lives to protect our freedom and our right to vote i.e. the government of our choice.

I have read most of the comments on this site and I wonder if anyone has really stepped back and given thought to what would happen if the coalition goes through.

Jack Layton will make sure the auto industry gets billions of dollars in bailouts only to have them collaspe down the road because the big execs got their big fat pay cheques, the shareholders got their money and the union (how supposably gave up 300 million dollars in their last contract) took the rest.

The Bloc will take every penny they can and give it to Quebece. It is alleged that they have already made a deal that Quebec will get 1.3 billion dollars from this coalition alone.

The there is Stephan Dion who will take billions of dollars and just throw it out there to whoever wants it.

This country will be paying for this for years and years to come. Expect higher taxes, higher GST, wage controls and cuts to hospital and school funding.

I don't want this and I am sure nobody else does. This is why I don't want a coalition. DO YOU!!!

Indeed Harper had less then 50% of the vote in last election. However, everyone is forgetting that with this coalition, the parties are compromising their platforms that they campaigned on. The people who voted for the Liberal carbon tax, or the NDP environmental platform, or corporate tax cuts proposed by Liberals will not have these causes addressed by the coalition. Even though the coalition is made up of majority of votes, they no longer represent the issues they were voted on. That doesn't sound like democracy to me.

A coalition government is a wonderful opportunity to finally get the support our economy needs. Removing pay equity for women was a bad idea. It's time the Conservatives stepped away to gain perspective on what the country needs.

AdamJ, Ontario
Le's go to the polls.

1) If they run as a coalition, we would know that they are truly planning on working together.

2) If the parties ran individually again, while continually bashing each other's leaders and policies during a campaign, we would all know that this coalition was born of opportunism.

Personally, I think the latter to be the more accurate description of things to come were an election called.

Evan in Athabasca
This folks is not simple math, just because the TOTAL of the 3 opposition parties in parliament is greater than the total amount of seats the Tories hold does not mean it represents the views of most Canadians.

The Tories have won the last election by the most seats won by a single party, that my friends is simple math. If your friend that is partying in Mexico, working odd hours, do NOT have an excuse to not vote, they had every opportunity to vote ahead of time, or vote though out the day, your employer would understand why you were late if that is the case.

The coalition party was not given the right to decide the direction of the country. Not the liberals, ndp or the separatist.

$1 Bill extra dollars to Quebec is not going to solve the economic crisis....Did you know about that part of the bloc....

I feel no amount of money we throw at the problem to stem the bleeding on the stock market at this time will help, it is the greedy investors, and market analysts that have made the economic roller coaster.

BTW, simple math 101, you do not sell a product, you cut production, lay off jobs, and reduce your operating costs, I am sure the CEO's, CIO's, CFO's know this, but the auto unions have them in a corner and are not going to cut salaries or benefits. SO kill the union by declaring bankruptcy in this case, that will force them to rethink.

I would like to point out that even in economic good times the big 3 were getting bailouts....so why is this any different this has GOT to STOP!!

Save the big three by buying a car made by them, do not bailout!!

I find it interesting that Mr. Harper wanted a coalition government (including the Bloc) when he was trying to oust Mr. Martin as PM. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, he's decrying the coalition as hopping in to bed with Separatists! Can't have it both ways, sir. Also, this whole scenario was brought about by his financial statement, and in case some women haven't noticed, that financial statement included eliminating "equal pay for equal work", thereby crushing a lot of the gains that women have worked for. I, for one, would like the coalition. In fact, at this time in history, it would be better if we had no opposition and all of the parties had to work together to solve the severe problems that our country is under. Oh, and in case no one noticed, it was under the Chretien/Martin parliament that we acquired the surplus that we've had until this parliament blew it all.

How can this be due to a confidence motion? The coalition feels they would represent the majority of Canadians and bring confidence back to the house with Stephane Dion? This man does not have the confidence of the Canadian voters, which was proven through the last election and seat loss, nor does he have his party's cofidence either, I believe he is stepping down due to this, no?
Everyone keeps saying that the majority of Canadians did not vote for Stephen Harper - guess what? Even less voted for Stephane, Jack, or Gilles. Also, the so called personal attack on other parties funding is a joke. We should not have to pay these people to apply for jobs to work for us.
These clowns are causing econimic loss/panic in Canada with their unjustified actions. fearmongering, and by pulling this crap they have literally pulled our country downinto overnight. They say the PM has no plan (not that we were in that rough of shape to begin with and it is not the correct time to do so) but they have single-handedly sabatoged us into a downturn due to creating political uncertainty. When our numbers do look worse in the near future due to their antics, who do you think they will blame?
This is not undemocratic, no, but it is an abuse and manipulation of democracy for purposes not intended to honor democracy. Stephane, Jack, and Gilles - You are all dirty rats - Find a crack in the foundation and clamour to squeeze your filthy selves in. Low, backdoor, bed fellows, you should be exterminated.

Stop this nonsense of the "60% voted against Harper" That argument holds no water. The highest percentage of vote that the Liberals every go under Jean Chretian is 41%...so I guess close to 60% didn't want him either.

I recognize that we run on a system that awards seats and does not directly represent the popular vote, but can we please have reality check?The last time that a party actually receieved the majority of the popular vote was 1984 when Mulroney did it, and then he only barely recieved the majority.
While this coalition is definitely within its constiuational rights as a part of our parliamentary system, it is not entirely accurate to say that this represents the will of the people.

Big Jim
This coalition idea is Treason!

We need someone who will hardline the economy just like Obama will have too!
Not some wishy washy bad communicating french LIBERAL who could care less about CANADA as a whole. The Eastern provinces are the only one with any gains on this. Having Duceppe in the background is even more treacherous to OUR Canada as all he worries about is Quebec,as small as it is in comparison.
Layton has always been a back stabbing SOB and he will never change as it appears he was working on this before the election was even over.
For the 3 stooges to ignore our Democratic vote is arrogant and irresponsible because they don't have the know on how to do the job they are so desperately trying to steal!!!!!!!!!!

"Just like "rallyforcanada.ca," an opposing website, "makeparliamentwork.ca," doesn't say who is behind the site."

It's PSAC. They paid for the graphics on the site and are prepping the banners for these rallies. The government was going to introduce legislation banning federal worker from striking and now they're pissed.

Call it like it is, boys and girls.

The sheer numbers of those who think it's ok to have a party, who wants nothing but to separate from the country, as the glue that holds the coalition together, that essentially hands them the power to CONTROL the outcome of policy that will govern the entire country astounds me. Are you really all so naieve as to think that the Bloc won't hold out on every vote for some kind of concession for QUebec?

HOw long do you think we can afford this coalition. Jobs will diappear, the economy, already sinking, will plumment into a deep recession as no one in their right mind would invest here. Nothing in parliament will get done. And I'd like to ask - WHERE were all these promises they are making during the last election? Don't be suckered folks, the separatist coalition will take us all down with them. Bring on another election, it will cost us less in the end.

One should not look back but what is upon us now. Realistically none of these people are professional enough to lead this country but is there really an alternative.

Mark Reaume
Mr. Dion you have become nothing more than a spoiled Cry Baby. When you become disastisfied with something or someone i.e. Prime Minister Harper's Government, you wine and cry, stamp your feet and pound your fists (literally) then you threaten to take power via a coup d'etat. That is tantamount to treason. So much for the democratic process of election ! So let me understand, if this coalition is formed we should support this dictatorship why? Our votes will have counted for nothing !and in my opinion the value of the coalition holds the same value... NOTHING ! So suck it up buttercup and at least allow our present government to table a budget which you can then criticise if necessary. Question IF we should hold a future election who will this coalition side with should they be again be defeated ? What coalition will you then wish to foist upon us ? This is what occurs when you grow up without discipline in the home... you allow all the Cry Babies to have their own way !

I find it very interesting how just a few short months ago these three leaders (Dion,Layton and Duceppes) were bashing each other and their plans for the country and now they seem to have found a common ground. How long to think Layton and Duceppes will be happy with Dion at the helm?? What then???

LOL! I would not like to be the Governor General right about now!

Doug Wright
Are the three opposition parties really that out of touch with the people of Canada. I have been a Liberal in the past & voted Harper this last election, Dion is no leader and this coalition crap is wrong I just lost my vote and Liberals just lost me forever...

Marissa ottawa
Andrew you are absolutely right. I keep hearing that we dont vote for the leader in our system but how could you not? why vote for an MP if you dont like the policies his leader is spouting because you know they have to tow the line. so I think it is bs to say you dont vote for the leader, if people are being honest they do. perhaps it should not be this way but often I think it is. go ahead clobber me folks, remember this is not a utopian society, evidently from this current chaos!

The real issue here is not Harper and the Conservatives but the blatent attempt by the NDP, aided by the Bloc, to control Canada. Imagine folks, Duceppe with the power of Veto over all of us. I have voted in every election since the early fifties and have never seen such arrogance from the Marxist Leninists. Layton has admitted to have been in constant contact with the Bloc for months to engineer this hostile takeover. Listen folks, don't let him get away with it.

Bob from Ottawa
Not hard to figure out who is backing the "makeparliamentwork.ca" site. All you have to do is do a WHOIS and you'll see that their DNS servers are dns1.cupe.ca and dns2.cupe.ca. Which would make me believe that maybe CUPE is behind the site ...

This is high treason being committed by two undemocratic communist social parties getting into bed with a separatist party who want to rip the country apart and the Bloc will have lots of say in all of Canada. They have made a deal with the Devil

Dion has been rejected by his own party and Canadians in an election 7 weeks ago. These communists are trying to seize power against the will of the Democratic Canadian people and turn Canada into a socialist state run state run third world Banana Republic.

One thing is for certain the now communist Liberals when there is an election held will be decimated, so if they do get the power they are seizing they had better enjoy it because they will answer to a democratic Canadian public for decades!

Brian Appel
I guess it's good that we're being noticed, but Harper's antics are splitting the country asunder. All he had to do was act like he was in a minority Parliament and none of this would have happened.

But it did happen, and there's no turning back now. Harper needs to go now, not in January and not at the end of yet another $300Million Election campaign!

Mae Tipper Moncton, NB
How can the colition team say "that the government under Harper has failed to govern" when they have only been in power a few weeks and Harper has been attending a world summit on the global economy? I say let the officially elected government put forward a budjet in January before jumping to overthrow them. This attempt to grab power under the guise of helping Canadians is purely selfishly motivated to promote themselves to the top.

I'm worried sick that this coalition will heap a bunch of future debt upon us Canadians and our children unecessarily. I felt encouraged by the Tory cuts to party perks and their sensible, reactive and measured approach to an impending technical recession. They weren't even given a chance to bring down their budget. Last week's Conservative statement was not the correct time to do that.

Canada is NOT in nearly as poor fiscal position as some other countries, and we need to look at our own fiscal position rather than play Chicken Little and throw money out helter skelter because foreign media's sky is falling albeit over OUR airwaves, scaring the pants off of Canadians. I resent the coalition trying to take advantage of this fear and mongering by trying to seize power that they haven't won by fair election. They may be able to do it, but under these circumstances it doesn't make it right.

Jennifer M from Charlottetown
Oh, I can assure you that in the last election and the one before that I voted against Harper, and I'm sure I wasn't alone. Maybe now the majority will truly rule. I can't wait to see the backside of Harper and his cronies!

Bill C, Bracebridge
Didn't we just have an election that cost about 100 million. I know this is constitutional but we're in drastic economic times. These guys need to stop playing their games and concentrate on the economy.

Myself and many of my middle aged Western Canadian friends, are just waiting for our own separatist movement to throw our time and MONEY into!!!

Non Democratic is someone getting only 35-40% of all Canadians votes and getting a majority Government. This is not a Power Take over it is the Majority reacting to Harper trying to cut the other Political parties legal funding. Which was setup to remove Special Interest Groups from buying elections.

Concerned voter in New Brunswick
Doesn't our voye mean anything? I guess we are heading toward communism, where eventually we will have no rights.

These coalition members are not respecting the will of Canadian voters. Have they already promised fat appointment perks from the public trough to the leader of the Green Party that electorally she has no right to receive, seeing that Canadians said no to her at the polls? She denies it. I feel that's just. plain. wrong.

Iain MacGregor
I support the coalition!

Mr. Harper should be ashamed of himself for even trying to subvert democracy by revoking the right of unions to strike, and by eliminating subsidies for the opposition parties. This alone should be enough for his dismissal.

That is not the DEMOCRATIC way of doing things in my Canada.

Terry Howard, Ottawa
Hoop-dee-doo, am I ever happy!
I wasn't going to vote in the last election, because it would mean travelling considerable distance from my cottage to my home. But then, I thought, it's been pounded into me since I was twenty-one years of age, fifty-five years ago, that voting was a priveledge and a democratic right that every citizen should exercize; it's the one insoluble action that I as a Canadian can perform for my Country. So I voted.
And now, with this Coalition looming to take over, though I lost my vote, so to speak, on Election Day, I'm about to win it back by a Canadian version of a non violent coup d'etat.
Isn't this the most "excitingest" thing,that you have ever heard?
I can't wait 'till the next Election rolls around.

After the smoke and BS clears. The not so informed become better informed. We will discover that the coalition will have Ontario and Quebec in it's best interest. The rest of Canada will have no representation. The coalition will leave out the Maritimes and the west Manitoba to BC and the NWT. A coalition government needs representation for all Canadians. I'm not confident that this coalition represents all of Canadians provinces. If the parties worked with the current government they have enough votes with the seats they hold to do that as the opposition in the house of commons.

The coalition has had this in the works for a long time. Mr. Dion was confident enough to go to the voters of Canada. With that opportunity lost. They only played the coalition card after the election. Dion can pretend to be the leader of 63% of Canadians with the Bloc and NDP seats in his pocket.
To pretend that the coalition is the best for Canada is a Joke. But it is the Best for Ontario and Quebec. The rest of Canada will be the losers in all this. We will have no say or representation until another election is called. So lets call an early election in 18 months time. They were elected by the people of Canada. Get to work.

An independent coalition of all the parties with equal voice needs to be set up to rule with representation for all the provinces. Until an election is Held. Or choose an advisory board, some old politicians Preston Manning, Joe Clark ect Someone from each sector of bussiness. From manufacturing to farming. Who at his point in their lives will have Canada's best interests in mind. Our tax dollar would be better spent here to advise parliament on the best economic strategy to meet the current recession until another election can be held.

Iain MacGregor
I support the coalition!

Mr. Harper should be ashamed of himself for even trying to subvert democracy by revoking the right of unions to strike, and by eliminating subsidies for the opposition parties. This alone should be enough for his dismissal.

That is not the DEMOCRATIC way of doing things in my Canada.

I do not recall anywhere on the ballot at the last election to mark an x for a coalition government. I thought living in Canada meant living in a democracy! Surely we have been mislead once again. It seems to me that communism is in the making and the last election was simply a waste of tax payers time and money. We as Canadians must not let this Coalition happen regardless of who we voted for in the last election. It is our fundamental right to choose who we allow to run our country not Dions!!

I agree with all of you commenting about getting out to vote - if you didn't vote - don't complain. In that same vein, if you didn't get elected quit complaining - wait until next time and try again. However, it doesn't seem to me that that is going to happen, so bring on another election - waste our money -in these trying economic times instead of letting the elected government govern! Maybe this time people will be more motivated to get out and vote - the vote should be on question - Coallition Government or PC party. I don't beleive that the coallition should just be handed the reins, because I for one did not vote for Mr. Dion, Mr. Layton or Mr. Duceppe and won't even if they do call another election. I believe that our PM deserves the chance to do what he was elected to do. However it seems that regardless what the Canadian people want, the decision will be made in Ottawa on how things proceed. God Help Us ALL!

Harper should do the right thing and step down. If he is unable to govern then Canadians need to demand better. Also, would the Conservative supporters atleast be honest and admit that based on their logic over 60% of Canadians are against them well a united coaliion would have the support of a majority of Canadians?

Dan from Ontario
Makeparliamentwork.ca points to


Which is DNS server for the Canadian Union of Public Employees.

The other points to a random webhost. The CIRA has a horrible whois lookup so there's no information about the actual people that registered either site.

KJ in Kingston Ontario
I am really starting to feel that separation of Quebec is the only real solution to the problems in Canada. The differences are just too great and the frustrations on all sides are making it untenable. I never thought I would feel that way, but as Harold Wilson observed "a week is a long time in politics" and the presence of the Block effectively controlling the government changes everything for me. It isn't the individuals it is the ideology and goals. When we vote in a Conservative government that's a few seats short of a majority we don't expect to be ruled by a Liberal one that was nearly wiped out.

Patricia Walker
Pat W.
As this mess has unfolded, destroying my faith in the democratic principles of this country, I have cast more than one longing glance South. At last they have an administration that I believe will bring more stability and fairness to the US. We, on the other hand, are wandering in a political nightmare populated with power-mad politians whose hunger for any shred of power is written clearly on their rapacious faces. I can't look at Dion and Layton, I have to avert me eyes--their panting greed is sickening. The Conservatives are obviously not perfect, and Harper has a lousy personality, but they represent stability and the high road of democracy. They have governed well in their time in Parliament. Given a little time they will come up with a well thought out budget that adresses the current situation. Why can't the Liberals and NDP be patient. But if they can't, then the people must be allowed a say in another election immmediately if we are to continue to see ourselves as a democratic country. On network news TV recently, they interviewed an Iraqi man on the street surrounded by rubble and blood. He asked the interviewer if Mrs. Clinton could write to him telling him what democracy was. Perhaps she could send a copy to the Canadian people--we seem to have lost our way.

Dave - Burlington Ontario
While the thought of a minority coalition government does not appeal to me it is certainly better than the alternative; continued self serving actions by Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty. The recent budget submission, at a time of severe economic instability, was clearly aimed at eliminating the opposition parties ability to stage an election campaign within the next 4 years. The optics of belt tightening professed by Harper was pure window dressing for his real intent: solidifying his ability to stay in power. None of the Liberals, NDP, Green Party of Bloc have the financial resources to mount any type of a meaningful election campaign without the public funding Harper sought to eliminate. Anyone who believes that Harper's real intent was to save Canada $30 million is being completely partisan. If his real agenda included savings and economic recovery he wouldn't have burned through the $20 billion+ surplus the Liberals had established as deficit protection in the event of an economic downturn (excellent foresight) nor would Harper have extended $50 billion worth of corporate tax breaks to FORIEGN companies such as Exxon who have recently reported RECORD PROFITS. Further, Harper would not have assured the continued deterioation of Canada's non-resource based economy by ensuring that foriegn acquisition of Canadian assets were subject to appropriate reviews ensuring the benefits to Canada instead of lifting the reviews that were again established by the previous Liberal Government.

It is my opinion that he is more concerned about his own position than that the condition of average Canadians. If he wasn't he wouldn't have wasted $300+ million on an illegal election nor would he have created this untenable situation in Parliment. The fact that he is considering asking the Governor General to prorogue Parliment is only further evidence as to where his loyalties are: to himself.

Most of these anti-Harper posts that claim to be from Edmonton or Calgary are no doubt bogus trolls, and likely emanate from elsewhere, because facts are that the conservatives have 27 seats out of 28 here in Alberta. That's because they've done a da*n good job, and Albertans know it. B.C. conservatives won 22 out of 36 seats. Saskatchewan: 13 out of 14 seats. Manitoba: 9 out of 14 seats. That should tell you something about their ability to manage long term. Patience, grasshopper.

Gina ..Windsor On
During my lifetime as a Canadian with the right to vote, I have voted Liberal,NDP and this past election for the first time have voted Conservative.
I weighed all the pros and cons to the best of my ability and decided Harper was right for the job..this time around.
Why can't the Liberal and NDP leaders accepted their loss like men..Canadians have spoken..it's over.
As for the Bloc..I remember the 70's and 80's as a time during which separatism was a new word in the Canadian vocabulary..P.E Trudeau must be rolling in his grave.
Canadians need to be heard and the government MUST listen or the Canadian people will form a coalition from the government.

Corinne Verstraten
This isn't a popularity contest, the largest group voted for the conservatives. Has anyone even gone on the finance website to see the report that everyone seems to hate?? I have and although I didn't read every word the general ideas seem to work to the benefit of the ordinary person like me. I am a single mom without support and I make less than 40 a year soooo when these parties are pissing all over everyone else let it be know the the liberals, NDP and the Green Party and the Separatist party are NOT speaking for me I had my vote in October, we made our choice the so called HOUSE are ALL full of rich self centered self righteous ego maniacs that are using MY tax dollars to work me over some more.

I may be poor and un-educated but I want you people to know that I am not stupid ... this is a power grab this is not for the economy because the TSX dropped Monday when the annoucement was made, I predict that if this coalition goes through that instead of being the strongest economy in the G7 we will be one of the weakest. The Liberals and NDP will raise taxes and bail-out mis-managed corporations and leave us to pay for it. If I mis-manage my finances I loose my home and can't put food on the table who bails me out? Not a soul, so don't cry to me baby cause I will tell you to suck it up and do what it takes to make it work.

The GG has 2 decisions to make...to Prorogue Parliament until January, and/or to accept the coalition and/or to call another election.

Perhaps the "cool down" period until January is a good idea, but an election, while costing Canadian's millions is the democratic way to reslove this issue.

Perhaps this time, Canadians will make a better effort to get out and VOTE and we'll truly have a sense of which parties have the majority support of Canadians and bring into power a majority government.

If you did not vote in the last election, you are part of the reason there is a minority government.

As Canadians we need to prove to ourselves and the parliment that our votes do count, and even if it costs us, we must vote again...can you please show up this time!

John, Abbotsford
It's a sad fact that Canadians don't understand their own parliamentary process. There's nothing un-democratic about what's happening in Ottawa, it's a fact of life in minority parliament. Deals get done.

This country is not being held hostage by Quebec, it's being taken hostage by Quebec and Ontario, where the bulk of the country's MP's have their seats. To put it mildly they're panicking.

The Tories have made some economic mistakes these last few years, no doubt, but being seen to do nothing in the current global crisis is a huge mistake - even if it's the right thing to do.

Economic stimulus packages can and have in the past been beneficial, but if the backdrop to an economic stimulus package is panicking MP's disaster will result.

Andy Robbins
The $1.95 per vote is what makes everybody's vote count. Harper instigated this crisis by continuing his confidence motion bullying.
When push comes to shove; all this is about economics. Supply-side versus Keynesian. History has shown the latter to be the best course during an economic downturn. The Conservatives represent the former. In the economic update (I wonder how many people actually bothered to read it) the Conservatives slated $75 Billion to buy CDO's from the unelected private banks. How much of that will "Trickle-down" to the people losing their jobs? Not one dime. It'll be used for a corporate buying spree or hoarded while credit continues to tighten.

Andy Robbins
Orillia ON

It's a minority government. According by seats won, the Conservatives have 46% (143). Now from my understanding the coalition is between the Liberals and NDP with an agreement by the BQ for support. That means the coaliton only really represents 37% (104) of the seats, with the support of 15.9% (49) BQ. I still don't see why a party/coalition with a lower percentage of the seats should be allowed to take over control of the country without another vote just because they have the temporary support of another party.

I also don't like the idea of having a leader who is stepping down in a few months to be leading the charge. How does any of this bring stability?

chanan cheema
harper created the political mess. It was not required at all at this hard economic times. Now the best thing for the country is that Harper should resign and thus save the country from division on the basis of ideology and region. Parliamentry system of Government is the best in the world that Canada has. In this system the Prime Minister is required to have the confidence of MPs, which Harper does'nt a t present. You cannot be a PM without the support of Majority in the Parliament. the opposition has the majority.

The way Harper has decided to fight the coalition is very bad for the country. It will create sharp divisions among people. He is openly saying that the coalition is supported by separatists. I think the best way to bring them to the main stream is to involve them in national matters. Moreover the Block has 50 MPs and they have been elected by Canadian citizens not by foreigners. Harper should not try to isolate them. They will be getting more support like this.
So my suggestion is Harper should resign gracefully and let the coalition form the Government in the broader interests of Canada. The coalition got the votes of more than 62% Canadians.

I don't understand peoples comments. Do your homework, the move by the opposition parties is LEGAL, it is part of the regulations governing the government. If the house does not have the confidence of the party and the oppostion can form a functional government they are allowed to do so with the blessing of the GG and only if the GG thinks they can function and provide stability.

James Ludvigson, Penticton
13,832,972 Canadians voted 37.63 % for Conservatives, whereas 62.37 voted AGAINST (do the math!). Sit back, take a deep breath, scratch your head and let out a collective Canadian sigh ... Hmmmmmm!!

It seems that Mr. Harper pushed his arrogance just a little too far this time. In acting as though he was given a majority rule in Canada's House of Parliament and refusing to treat the majority of the House with respect, he may have committed political suicide.

From wire tapping, to fudging over the true statistics of our countries financial situation, Mr. Harper may have finally pushed his arrogance beyond what others can tolerate.

I stand firmly behind a united Canada, and a government that I can trust, it would appear that is not a government lead by the likes of Mr. Harper and the other conservatives.

Steve G
The Conservatives have shown their obvious ineptitude by being on the wrong side of nearly every important issue facing the country.

Bring on the "Coalition of The Majority" and begin the work of turning this rudderless ship around!

Only people living in Harper's riding voted for him. You conservatives outside of that riding voted for your own representative. Casnadians do not elect leaders or governments we elect representatives. Do Canadians really understand so little about how their government and country work? This is elementary school stuff folks. How can you not understand this?

NIna A
I also question Harper's motivation to cut funding to Political Parties and to take away Striking rights from Government workers. HOWEVER a leader leads by example.. If you are going to cut spending you should lead by example. Cutting funding to Polical Parties is also cutting funds to the Conservative Group. Quite frankly I don't want to pay for hate ads and their cry baby campaigns. The Liberals and NDP care more for their quest for power than for the Canadian economy. Harper certainly doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings but he's the best choice out of the lot we have. Dion is delusional. He won't let go to his party leadership ... he is the last nail in the Liberal coffin. I would be in favour of an Ignatif leadership but quite frankly if they are going along with this nonsense forget about it.

Harper tries to save the tax payers 30 million dollars.

Coalition is formed and plans to spend 30 billion dollars of tax payers money.

A 300 million dollar election look like a better deal to me.

Rally For My Rights
All this talk of who voted for/against whom is mute, as is what each party stands for or will do for the people of Canada. The coalition has only one objective one job to finish. The coalition objective is to eliminate Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative party from Ottawa. No matter how much damage the coalition does to the country. IMO thats an attack on my country and my rights and they must be stopped!

Lynn Dove
I am dismayed that my vote six weeks ago will have been completely negated by an act of willful disregard for our Canadian Democratic process. It is not a matter WHO we voted for, it is the fact that our votes as Canadians did not even count! This may ultimately back-fire on our parliamentary process in Canada. Canadians will either refuse to vote in the next election because they will think their vote is irrelevant, OR Canadians will turn out in droves and decisively elect a new Parliament leaving ONE party standing between the Conservatives and Liberals and decimating the Bloq, N.D.P. and Green Party so they will never have a voice in Parliament again.....Hey, that sounds like a great idea? When and where do I cast my vote???
Cochrane, Alberta

Alex (Toronto)
A recent online poll here on ctv.ca showed that people reading this web site are twice as likely to support the Tories as among the general electorate, and supporters of other parties are about half as represented here as they are among voters. Hence the preponderance of posts here.

Liberal voters will be happy to see Liberals in power and few will be upset about a Liberal-NDP coalition. NDP supporters likewise will be happy to see some of their front-benchers in cabinet with a real say about government policy.

Any governing party requires support from the Bloc Quebecois. The reason the Bloc is supporting the coalition is because it's "good for Quebec", i.e. Quebec needs help to deal with the crisis as much as other provinces. All of the opposition parties are pulling out former leaders to get their supporters onside. The BQ has promised not to push its separatist agenda for 18 months. That's a win for national unity.

We had an election a few weeks ago. The Governor General's job is to ensure the will of the voters is respected. If the largest party can't form a stable government and a group of other parties can, the GG has the moral obligation to allow the voters' elected representatives remain in Parliament to do the jobs they were elected to do.

Chris Willott, Calgary
I think it's important to clarify the funding for political parties. This funding was put into place to reduce the impact of special interests on our elections.

It is determined per-vote, thus it directly represents the relative support Canadians WANT to give to these parties. It is not a freebee or a handout, it is EARNED at the polls.

Attempting to take it away showed Harper's contempt for democracy - he wanted to silence the opposition by taking away the financial support that voters themselves determined.

How can the opposition parties trust a Prime Minister who would make such a calculated move to consolidate his own power? Quite simply, they can't. Harper left them no choice, he said: "Accept it or else." Unable to accept the decay of democracy that such a cut would lead to, they called his bluff and have chosen their own "else."

If I wanted the separatist to be in control I would have voted for them. It is not an option for governing our country

Here is a good fact: Next election, your local "Coalition" MP that you will be voting for will have the colors black on both sides and white down the center. Now with only two boxes on the ballot who do you vote for? What I'm saying is that if we should go to the polls again, all four of these bozos will have one leader to represent that party(which looks like dion for now). Your local MP will be one of NDP/Lib/BC/Green that ran in the last election? With this formula, I would expect that before this coalition becomes a reality that there will be some MP's that will be crossing the floor and with the PM only needing about 5 more seats to form a majority this seems quite opossible.

Regardless if this is constitutional or not, this is wrong. It takes the democratic process out of this. The people of Canada voted, period. This is absolutely disgusting. And to bring in the Bloc?
Whether you voted for Harper or not is not the issue. The issue is that the Canadian public no longer has control or any say in political matters. This is a step back.
Not to mention this might be the time we need some stability, not some little man with a ego who is completely out of touch with Canadians.

I as a Canadian feel embarrased at this time of crisis. Did we not vote already? Do the people not count when we voted? It seems to me the other parties are offended they were not elected. They are adding to our economic crisis as other countries are calling us a banana country, that the government is not in control. I for one would vote again instead of thrusting this coalition on my principles and values!!!!

Colleen in Salmon Arm, BC
Proponents of the coalition may say a majority of people didn't vote for the Conservative government. BUT, NOBODY voted for a coalition government, particularly one where the separatists (traitors) hold a balance of power. This sort of thing should be unconstitutional.
And, can you honestly picture Stephane Dion on the world front in meetings with other world leaders? What a poor representation he would make compared with Mr. Harper!

If people really believe that 62% of Canadians did not vote for Harper then let's have the three stooges form one party and then have another vote. With only two parties, there would be a clear winner and no further nonsense.

You said "If Harper simply stepped down we could avoid this mess".

How about this: If Dion simply stepped down we could avoid this mess.

See it works both ways ... but neither is really a solution that's going to happen.

Murray in Ottawa
Why are we blogging - because we are frustrated that our votes were taken for granted. Which voter who voted Liberal and NDP would have done so if they new they would stoop so low as to form government (as opposed to passing a bill) with the Bloc. We are trying to ensure the GG does the right thing. - I Hope The Governor General Hears Our Outcry!
We just held an election and the Conservative Party bolstered its number of seats in Parliament, while Stephan Dion had one of the poorest results of any Liberal Leader in over 100 years? To date there has been no legislation rendered by the Government that merits lack of support. This whole coalition was obviously put into place prior to the Economic Update. This despite the fact the Liberals and Bloc campaigned stating they would not support a coalition. Will she allow them to scuttle democracy? How dare we let a political party select our next prime minister at an upcoming leadership debate without a vote from Canada's voters? In addition, how effective might a coalition cabinet comprised of several Liberal Leadership candidates vying for party leadership really be while they start campaigning against each other leading up to the leadership convention? Can our country afford the coalition the time they will require to bring forward legislation required to intervene in this turbulent economic time?

Lastly, does she not agree that we need a strong Leader to guide us through these trying times, instead of someone that does not even have the support of his current party?

Please protect the sanctity of our political process and allow Mr. Harper to try to build support - barring that PLEASE CALL ANOTHER ELECTION! Let the people decide.

coalition or no coalition it is meaningless.

the question of the day is: Does the prime minister have the confidence of the house?

that's it. One simple question that must be answered.

If the prime minister does not enjoy the confidence of the house then that person should no longer be prime minister.

Leanne Grande Prairie Alberta
I do not support this coalition. Do those of us who voted have no say in this? I know I did not vote Liberal. Why would be put a seperatist in charge with the help of a Liberal whose party STOLE from the Canadian people. Does everyone forget that the Liberals under Paul Martin were stealing from us??
Why is no one listening to what the people of this country have voted for. We are being made to look like a very foolish country in the eyes of everyone else in the world becuase of these clowns actions.

Judy Pearson (see her post) has said it all. We have currently a group of children/bullies occupying the House of Commons in Ottawa. They are arguing continuously these days instead of working like real Canadians are doing. The House of Commons has now been changed into a daycare centre for elitists.

Linda - Calgary
Harper should admit he made a mistake & step down from his throne.

Perhaps he could join the ever-increasing group of unemployed Canadians.

Would he qualify for EI?

Fred the Head
At the end of the day, what matters is the legality of it all. Just because the last coalition government happened 90 years or so ago doesn't mean that it cannot nor should not happen again. Go to countries such as Italy, Israel and many others. Coalition governments are a fact of life. Those countries and the associated civil services function just as well as Canada.

Indeed, a coalition government bring into such divergent views, not just that of the party in power.

I think that this is a good thing for Canada. The heck with proportional representation. Coalitions are better!!

Lorelei - western canada
Reading some of these posted comments, almost causes me want to cry, what is up guys? Canada is Canada. Not just Alberta, not just Quebec, it is Canada! Albertans are screaming that because Mr. Dion is from Quebec that he going to representing Quebec and that only Mr. Harper can represent the west? Hmmmmm? Our full jails in the west are telling me that not every person born in the west is fit to rule the west let alone the rest of the country. Get Real guys!
It was not that long ago that old Mr. Harper was trying to get the party bloc to nestle into bed with him, it may be time for you to reveiwing a few of Mr. Harpers past words and works.

As a disabled member of the working class poor and someone who was hit with a tax increase rather than decrease in Mr. Harpers first budget, I am a proud westerner who voted against Steven Harper in this past election, and seeing his continued self serving actions within the house of Parliament lately .... I am so glad that I did.

Barry Anderson Bentley, AB
First time in history Lib., NDP, Block & Green agree on anything -- to protect their $1.95 per voter gravy train at taxpayer expense that was threatened. We paid $300,000 in an election to say WE HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THE 4 PARTIES. QUIT THE CORRUPT ATTEMPTED TAKEOVER.

Joanne Livingstone
I feel like the opposition parties are "Fiddling while Rome burns". Instead of spending time & energy trying to bring the government down, they should be trying to figure out why they did so poorly in the election, and then fixing it for next time.

KJ Fernando
This proposed coalition did not get accepted by the people in the recent election. They must wait for an election for a new platform or demand an election to seek acceptance from the electorate.

murray skinner - Ottawa
Why are we blogging - because we are frustrated that our votes were taken for granted. Which voter who voted Liberal and NDP would have done so if they new they would stoop so low as to form government (as opposed to passing a bill) with the Bloc. We are trying to ensure the GG does the right thing. - I Hope The Governor General Hears Our Outcry!
We just held an election and the Conservative Party bolstered its number of seats in Parliament, while Stephan Dion had one of the poorest results of any Liberal Leader in over 100 years? To date there has been no legislation rendered by the Government that merits lack of support. This whole coalition was obviously put into place prior to the Economic Update. This despite the fact the Liberals and Bloc campaigned stating they would not support a coalition. Will she allow them to scuttle democracy? How dare we let a political party select our next prime minister at an upcoming leadership debate without a vote from Canada's voters? In addition, how effective might a coalition cabinet comprised of several Liberal Leadership candidates vying for party leadership really be while they start campaigning against each other leading up to the leadership convention? Can our country afford the coalition the time they will require to bring forward legislation required to intervene in this turbulent economic time?

Lastly, does she not agree that we need a strong Leader to guide us through these trying times, instead of someone that does not even have the support of his current party?

Please protect the sanctity of our political process and allow Mr. Harper to try to build support - barring that PLEASE CALL ANOTHER ELECTION! Let the people decide.

Nick in Gatineau
3 suggestions:

1. VOTE.

2. Since the election is over, send an email to your local MP and tell them what you feel and think about all of this.

3. Learn how our democratic system actually works. If you notice that your MP doesn't know... Should your MP be in office ?

Remember that forging one's way into new political and legal boundaries has to fall within existing laws.

This is why we need to be like the United States ya I said it. What I mean is you vote for your leader Harper or Layton or Dion. When he is elected you would eliminate this mess were in now.

Yeah right Gary...Why should he step down....he won the popular vote.. remember???? Not that long ago.... and hello,....you could avoid this mess if the NDP and Liberals accepted the vote that Canadians gave at the last election....how come they can't get it thru their thick heads that they DID NOT WIN !!! This is all we need right at Xmas...yeah I really want them to run my country..no consideration for anyone...not only are they bullying and shaking hands with the devil but they do it when everyone should be looking forward to a PEACEFUL Xmas...they and you need to get a life and quit trying to think...it is not working for you!

Al in Calgary
Canadians are outraged about the prospect of a bloodless coup by power hungry opposition parties.

Merely six weeks ago Canadians elected a Conservative government (8 shy of a majority). Now an opposition coalition wants to ignore the voters of Canada and take their rights way.

If the Governor of General allows the coalition to form a government, it is a sad day in a democratic country like Canada and Canada will be at the mercy of the separatist BLOC who can veto decisions or hold the coalition hostage by demanding more money.

Canadians find it deeply disturbing that Canada is at the mercy of a Governor General who is not only an unelected official but appointed by former Liberal PM Paul Martin.

Canada must be an example to the world. While the Coalition states that they have the confidence of the House of Parliament, however, they do not have the confidence of the Canadian people as demonstrated in the recent election, and confirmed by the public outrage against the prospect of a Coalition Government taking power.

The Governor General has a duty to uphold the wishes of the people of Canada, not the wishes of the Coalition leaders. She must allow the Harper Government to continue to govern, or, call an election and send the matter back to the voters to decide. Doing anything else puts the very foundation of democracy at risk.

This is a moral issue, not a legal issue.

Gerald Clement
It does not seem that our votes count in Canada.

Everybody voted to elect the Conservatives with the Liberals holding the balance of power.

Not a coalition Liberal/NDP/Bloc government where the Separatists hold the balance of power, and get a few extra billion for Quebec.

While the public sector grows and the private sector withers.(except for a the few companies who get subsidies).

Norman Ricard
Some of these comments are truly ridiculous. If you did not take the time to vote in the federal election,you have no right to approve or condemn the stupidity of the so-called "coalition". Yes it is legal, but definitely NOT beneficial. It is legal, but definitely NOT acceptable. It is legal, but a slap in the face to us who voted.

Mr. Layton, you lost with the least amount of votes of all 3 parties involved so accept that fact. Mr. Duceppe, you lost as well, accept that fact. Mr. Dion, not only did you lose, but your party went backwards, accept that fact. Your a bunch of babies pretending to be grown up. ACCEPT THAT FACT. Mr. Harper, in spite of what these moronic babies think, you gained more support from those that voted that they did, and I would ask that yo not give in and take the moral high road. If these people wish to take away the rights of those Canadians that went and voted, let them. The slap in the face that they give us today will be returned with mightiest slap they will ever encounter in the next federal election.

D Smith
At this point the percentage of votes for any one party is immaterial. Very few votes were given with an idea of a coalition. It seems to me that a quest for power and a true hatred towards Harper is all that is driving the coalition idea. What happened to the idea that our leaders should be doing what is best for our country. Sorry to say there are four people scrambling for power and the "country be damned."

Gordon in Ottawa
...sorry - I meant to say "Alliance" in my post - not "Reform".

By the way - someone called "Big Jim" said in his post that Dion could "care less about Canada as a whole". Which I feel completely ignores his long track record of campaigning against seperation and his work in producing the Clarity Act. Big Jim sounds a bit ignorant in general.

Sandy in Delta
One reason for increased internet reaction is the phone system is not able to handle the load. I tried phoning the Governor General office and finally got thru after dozens of attempts. After 17:27 Minutes waiting on hold (in both official languages) I was disconnected. That explains how I feel I'm being treated as a voter.

Never has there been a better opportunity to destroy Canada as the country we know. I hope this coalition goes ahead and forms the government. Hopefully this will cause the West to wake up, along with Quebec, and break Canada into four distinct countries, (Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantica). Canadians deserve nothing more than that.

Kim Moore
Kim in Calgary

This is the ultimate game of chicken being played out in Ottawa. Is the coalition prepared to deal with the fallout. I don,t think Alberta will fall into line and accept Dion, Layton and Ducceppe as the government.If you thought separatist in Quebec was a threat to a unified Canada this will rip Canada apart!

Dear Mark,
If the coalition goes through it gives hope to people that their vote actually will matter! I voted against Harper, and therefore vote for and support the parties of the coalition. That is also how our system works, as in the majority of the duly elected House of Commons decides who leads government. It is called co-operation and democracy.

a forster
We should do like the states do. Majority rules-if a party doesn't get over the 50% then the bottom parties should drop and have a run off between top two-
No vote should not be for someone-this way we all can have a say on who runs our country

Brent - Penticton
Gee, if the coalition of the NDP, LPC, and the separatist Bloc is a legal way to take over the Government, then does it also make sense to have all candidates who lost in a riding form a coalition and get rid of the sitting MP. Give me a break.

At this point in time, I truly hope that the Coalition supported by the separatist Bloc do take over, and then within two - 6 weeks the Coalition will disintegrate and then the will of the people will be heard loud and clear in the next general election. I guess it is obvious why Ignatieff and Rae are letting Dion stay on as PM??? (what a joke). They think that they will be immune from the nuclear fallout that will follow.

Maybe it will fail to unseat the Conservatives on the upcoming confidence vote as some of the smarter members in the Liberal and NDP caucus will realize the error of their leaders ways and vote with the Conservatives. Come on guys, be brave, be loyal to Canada and cross the floor.

Ok everyone ... take a step back and really look at what is happening.

This whole situation has spiraled completely out of control and is being fueled by rhetoric from all sides coupled by the inept political leadership in all parties. Our PM has precipated this mess by trying to undermine public political party financing diguised as an "economic statement". He has since backed away from this position, but it has left the opposion parties in a position of fight or die. The opposition parties being in this position were left with little recourse but to get together. Here's the trouble with this mess...

The parlaimentary system, which is the foundation of "our Country" never contemplated having a separatist "sovereignist" (you choose) party in the mix. This is a burning issue to many Canadians and is repugnant to them. To many in Quebec, it is a perfect opportunity to fan the flames for separation.

People from all ranges of the political spectrum need to wake up to the reality of what will happen if this ill thought out mess doesn't stop. The sovereign movement in Quebec will strenghten. Anger in the west will boil over (as much of the west elected conservative MP's) which will further divide the country. Potentially leading to a Western separatist movement. This will leave Ontario in an isolated postion with little economic power and dismal future.

The only solution that I can see is for everyone to put the best interests of Canada before party or personal aspirations. This will mean that Stephen Harper must step down, and the opposition parties must abandon the coalition. Let the conservatives bring in a budget and go from there.

Agree with the Coalition or not, if this does not stop it will eventually end up a crisis of Canadian unity.

A Liberal (former?) supporter.

Okay... so 62.4% did NOT vote for Harper. I don't remember my ballot asking me who I DIDN'T want! If you want to go by percentages of "I didn't vote for", you'll find that Harper had the least against him, and he therefore wins that argument too. In order to "compare apples with apples", you have to separate the parties individually - not group them together! Basic math people!
I'm sure those who voted Liberal were voting just for that - Liberal. They weren't voting for the "LiberalNDPBlocGreen" Party! In other words, if you do the math properly, only 26.2% of the voters voted Liberal, meaning 73.8% DIDN'T vote Liberal.
Let's see... 62.4% DIDN'T vote Conservative. 73.8% DIDN'T vote Liberal.... You figure it out.

Charles, Northern British Columbia
I think that most of the anger around this coalition comes from the Conservative supporters. There is still the 62% who actually cast their ballot in the last election did not vote for the Conservatives.

There has been vandalism in Nathan Cullen's constituent office and I will bet you that it came from a Conservative supporter.

There is a small majority of people polled who want a coalition government.

Harper created this mess along with Jim Flaherty. They are the only ones to stop this chaos by resigning.

Maybe we need to change our democratic way.

Harper is the one who is weakening this country by not wanting to work with the other parties, he only says so now because his job is on the line. The only interest he has is his own interest to save his job. Canada is not in Harper's best interest.

Chris Jones
If there is so much support for a coalition government made up of parties that individually did not win in the last election why not have them run as one and call another election for January. If the majority of Canadians want this to happen they will win. If they do not they will be relegated to sit on the opposition side for another four years.

Calling an election to decide this would be far cheaper than the possible breakup of Canada. The Separatist movement in the west just had one of its best recruiting campaigns started by Dion Layton and especially Ducepe. There is no doubt he loves this as when the west starts screaming they want separation it will give his cause a further boost.

Ian in NS
The Rally for Canada site was started by Stephen Taylor of the Blogging Tories.

Bill in Chesley
Coalitions in democratic governments the world over are toppled all the time. Israel is dealing with that situation right now. The only way in which Canada differs is that we have a whiner and sore looser for Prime Minister. Get rid of that disaster and I'll consider voting Conservative again sometime. For now we must get on with the coalition.

Norman Ricard
By the way, here is another FACT. To those that think 60% voted agains Harper, here is the mathematical TRUTH and FACT. In real numbers, Mr Harper and the conservative party received MORE votes than any of the other three parties and their respective leaders. LET THEM GOVERN.
Norm, Prince George, BC

Bruce Roberts in Guelph, Ontario
High stakes poker game. Rather than playing conservatively and waiting for an opportune moment to make his move, Stephen Harper decided to go all in on the very first hand. Now that his bluff has been called he want to stop the game before he has to pay up. He would be tossed out on his butt from every casino in North America. Great time to be a political cartoonist. Picture this. Through the window you see Laighton, Dion and Ducette (probably goofed on those names) dressed in black leather jackets, chains and steel toed boots, leaning on a lamp-post smoking cigarettes. Inside you see a miniature Stephen Harper holding onto the governor generals skirt, saying "Please don't make me go outside, mommmy". And they call this strong leadership.

jake from keats
Things are getting more exciting every day. Just wait and see what concessions canadians will have to pay when the Bloc wants to get out of all this-their laughing 'all the way to the bank'Beware folks! I'd say, cancell parliament until the new budget is handed down sooner than later and let parliament debate that, than rather foolishly debate political, selfish motivation. Meanwhile allow the rest of us enjoy a happy Christmas celebration and a happy new year!

People who simply vote "against" something should understand that they are defacto voting for something else. Casting a vote "against" a leader, party, or candidate is abdicating your responsibilty as a democratic voter. Morever, it is this type of action and attitude that leads to the type of political instability we are faced with today! Especially when those in the power assume that they have a mandate for their agenda when it is anything but the case.

Canada deserves better. All voters need to be educated to the candidates and parties positions on matters of substance before deciding who to vote for. I hear far too much "I voted against!".

Democracy can only work properly when the populus votes "for" something. Voting "against" something does nothing to provide direction and leadership .. this is especially true in times like these.

Sure this may be a legal procedural way of doing things but I think most folks don't think it's fair.

For example: Donsanjh won in Vancouver by 20 votes. Would it be ok for the Conservative loser to team up with someone that got 21 votes to oust him? No I didn't think you would like that and yes I know it's not the same thing - but the end result and how it's perceived - is.

I think we have no choice but to have a general election.
The coalition is just a power grab by central Canada.
If the coalition members card about the economy they would get down to business and forget about protecting their own positions.

I think all of this stems from a misguided Stephen Harper acting as if he had a majority. This just one more case of him showing his arrogance. If I remember correctly ( and I do) didn't that wise Newfoundland Premier warn Canada about him. I guess we are lucky he didn't get a majority.

See ya Steve!

Hey Deb!

Like it! So what do we call the new party?
The Anti-democrats! LOL

Billie Christiansen
I am livid...It should be absolutely unacceptable to all Canadians that those three bozos can overthrow a duly elected government and snub the people of Canada...and it is just as unacceptable that a separatist party should have any say as to what happens in the rest of Canada. Canadians have long given into the demands of Quebec separatists...it is time that we stood together against this undemocratic process being imposed on us by these hoodlums. The NDP and the Liberals have sold their souls and the rest of Canada to the devil...shame on them?

If Dion and Layton are so smart why did they not go to the polls as one a month ago, because they would be no further ahead then they are today, this is just an absolute waste of tax payer's money and if this coalition government goes through the government can save money next election by not mailing me a voter's card.

Hey you coalition supporters who think it's all fine and dandy. Lets boot out every government elected from now on who only gets 38% of the vote! Just like Jean Chretien got in 1997. After all it's not hard for opposition parties to take a hizzy fit over parliamentary events is it? Yep, let's apply these rules from here on, 'cause they are entirely legal right? Just think, we could have been rid of Chretien and his Librals way back then. My my.

It is very frustrating how everyone is attributing the remaining 60% who voted "anti-Harper" to the coalition as if it is one party. The fact of the matter is, that "majority" is divided among three other parties...all who had less than Harper when separate. Agreeing with Mark and Matt Lennox.

Brian Goss
I'm not sure why people are so upset but I think it is two things: this is happening barely two weeks after parliament opened, not time enought to make it work and most are worried at the level of control the Bloc will have over the will or need of Canada as a whole.

Oh My...were now a 3rd world country...like in those that have a dictator for life...the liberals do believe they are the only party that should govern this once great country...the rest of the democratic world must be laughing

B.C., Alberta, Saskachewan and Manitoba may form a 'Ouest Block', and only do what serves the best interests of Western Canadians. That seems to be the way it's done these days. To those provinces who think the Liberals and the NDP are the right choice for Canada, how's that working for you where you are?

Aaron Holma
Stephen Harper was trying to get rid of the other political parties. If he hadn't opened that can of worms we could get on with the business of keeping Canada on an even keel. Sometimes you better be careful of what you pray for, as you just might get it. It seems that he has got it. The party should get rid of that dictator - in - training and get on with it. Aaron

John From the West
To Sharon who say's Harper is fiddling while Rome Burns, If Stephan & Jack Throw 30 billion dollars down the toilet or stuff it into there pockets you won't be a very happy camper either. Of course if you think it is a really good idea write them a check to help them out

William Ives, New Brunswick
Coalition is not politics as we know it in Canada. The 'people' are being left out of this governing power grab. After just a few weeks into the new mandate, I can not support the coalition. While I hope that the opposition could work with the governing party, if they can not then go back to the people for a new mandate. What was the purpose of the election anyway?


Pat Dewhurst
Harper just blew 300 million of our money, now playing politics with the opposition, denying pay equity for woman, & minorities he is playing games again. I am tired of Harper the dictator, and want the coalition to take over immediately. Harper does not have the confidence of Canadian voters and the combined votes for the Liberal, New Dems, & the Bloc all outnumber votes for the Conservatives. I want a party/coalition that will work for Canadians not to bring us to the dark ages. Pay equity for women is legislated and should be enforced. Harper chose to take this path and for that he should resign for playing politics instead of an economic stimulus plan.

Every other country in the world have their priorities straight, Harper has lost the right to be a leader, and instead he divides this country. Remember he tried to form a coalition himself when the Liberals were in power.

Ernest Hochhalter
One of the governor general’s most important responsibilities is to ensure that Canada always has a prime minister and a government in place.

In other words her most important duty is to ensure stability in Government. Secondly the government must be responsible to the people.

What we all understand, without saying, is that in our democracy the prime minister and government are “responsible” to the will of the people they govern. They demonstrate that responsibility by getting elected on the platform they present to the people. At no time in the last election did Dion or the leaders of the NDP and the Bloq run on a platform of forming a coalition to oppose the Conservatives.

Canadians often ask themselves if the position of Governor General is worth its great cost to the people. This is one of those rare but important opportunities for the Governor General to show its most important raison d’etre.

I believe it is the duty of the Governor General to protect our democratic rights by telling Dion and the coalition leaders that they must present their platform and their Coalition to the people of Canada in an election. Only in that way can they claim to represent the will of the people.

Only by such a demand can the Governor General demonstrate that her office is performing an important role to protect our rights.

cheng lim
we canadians vote democratically for our politicians to work for the good of all canadians.
The Coalition should be honest and not coat their power grab by saying that it is over the economic policies.

What use are good economic policies if we break up the country by giving a 100% veto to the Bloc?
Time out and hopefully the politicians will remember who they represent.

This is a democaracy! Alothough I am a Liberal supporter, when Stephen Harper's victory was announced, I accepted it. What the Liberal, NDP & Bloc are doing is not done in a democracy! They did not have enough votes individually so now they want to "join forces" and become one? Its not right! Canada should have TWO parties ONLY... one wins, one loses.

Candace D.
For those people talking about Harper "playing games" I think they really need to take a good look at who is playing the games...The three "suddenly best of friends" politicians can't even play by fair rules and wait until the budget etc is actually tabled and they can make an honest judgment about it. I don't care what political party you vote for...this is ludicrous. Hence why there are so many Liberal/NDP/Bloc supporters who are outraged at their own leaders right now.

Dave in Victoria (Ex-Liberal Voter)
Do all you coalition dummies think there is some kind of two party system in Canada???

Seriously, we have four different parties, with radically different platforms. I voted Liberal last election, and fully expect to hold Dion to his word that "I WILL NOT FORM A COALITION WITH A PARTY WHOSE PLATFORM WOULD BE SO ECONOMICALLY DAMAGING TO THIS COUNTRY".

You coalition band wagoners didnt vote for a Separtist platform (I sure as heck didnt!), you didnt vote for the NDPs socialist welfare platform, you all made a CHOICE and chose the party that best represented your beliefs and values (or foolishly simply voted AGAINST an individual you didnt like as PM). You didn't vote for a coalition, you didnt choose a group of platforms, you voted for one of four parties. You made a CHOICE. This coalition takes away that CHOICE, it belittles your VOTE, it is frankly UNDEMOCRATIC. I voted for the Liberals (obviously a big mistake) because I believed in their platform and policies. I won't ever again. They can't be trusted. I do NOT want my vote used against me to put NDP or Bloc MPs into a position of power and authority.

This isnt a two party system people, so stop manipulating the numbers around to make them support your weak and empty arguments. Parliment has failed, send us back to an election, and let us make a CHOICE and VOTE for the party we believe can fix this mess (if there is such a thing amongst these morons in Ottawa!).

Get real, we have four unique and distinct parties here, not the "Harpers" and "Not the Harpers" parties.

Dion, stop STEALING my vote and giving it to the Bloc and NDP!

Knute in Wpg
Let's Go to the Polls people, If they want power, then let them get with the blessing of the people. Mr. Harper is MY Prime Minster not Mr. Dion. He was already rejected like the Liberals and NDP.

Cal Oleksuk
Letter to “MY” MP

Democracy is in Mockeracy

I want to go on record that my MP is seriously letting me down by supporting a planned coupe to overthrow the government. This is what I expect from third world countries and dictatorships. This is NOT an action that can be supported by advocates of the democratic process. NDP excuses their action by claiming that this was tried by others, but this does not make it right. Secret planning sessions to structure a takeover plan are unbelievably non Canadian. And including coalition members whose agenda is to take part of Canada out of Canada makes it even less palatable as it legitimizes this agenda.

I am personally suffering with the current economy and that is why I want my interests served, not abused by power hungry politicians who are putting political ambition ahead of well developed plans and strategy. I have no reason to expect that three parties with totally opposing political agendas could ever agree to a coordinated cohesive stimulus plan. At best I would expect a mish mash of ideas picked off several non related agendas. I want a government within a system that serves me, not a coalition thrown together without proper thought. It stands to undermine democracy forever not to mention produce a plan so out of touch with reality that it could make matters worse!!.

PLEASE let the government, the one that your leader agreed to work with not against, do the intelligent thing and coordinate a recovery plan with our primary trading partner the US, the one that allows us to even have an economy. Without dovetailing our recovery plan to theirs is folly. The conservatives have to wait, and so will you. A coalition of the parties that Canadians did not want to govern will not work together to help me and I NEED help. Three diametrically opposed parties cannot produce a plan without a lot of compromise and potentially a lot of time to get those compromises. We are no further ahead!

Remember that the 62% of Canadians that did not vote for the conservatives, even more definitely did not vote for a coalition of losers. Please join reality and quit hugging Jack (as you did on the news blurb) and represent ME. I’ll hug you if you represent me, your constituent. But you will never ever see a vote from me if this travesty is carried out, and I would hope other rational people would see it that way too.

A Past Supporter of the NDP,
Cal Oleksuk

Shane, Kelowna, BC
Here is something I find interesting. The "coalition" says there was no Economic Stimulus in the Update. Is it not true the Canadian Arm of GM, Ford and Chrysler go to Ottawa and present their Plan on Friday? Notice the time-line. How can the Lib-NDP-Bloc offer Stimulus BEFORE the Auto Industry presents it's Plan? This is just a "Power Grab" by a bunch of sore losers who are acting like a bunch of babies

A Guenther
Take another look:
Edmonton John
Too many people are just becoming mules for propaganda.
They pack misinformation from one speaker to another medium as if by shear repetition their dissembling exaggerations will become accepted as truth.
As Harper begins his desperate media campaign we will be inundated with falsehoods and misinformation engineered by media professionals to evoke specific reactions.
What we will be reading on the blogs is sadly not a discussion that moves the dialogue ahead, but one that dissolves into partisan arguments about Harper's lies.
For instance his biggest 'lie' is branding the coalition through association with the Bloc. I will not dignify the term he uses by repetition, but you hear it every time he refers to the Coalition. This message is misleading, hypocritical and divisive.
By repeating it on the blogs, Conservative supporters may convince a few people, but they will get no closer to the truth, and consequently we will get no closer to a better future for Canada.

I've been on the internet since the early 90's, before the the majority of people even knew it existed, I have an ICQ number that is 6 digits.

The interference by government and namely CPC 'professional' bloggers on these boards goes against everything that the internet was designed and intended for.. free speech and a flow of information that eventually leads to the truth. Be very afraid when those in power can inundate this one remaining bastion of freedom with their lies.

Mr Harper did nothing during the election, no plan, no real platform. He is still sitting on his hands, only moving to protect himself and his party. Mr Harper started this whole ordeal by thinking it was a good idea to remove federal funding to parties based on OUR votes. I do not want to see private interest controlling government through donations. Mr Harper is also punishing Ontario for the lack of conservative seats with his inaction to the economic situation.

Frank W Fearon
From Sackville N.B. I did not vote for a Coalition this is a power grab by a bunch of losers. this is Treason they are trying to overthrow our elected government,please Canadians do not let them do this. Call out the Army if necessary and arrest them.

Our Prime Minister has no qualms about sending our young people into harms way in Afghanistan. However he is too afraid to afraid to face a confidence vote in ourHouse of Commons. This Member of Parliament should not be our Prime Minister any longer.

To all the people who would like to think that the coalition is a bad idea and is not democratic for reasons randing from " If the coalition goes through my vote didn't count " etc...

First, this whole notion of "my vote didn't count" well...%38 of the voters, voted conservative....does this mean that the other %62 votes did not count?

It is time to get your head out of your asses and think. Everywhere, anywhere when an election is called, sometimes the people you vote for will not get elected. It is a fact of life so get off your high horse of oh my poor vote will go to waste. This is ludicrious.

Is the coalition the right answer? Im not sure. But what i do know is at the moment we cannot continue to be led by this Hitleresk figure named Harper. Do i want another election? No, so maybe the coalition is a good idea.

At least now, %62 of the country's votes will have counted for something and we might acutally see something done on the hill. would be the first time in 3 years.

Sure a coalition may not last but it might last long enough to rebuild and stabalize our economy and our minds. Let's get a group of people in there that can make this happen and when all is said and done, then vote and get the party in we want. Who knows...maybe the coalition will work out so well that it becomes the new government of the day for a long while...

Terri Fjaagesund
In our recent election we decided that members from a variety of parties should represent us. Many of us hoped that they could work together for the common good. It is time for the ones who cannot cooperate to take their rhetoric and exit.

Bill Fenwick resident of Hamilton.
As an immigrant 51 years ago, an early eye opener for me was when two french speaking workers told me that they were going home from Hamilton during the plant summer shutdown. When I asked where they were from they told me Quebec. I said but isn't that Canada they assured me it wasn't! So now for the coalition who claim that the PM is wrong for his method of running Canada. In my opinion they are the wrongdoers.What an alliance, a weak liberal,a pompous Ndper,and the non Canadian!

Margrit R. Behrends
Even with proportional representation we would have a minority government. To expect the governing party to have the same opinions as all of the opposition would make different parties altogether unnecessary and be totally undemocratic. The Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut all are governed by concensus. That will be the way to go federally also and a minority government is ideally suited to this way. The underhanded schemed up since election day way of forming a coalition with the voted against Stefane Dion as Prime Minister so he can shove some more of "his Canada" without specifics down our throat is not ok. I am so angry at what is happening I have no polite way of expressing it, so I won't.

A Canada friendly solution must be found and it is very unfortunate that a new election will cost us so much money, still better spend money than the already discovered extra 1.3 billion going to Quebec in extra equalization payments and who knows what else in concessions to still be found out, plus Mr. Dion's privat financial disaster miraculously going away. How sad is all that. And what do we need Mr. Parizeau's opinion for? And by the way, this is not Quebecbashing: It is quite understandable why Gilles Duceppe would take advantage of what is offered forQuebec. We, the electorate must be allowed to speak and not have someone stand up as another little dictator. That's why Stefane Dion did not get "the job" in the first place. If our Governor General against all odds really would ok the coalition it would open the door to uncurbed spending.

John M - Northern Ontario
The Prime Minster, who holds a Masters in Economics and in part the Canadian banking system have established Canada in this time of worldwide economic turmoil in what is said to be the best position of most any other country. If he had studied more political science he would likely sell himself better.

Two of the coalition leaders each hold PhD’s in Political Science and are in a position to sell themselves and their parties better. They are supported by a separatist with no formal education. I feel each of the coalition leaders are self serving and jeopardizing the future of this country, perhaps to the point of separation depending on the deal made with the separatists. Irregardless that they are within their right to do what they say they will, I feel that they are concerned only with forwarding their own personal agendas in a power struggle.

What they are proposing is no doubt legal, but just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. A true leader puts the country first and this is what all Canadians should also be doing. I say, give the PM time to do his job in this difficult time. This country is in good shape, let’s not jeopardize this with foolishness. Lets not bury ourselves in unrecoverable debt, but take calculated risks. We need stability first and formost.

Maurice Boulanger
I agree with the formation of a Coaliion government. It strike me as a good representation of democratic action.
Harper lost his chance to work with the opposition as he took the opportunity to stick it to the opposition.
What could be more co-operative than the three parties forming a Coalition to allay our economic mess.
Way to go Harper you made your bed, now lie in it.

Steve the Pundit
So when Chretien won a majority of seats in the House of Commons with only 39% of the popular vote (look it up!), would it have been appropriate for the opposing parties to take over because combined they had 61% of votes? Of course not. People who advance this "Harper did not win a majority" argument are misguided at best, reckless at worst.

The Governor General needs to reinforce the long-established precedent that it is the VOTERS and ONLY the voter that can authorize a change in government. No Governor General since 1926 has allowed a government to change hands without an election and it should not be allowed now.

Tim X
I've voted Conservative but I can't help but feel this entire sorry episode is completely the fault of Prime Minister Harper.

I am also very uncomfortable with what I see as the Americanization of Canadian politics.

We have a parliamentary government, folks. The Conservatives have only a minority of seats. Harper has the responsibility of acting like a statesman. Instead, he's using a politics of division and devisiveness to pit Western Canada against the East.

A heartfelt apology from the PM would have a gone a long way to avoiding this crisis. Instead he seems to have only one approach and that is aggressive attacks.

What part do Dion and Layton not understand..., that the Canadian People have excercised their right back in October and voted in Harper as our Prime Minister, if we wanted either one to be Prime Minister they would be sitting in power not Harper. Did it ever occur to them this is who Canadians wanted and not them. Why fight with Harper when our economy and the worlds economy is at risk here, so much for them thinking about the future of our country, they should be working with Harper not try to over throw him, it just makes it that much more harder to for them to gain votes for the next election cause I myself will continue to vote PC until I see fit other wise.

Ed in Victoria, BC.
Let's get some clarity here. Remember, please, that on Saturday November 30th the Ottawa conservatives disseminated to their constituencies accross Canada a list of all "Talk Shows", "public Forums", along with phone numbers and a compendium of comments and questions deemed appropiate by their leadership and probably the PMO.

Now in the hands of "Canadians" the use of this material can hardly qualify as unsoliscited angry comment in support of a crippled Harper. Seems appropriate that the Prime Minister now shares News Time with one Burress of the NFL NY Giants who also sufferred a self inflicted leg wound and who now is also being held accountable by the New York public (Attorney General). Justice seems to come in many ways. It is unfortunate that the news outlet like CTV etc. do not tell their listener/viewer about the Conservatives' Crib Noets sent to thir membership.

Layton in NB
I voted AGAINST Harper. Plain and simple. He is bad news for our economy and just by PAYING ATTENTION, I have seen him lie at least 3 different times, I would back it up with the incidents but hey, why should I pay attention for everyone else? Alrightalrightalright.

1) The Atlantic Accord. Don't think he lied? Then why is Bill Casey an Independent after representing Cumberland Colchester for eons as a Conservative? Because Bill stood up for what was right.
2) We're in good shape. No we're not. We have an economy that is strongly resource driven. The world is in recession, our biggest trading partner is in recession. Not much need for our resources... Stop and think about WHY oil is so cheap.
3) The tax cuts over the last two years were done because Stephen Harper saw the crisis coming and planned ahead. No he didn't. Alan Greenspan didn't see it coming for Christs sakes. And why the hell would you cut taxes KNOWING hard times were ahead? Would you, knowing that you were going to lose a chunk of income in the near future, reduce that income even further? Not unless you have a serious learning disability.

Thank you for our Charter of Rights and Freedoms for giving me the RIGHT to have my say on a street corner or on a blog. The method of delivery pales in comparison to the right to use it.

For the record Stephen Harper hates our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and has called it awful. No go do your homework.

Melissa from Trenton
Regardless of your political choice, the fact that the opposition parties can override the results of an election are truly mind boggling. Instead of fighting they should be figuring out a solution to the economic crisis and finding a way to work together. I agree that an economic stimilus package would have been good, however, we voted for this government and we need to have faith. Not blind faith but faith.

Dan Rolfe
Dan From Wellington
If this coalition goes through I will probably never vote again. I don't know how Canadians can support a coalition of the Three Mousekateers!! I guess Quebec is the real winner in all of this! The Bloc can hold up any legislation that doesn't benefit Quebec.

Cassie from Ontario
We DEMAND our democratic right: Let the Canadian people vote to settle this matter once and for all. Certainly, this time around, more voters will exercise their right and cast their ballots at the polls. Backroom deals are plain old dirty pool.

Deb says: 'If people really believe that 62% of Canadians did not vote for Harper then let's have the three stooges form one party and then have another vote. With only two parties, there would be a clear winner and no further nonsense.'

Yeah, let's stack it this time and then put it to another vote. THAT'S fair.

I fail to see how the four Western provinces will ever get fair representation in this country. Two self funding and managing/governing 'states' called Western Canada and Eastern Canada are starting to look good, and I am Canadian to the bone.

I have an idea let's follow the american political process, that way we know that there will be only two choices two make. party "A" or party "B"

TREASON- "The offence of acting to overthrow one's government." They are a disgrace to our country. We do not want a league of traitors pretending to govern us.

Rocco from Alberta
This can all end in a matter of minutes. Steve Harper takes responsibility for the mess, resigns and the Conservative Party puts someone in Leadership who is willing to work with the other parties. No-one wanted this to happen but the Opposition was dared to fight back which they have done. Mr. Harper do the right thing and let the country run without you always antagonizing the opposition. I would like to see the real Conservative party do what they are able to do with their minority and maybe Canadians will give you a Majority government next election. We are fed up with you admitting you cannot get along with the opposition, you have said it many times.

I ask my fellow Canadians to let him know this is the only way of reconciliation in Parliament and the only way for Canadians to agree on the outcome.

Conservatives did not vote for Harper but voted for our Conservative representative. We still want them in power but with a leader who is willing to work with the rest of Canadians. Everyone in Parliament was elected and has an equal say no matter which party they are from. We are still Canada, a proud Nation, from sea to sea. Why are we allowing one man to destroy this by his stupidity.

Brad Ottawa
I think that we should give harper a chance, I voted NDP, but we losed, I think that there should be no coalition government, and if there is, well it shouldn't be with the Bloc, they don;t care about anyone but Quebec, so I say no to the Bloc taking any kind of power, and the liberals should try to work with the government, the people voted and now we have to aleast give Harper a chance.

Dave Bain
This is an insult to every Canadian who votes. This sort of attempted coup results in bloody civil war in other countries. We are a democracy and the democracy spoke during the last election. If this coalition happens, how can we ever vote in an election again and trust that our vote means anything? This simply cannot be allowed to happen!

To pundits that justify the coalition based on the funding for the parties:

Why do you dismiss elected MPs who actually sit in parliament?

There are two Independent MPs actually elected who get no funding!

I wonder what their take on the matter is?

Diane, Abbotsford,BC
I voted NDP but I dont think this is the way to get power. They should all be fired and start new parties. This makes me sick.

Lee in Calgary
All this nonsense about the 60plus percent of people who didn't vote for a Conservative candidate is just garbage.

I truly doubt that anybody that voted for the BQ was doing so with the intention of having Mr. Dion as the PM nor do I think anybody that voted NDP realized that it would lead to the appointment of Mr. Dion as the PM. While I can understand that every person who didn't vote Conservative was either voting against Mr. Harper, the party or the Conservative candidate in their respective riding there is no logical way you add together the vote totals of all non-Conservative party members and come out with the idea that 60 plus percent of Canadians equal a majority who support the coalition and the idea of an appointed Mr. Dion as PM.

We need to move past tricky math and focus on the importance of not appointing a government which has only occured once in this countries history. This is the 21st century and the people of Canada should decide who represents them through an election. If the opposition parties don't support the government fine, vote them down but go to the people either as 3 seperate parties or as a united coalition but go to the people for a mandate to govern us.

Harper has to go. We have a rocky road in front of us. The state of the ecomony is worrying everybody and we need a government for all Canadians. Not a one man show!

Sue Greetham
Without basic respect for our Government by our leaders as a whole, we have no leadership at all. Presumably, we have representatives chosen by the population to lead, maybe it's time they all grow up and work together regardless of minority/majority, game playing and get down to business. Please remind each of them that it is our business not their playground at our expense.

Jim Johnson
This is just a power grab by the Liberals the party that lies and the party that steals. It was well planned ahead of time. No one voted for this axis of evil. If the three stooges wanted this why didn't they tell us during the election and if they had won then O.K. It seems that in this country if Quebec doesn't control the government it's just not right. As an Ontario guy I am sick of this. I think maybe it is time for Quebec to leave. I have had enough of their crying and Quebec run governments.

Jane, Foxwarren, Mb.
The Conservative Government is the government that won the last election. It is simple. Although everyone did not vote, Canadians have spoken. Let them get on with the job. Anything else is just too dangerous for this country.

My Question??? What is the deal for the Bloc's support?? What is the deal for the NDP support?? It has been suggested that the Bloc have pimped out their support to the highest bidder and this has to be clarified. I will not support the utilizaton of a national tax base supporting a seperatist agenda.

The Coalition parties went into the election with the understanding that who ever achieves the greatest number of votes will be the governing party. This coalition of parties does not pass the smell test. Lets call it as it is...a knee jerk reaction to the Conservatives saying that they are removing government financing of political parties. Harper errored in this and he retracted it. Now lets get to solving Canada's issues vs. the camouflaged agenda of Ministerial wannabees.

I can see that this is all personal. Could someone explain to me why Stephen Harper is hated so much? People seem to want him to step down more than pulling the Conservative down. Why?

Faron Sigurdson
Me & wife voted for the NDP for years.The last election I voted Conservative because"I think the greenshift plan was joke & I did not want Dion as PM.If the NDP & Liberals votes for a coalition with Block & installs Dion as PM."I will never vote for the NDP or Liberal again".I will become a card holding Conservative & volunteer every waking hour to help Conservative win our riding in the next election.

My wife has lost all respect for the NDP & Jack Layton
Friends & colleges have the same issues

"Furious"Proud Canadian
Faron Sigurdson
Winnipeg ,Mb

This has all been rather interesting.

I wasn't aware that the parties got public funds for their campaigns. I'm certainly against this. If you want to run for office why should I have to pay for it. Let candidates and parties raise money from people who want them in government.

It's evident that the coalition has been formulating plans for some time now. This budget breif is the first chance they have had to bring about a vote of no confidence.

The coalition says they object to the reduction of party funding but the conservatives have decided to remove that from the budget. So there is now no need for a vote of no confidence. Yet the coalition is planning to bring down the government anyway. This shows that they are only concerned with thier own power.

I believe this will guarantee the conservatives a majority in the next election.

Heather Olney
I thought we lived in a democracy here in Canada. The people voted knowing at best Harper would only form a minority government yet the Liberals and NDP pushed for an election call. Stephan Dion was poised to be replaced as Liberal leader after his defeat. Now suddenly Jack Layton always so outspoken against the Liberals is suddenly in bed with a leader who couldn't gain the Canadian peoples support in the election. And to add insult to injury the Liberals and NDP are now sleeping with the enemy the Bloc.

And all over the fallout mainly from the big three auto makers wanting to be bailed out. As a long time Liberal who voted Conservative in the last election because I simply couldn't bare to see another prime minister from the all mighty Quebec in power again, give it up. The big three auto makers made their bed. There was no bailout for the BC forest industry which systematically lost jobs because the Liberals would not stand up and fight the US over it's illegal tariffs. I do not support a bailout of the big three. They will continue to pay too high a wages to too many workers building cars no one one wants or can even afford in this economy. They will quite likely only do the same thing that AIG did in the US after the US government bailed them out. They paid out millions in bonuses and ridiculous salaries to their head exectutives. Perhaps it's time for auto manufacturers to get real and start building fuel effecient cars people can afford and want instead of car lots full of $40.000.-70,000.00 vehicles the average Canadian can't afford. No bailout for BC industries so why should Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes get yet another bailout.

Coalitions have been a part of politics for a long time. If you look at it that way, no party got the absolute majority so the field is open for anyone who can muster the numbers. Harper is a hypocrite. He advocated coalitions in a letter to Governer General Clarkson a while ago and now he is against it because he is gonna lose power. If the Bloc had supported Conservatives, would he not have taken their support?.

Canadian politics and Canadian people need to grow up and be mature. This is democracy evolving. Let it evolve and become more open and mature.

Wow. Everyone here is yelling at the dog for not letting himself out to crap, so instead craps on the floor. Well over 10 million people didn't bother to go out and vote 6 weeks ago...given the numbers as compared to the last election, it appears that if they HAD, the Tories would have had a majority government in any case - they certainly did better this time than last time, with less voters out to the polls this time to boot.

In the end though, it just doesn't matter...the only difference at this point, will be in the history books when it is stated who was in power when THE Depression of '09 happened. For 20 years, this economic crisis has been predicted as inevitable, and now it has come to pass. The economy of the world is failing before your very eyes, and everyone is so damn blind they are still calling our government a democracy...it hasn't been a democracy for a very long time. We haven't really been free for a very long time...not sure exactly when it happened, but it happened when the majority of people instead of having a measure of self employment, instead began working for others - and then had the fruit of their labour taxed without so much as a by-your-leave - first under the pretense that it would be a temporary tax. That by definition is slavery...when another body holds in its hands how much of your own money you get to keep, thereby dictating everything from what you can eat, where you can live, where you vacation, what you can do for entertainment, and the list goes on and on...all in the name of 'the greater good'.

Ya, it's great isn't it?

Daren Janes
Let me start by saying my political views are more conservative than liberal. Fact: 0% of voters voted for Harper, Dion, Layton, or Ducep in the last Election. People who voted, voted for their MP in Parliament. You may not like it, but that is the way our system works. Prime Minister Harper is not like the President of the United States. Nobody voted for him. Even though I may not like the outcome, I certainly have respect for the democratic process. Prime Minister Harper thought he had majority support in Parliament. That mistake alone worries me. His inability to work with a majority of MP's in Parliament was is undoing. Don't worry everybody! Worst case scenario is that the West separates, Atlantic Canada becomes 51st State in the Union and Ontario joins Quebec to become the newest country of Quebec.


Sheldon in Halifax
The Conservative government has apparently lost the confidence of the House something any minority government must have to remain in power. This must be put to the test as soon as practical. Any request to prorogue the house in these circumstances should be seen as the abuse of power it obviously is.
If Mr. Harper’s government has lost the confidence of the House and a Liberal-NDP coalition has presented a viable alternative, the coalition must be given a chance to form the government. While a coalition government in Canada is unusual, it is entirely appropriate in a parliamentary democracy.

I say take this mess to the voters for an election. The people of Canada can decide whether these 3 power hungry characters can run our country not just proclaim themselves in charge.

As a regular voter I am angry - I did not vote for a coalition and in fact do not like socialism or seperatism

As a Canadian give me the chance to vote for my government

Carol Nolet, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
I am hearing on TV news reports that comments from people like me are not "real" that they are just from "the well oiled Conservative machine" Let me tell you I am a real person and my remarks are my own point of view. These comments don't make me like the coalition one bit! Up till now they have insulted me by expecting me to believe the B.S they spout. Now they are trying to make people believe that no one has a different view point then them. Do they have no respect for anyone but themselves!

Samantha McCloud
In the last election I voted for our liberal rep In the Lloydminster Saskatchewan area. I do hope that we are allowed to vote again rather than just allow Dion to take over. If I am allowed to vote again I will vote to support Harper and the conservatives. It's crazy that Canadian votes don't count anymore? It reminds me of Hitler's Germany. It's just not right what that Liberal NDP and the Block are attempting to do.

I was always under the impression minority government means everybody has to work WITH each other, even the prime minister. But he wants his majority so he antagonises the opposition parties and claims a dysfunctional parliament -- twice -- !
How would YOU handle it? Just stand there and take it or do something about it?
Personally, I think they have a death wish, but as long as parliamentory rules allow it, more power to them!
That is democracy in action.

For all the people who think their votes dont count, think proportional voting system and talk to your MP about it.

If you coalition supporters are so into quoting percentages on who voted for whom in the last election and 'that's how democracy works'. Then lets do the really democratic thing, call another election, your choices, Conservatives or Coalition since that is where we are at. I for one am more than happy to pay for it to see the people truly represented. What's the matter, the people deciding to scary for you?

Lindsay C. Sidders Hodgins
Harper and his party made a mistake when they tried to pass a legislation limiting funds for campaigning.

The Liberal Party made a mistake when they voted for Stephane Dion.

However, even if Dion had stepped down the Liberals would not have a leader Canadians believed in. We'd still be in this mess because Harper's minority government made a very stupid mistake. He could not have believed that the opposition parties would stand by as he took money from them. Either Harper's move was strategic, or just plain stupid.

A good proportion of the Canadian population voted for the opposition parties, so how can someone say that this is a "coup"..??!! It's democracy to the core. If the opposition does not agree with the PM, then they have a responsibility to their voters to stand against the PM.

They were given no other option. And Harper made it so.

Dion may not be the best person for the job, but it's who we've got right now, and judging from his concession speech back in October, he knows that Canadians do not support him. It's a bad position for him to be in. His career is already over.

We should be grateful that a) the people and the media are free to express their opinions on this whole mess, b) that no one has been killed, kidnapped, etc., c) that a coalition is even an option and d) that democracy in Canada, however flawed, is only 130+ years old, and will always protect civil liberties, freedom of speech and the constitution. Some places and people are not afforded the latter in a lifetime.

Kevin Handley
I formally regret voting for the Green party in the last election. Elizabeth May's decision to back the Liberals and the coalition will only increase the country's already fragile economy. What is at issue here, in my opinion, is the current critical economic downturn. Why couldn't all parties work together to solve or stimulate Canada's economy first and then, if they wish, fight over who should or shouldn't lead our country.

Melissa in Trenton: there is no
The Parliament has been elected. A minority of the Members of Parliament formed a minority government, which apparently has lost the confidence of the House of Commons. Now, another group of Members of Parliament may form a government. They may call their group a "coalition." There is no secret coalition conspiracy seizing power. Get yourself educated.

Its wonderful to see Canadians finally awaken and take notice of their governing process. We joke to ourselves about our political apathy. Now we know first hand the consequences. A PM few seem to like; a coalition of stooges we like even less.

It also wonderful to see Canadians using modern technology to voice their political opinions. As posters, TV and radio broadcasts served this purpose in the past; the virtual world allows normally quiet and reserved Canadians to share their deepest thoughts anonymously. It seems the Internet was made for Canadians!

Who knows, history may record the events of the last week as a turning point in Canadian politics. The silent, unheard masses are finally speaking out. Ironically, many of us share opinions not articulated by politicians.

Democracy in action.

What the Opposition parties are doing with their coalition is exactly what you are democratically enabled and entitled to do if the opportunity arises. What we are seeing now is constitutionally allowed democracy at work and many many countries in the democratic world, Isreal and Germany among them have practiced exactly this kind of Democracy.... so Mr. Harper has got to be way over the top and out of line when he says that the coalition is undemocratic and destructive to the country... he just should be man eneough to take the consequences of his very own non concialiatory brinkmanship and give the reigns of power over to a more unified, democratic approach.

Donna Strutinsky
I have been skimming the blogs and a lot of people keep saying to let Mr. Haper's government get on with his job. Well that's the problem - he did not get on with the his job. He made every motion a bill and they ended up as a non-confidence vote in the house. So nothing was getting done. All he needed to do was stop being a bully and throw a bone or to in the right direction. But no he is a stubborn man. I say let the democratic process take place and let's see what a coalition government can do. And stop being scarred of the Bloc, if they had wanted to separate from Canada they would have done so already. I don't believe they are that stupid. Donna

Cheryl J.
If people can't see this supposed coalition as a power grab I don't know what this world is coming to. Mr. Dion knows this is the only way he can be PM. The last election certainly showed that Canadians don't want him leading. Mr. Layton also knows this is the closest he'll ever get to leading this country. They can't win fair and square so lets gang up on the small guy. I believe in the school system this is called "bullying". These guys need to grow up and listen to what we, the people who voted them in, really want.

Larry Nl
This coalition is taking away the constitutional rights of Canadians to have an elected government to lead our country.
I suppose when Dion fails, and I'm sure he will, then Jack Layton gets his turn at being Prime Minister, by that time Iggy will have taken Dion's place and then he can form a coalition against Jack .
We could save $300,000,000.00 by not having any elections just have coalitions, after all it is not what the people of Canada want it is what the opposition wants.
Give me a break stupid liberals of Canada.

Disgruntled Lib in NS
It has become apparent that Canadians really don't understand how our Federal government works.

Here's the reader's digest version:

Each of us votes for the politician in our region whose party we feel best serves our needs. These politicians belong to a particular party. In each region, the politician who receives the most votes wins a seat.

The party who represents the most elected politicians wins the right to govern the country.

In the last election, the Conservative party won the right to govern the country.

Let's get this straight. I am a Liberal. I voted FOR The Liberal party. I did not vote AGAINST the Conservatives. I would NEVER vote NDP or Bloq. In fact, my choice in this past election would have been Lib, then Cons, then nothing.

To those who are trying to sell the idea of a coalition as MORE democratic than our accepted system of electing a government, please, give your head a shake.

The Conservatives won a mandate to govern our country fairly. They received more votes than any other sigle party based on the merits of their part's plans.

This in no way means that those who did not vote Conservative were by default voting AGAINST them. This is a very narrowminded view.

What the GG needs to do is call another election, and if they are serious about this coalition, then the Liberal and NDP parties should be dissolved to create a new coalition party who could then run and be ELECTED based on their PLATFORM.

I voted for a Liberal platform, not an NDP platform, and certainly not for a Bloq platform.

This coalition will not work. The parties are diametrically opposed, and the government will fail, and soon.

Parliament should be recessed until the first of the year, to let Harper come up with a stimulus package to help the economy, which will be in the Federal Budget in Jan/09. However if Harper does nothing by Jan/09, then Canadians should be entitled to another National election. If Harper wins a majority, then that is it. However if there is another PC minority government, and Harper has not changed his ways, then a coalition of the three parties of the opposition should be allowed.

Bob Lowrie, Belleville, Ont.
There seems to be some confusion about how a Prime Minister becomes PM. If we follow the Westminster Model (as quoted by Mr Prentice a few days ago) then contrary to Mr Prentice's comments we are indeed following the Westminster model. As voters we elect our MP's. Once in Parliament the MP's hold 2 elections, first for the Speaker, then for the PM. So the people do not select the Prime Minister directly. It is delegated to the MP's that they have elected.

When a party has a majority, naturally its MP's vote for their leader, He gets the most votes and hence becomes PM. But in a minority Government the leader of the Party with the most seats i.e. the most MP's may not get enough votes. It is possible for another person to be elected PM by the MP's who have won seats in the Parliament. Contrary to the claims of lack of democracy expressed by many, the possibility of a person who is not the leader of the party with the most seats becoming PM is not only democratic, it is fully legal, legitimate and constitutional.

There is no constitutional crisis or ground-breaking decision to be made by the GG. If another person can obtain the majority of votes in an election by MP's for a PM then he is the PM. Party affiliation is not an issue.

If it were to depart from the Westminster model, Canada would become extremely undemocratic by taking away even more authority from the MP's. Since 1966 there has been an increasing concentration of power in the PM's office. Unelected people, chosen by or forced upon the PM make most of the policy and legislative decisions. Our MP's have become irrelevant and the PM can do as he likes.

Edmonton John
It is true that we voted Harper into a minority. That was the choice of the people.

The unspoken warning to Harper was that he had better behave or the majority would not tolerate him.

His recent outrageous behaviour has eroded what little goodwill and confidence we had in him.

This is the consequence of his actions. If we can actually 'fire' him, then the majority will have been heard.

We gave him a chance. He blew it. Don't complain about democracy not working when it is working just fine thank you.

The only thing that will keep us from removing Harper and replacing the Conservatives with the Coalition will be if the GG allows Harper to prorogue parliament.

My hope is, of course, that she defers a decision until the non-confidence vote and then decides which one has more merit.

But whatever she decides, that, too is democracy at work.

The system's working, folks. It just can't please all the people all the time.

Nicole from Sudbury

I have been a voter for 32 years and have never before sent an email or contacted an MP regarding a political issue. I am doing so now, not because I have been "prompted" but because I am so angered by the self-serving politics I am witnessing. I will forgive Stephen Harper and the conservatives for their economic update (I can wait for the budget); however, I will not be so generous with the other parties.

When an election is eventually called, I will not only vote, but I will actively campaign and do everything I can to ensure that the conservatives form a majority government. The politicians have awakened the Canadian public from its complacency. Beware, the sleeping giant sleeps no more. Canadians will hold you accountable!

Tom, Calgary
The people of Canada did have their say in the last election. A majority voted for parties other than the Conservatives. With a coalition government, more Canadians will be represented in government.

This is more democratic, more representational.

Whatever happened to working together for the benefit of all and not just the few. In this crisis we need everyone and every political party to put aside their partisan politics and to work together.

We need representatives in Ottawa that represent us not just their campaign supporters and contributors.

We need representatives who vote and act in the best interest of all Canadians.

We need representatives who are not forced to vote along party lines on any proposed legislation or issue but in the best interests of all Canadians.

Charles Simcoe Ontario

Ken Howe
Ken, Quebec City
The fact is, the Conservative government, and any minority government, is always governing by coalition. It shares places on committees, negotiates, and works out legislation cooperatively with the other parties. But if the party that has the most seats tries to force through legislation the others don't accept, or refuses to propose programs the others agree are needed, then of course someone else should step in. We elected these people. Let's let them do the best they can.

I can't believe any Canadian would actually be in favour of throwing away our democratic right to vote. Why do we vote if the parties that lose can just gang up and take over. Thats like saying if you don't like your boss, you and your co-workers could just walk into his/her office and take over.

Dave S
I think this is the natural outcome of a country that did not care in the last election, as the voter turnout was the lowest ever. Hopefully, if our GG decides to call an election, we will care enough and show that we care.

What good is a "democracy" if it makes no difference when "the people have spoken". We elected Stephen Harper several weeks ago. Whether he is right or wrong is not the question. The question is, why do the votes not count anymore because a small group of people don't like it?

Ron Davis, Deep River, ON
By the logic of the coalition, the purpose of an election is to find out which parties get the fewest votes, and they become the government.

Why not start a Canadian car company refitting plants that go belly up to employ Canadians, and the offshoot industries, and better yet, build a new car the whole world could line up to buy from us? You can never sit on your laurels if you're a private industry. I note that Harper was criticized for a trade deal with Columbia. That deal supports a whole new country of commerce both ways, and means jobs, money and diversification from our 80% trading partner which reduces exposed risk for Canada. I thought it was forward thinking from a business standpoint.

The bottomline is that 0% of Canadians voted for the coalition. In fact the leader of the coalition received the lowest popular vote in the history of his party. We were also told in no uncertain terms during the Liberals and NDP would never agree to form a coalition. This is a naked power grab by an unpopular Liberal leader who has nothing left to lose, an NDP leader who will never otherwise have any power and the BQ who will fight only for Quebec and ultimately separation. The 3 leaders may win but long term the Liberal party will be hurt by this coalition.

Joe Ontario
I am a 38 year old that has been voting for the last 20 years. To have Bob Rae in power would be disastrous. Remember what happened in Ontario, photo radar and Rae days; a discussing mess. Why do you think that the NDP will not get in federal power? Ontario has a high voter turn out and they remember the NDP and what they did in Ontario. As for Dion he is just a cry baby, he should take it like a man that he lost. He had this coalition plan before the election.
We can talk about the percentage of votes, the truth is that the people that did vote, voted for the Harper government. That’s why their in power now.
Asking Harper just to step down doesn't make sense either. Would you ask your boss or Supervisor in a job just to resign because another worker applied for the job and didn't get it?
I have never seen the use of a back door system as I see in this coalition. Come on look at the parties the NDP, Liberal and the Bloc, they are usually fighting between themselves. But yet they are all smiles signing their papers on TV.
Our tax dollars are paying for this crap. The next time you look at your pay stub and see the amount of taxes you pay, just think how much went to this and how much is going to the billions of dollars in spending that they are promising.
I don’t see anyone’s name on attached to that spending.


Gwen Ronningen
The "coup" and/or coalition that is taking place in Ottawa is an act of dismissing the democratic process that Canada takes pride in. The citizens of Canada voted and the government should accept the outcomes of that election. Hey, we have to live with it!
I welcome another election, instead ignoring the democratic process.
If they want to form a new government let the Canadians decide who will be the majority government.

Devin Pratt - Guelph, ON
There is much talk about various percentages of people voting for or against certain parties. This is not how Canadian politics works. We do not vote for federal parties. Ultimately our vote comes down to democratically placing an MP from our riding in to parliament to champion our local values and concerns. Usually when a majority of MP's are of a certain party, that party represents Canada on a federal level. The important word here is "usually". In this last election although the majority of MP's came out Conservative, the federal Conservative party does not properly represent the interests of majority Canada. I am not very confident that this coalition will be fantastic, but if they take power then democracy worked how it was supposed to. In other words, we elected MP's in a democratic fashion that collective decided, also in a democratic fashion, to represent Canada in the best possible way federally. This is exactly how the system is supposed to work. Maybe Canadians aren't happy with this system. As an avid NDP supporter I have always had problems with the way democracy works in Canada, but we all knew this is the way it worked when we voted and we knew this was a possible outcome. Nobody is getting cheated out of a say here, if you voted Conservative, your MP is still representing you as they should. There is simply no guarantee of federal representation just because a party has the MP majority.
If you feel as if you have been cheated on your democratic say then you haven't been educated enough to vote properly. Controversy like this is the result of Canadian voters being ridiculously uneducated about politics.

Elaine Sinclair
What has happend to democracy? What makes the parties that make up this coalition think that they know better than the majority of Canadians. It should not matter what party anyone supports in this situation. What should matter in this case is Who did the people of Canada vote in to govern our country. This coalition erodes the voice and freedoms of all Canadians. As Canadians we need to look not at what party we support but what will our vote mean if anything come next election?

I am abhorred with the arrogance of the coalition leaders and their supporters. I believe Canadians spoke clearly and decisively on election day. Mr. Dion tried to sell his Green Shift plan and failed. He tried to convince Canadians that he was the best candidate for Primeminister, once again he failed. He attempted a backroom deal where Ms. May would be offered a ministerial position in his government. She, and that plan were also rejected.
Now, the beguilement begins again. Mr. Dion has rehatched his previous plot of deceit. This time, Ms May is going to be a senator. When will these pariahs stop acting on behalf of their own personal interests. This country deserves some politicians who will put this nation first.
If the House of Commons has lost confidence in the existing government then allow Canadians to return to the polling booths. This time we will have to speak louder and clearer. To disregard the will and voice of the people is unacceptable in a democracy. To assume that the coalition's somehow more astute or better able to direct Canada's future than the country's own citizenry reeks of arrogance and paternalism.
I hope Premier Stelmach has a very firm grip on his province's resources and Heritage Fund. As it is apparent that the coalition has no respect for anyone's property be it their decisions, freewill or voice. It will only be a matter of time before they are grasping for that province's assets to pay for their political agenda.
I believe the names of each of these political conspirators should be recorded for posterity.When Canada is furthered fractured we will know whom to blame.


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