Fan-Powered Q&A Part 2

Ever wanted to ask the FINAL FANTASY IV DS development team a question? Members had a chance to do just that and several questions were answered by Executive Producer & Director Takashi Tokita.

—LanceHeart asks: Was the localization process heavily affected due to the need for voice acting in this version of the game?

Tokita: I believe that the voiceovers allowed for a much more dramatic localization. It was also really nice to hear the English voice actors in the game.

—Zaibach asks: FINAL FANTASY IV's story is more well known. Did that make the game more difficult to remake?

Tokita: I believe so. Many fans have fond memories of the game, so we had to consciously decide what to change and what to leave intact during development.

—Voltz91 asks: I heard that this version will keep its Japanese difficulty, but I'm afraid it will be too hard for me and for the people I am introducing this game to. Will it be head-bangingly challenging?

Tokita: There shouldn't be any problems if you level up. Boss battles may pose a challenge, but by utilizing the Augment System and other methods, you should be victorious.

The harder the game is, the greater the sense of accomplishment when you complete the game.
Please tell your friends to give the game a try and support them when they need assistance.


—sleepinglion asks: Why does Cecil become less powerful after becoming a Paladin if that is his destiny?

Tokita: Brute strength alone isn't power. That is the theme of this game. This is also the reason why Cecil as a Paladin has the "Cover" ability.

I believe that this theme resonates stronger as RPGs are generally centered on defeating enemies.

—TJF588 asks: How do you pronounce "Whyt" and [its Japanese name] "Pochika" and where did these names come from?

Tokita: Pochika is pronounced "Poe-chik-a." Since it was a base of summon creatures, we named it Pochika, which means flower bud in Russian. The word itself sounds cute too, doesn't it??

From the localization team:

In looking for a new name in English, we were trying to find something that played on the both the weak and unspecialized "bud" concept and his plain white appearance. We also needed something short that we could expand to serve as the name for the entire race. We settled on "whit" for the meaning of a trifling thing, along with the fact that it's one letter away from the word "white." We changed the I to a Y just to give it some uniqueness and turn it from a word into a name, and threw a "kin" on the end to make the name for the race (Whytkin). It was intended to be prounced like the word "whit."

—elisabel asks: What is Baron's Royal Air Force, the Red Wings, named after?

Tokita: This name was created during the original development phase by Mr. [Hironobu] Sakaguchi [Director of original release]. The origin of the name is... Actually, I never asked him about it. I'll ask him next time!

—ritalink asks: Most of the characters in FINAL FANTASY IV are wearing armor. Do they never feel heat for wearing it all the time?

Tokita: Indeed, it must be hot traversing the deserts of Kaipo and the magma-filled underworld...
However, you never know when a monster will decide to ambush you. [Laughs]

They are trained warriors after all, so they won't utter any complaints.

To be continued...

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