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A springboard for saving: meet the new green shield stamps

Lost amid the sound and fury surrounding VAT cuts and tax rises last week was the unveiling of Gateway – a government incentive scheme designed to encourage low-income groups to make more financial provision for themselves. Julian Knight reports

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Julian Knight: Don't be lulled into thinking that with-profits policies are safe

Legal & General has proudly announced that its sales of with-profits policies are up 167 per cent in the past year. Bully for them. But what are we to read into this? Are the much-maligned with-profit funds somehow rehabilitated in the public eye? I don't think so.

Julian Knight: Sorry, Gordon, but we won't splash your giveaway cash

Tax cuts are supposed to be on the way in what will be a huge gamble aimed at stimulating the British economy. The theory is that we will get extra cash in our pockets – though only for a short time as taxes will have to go back up again after the election – that we will either spend in the shops or, in the case of business, invest in plant and staff.

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