Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships 2008 - Rd 10

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Since Tue Oct 1 17:36:52 1996

29/11/20080900P1Shannons V8 Touring Cars Practice20 Mins 70313n/a
29/11/20080925P2Australian GT Championship Practice40 Mins 78919n/a
29/11/20081010P3Australian Manufacturers Championship Practice20 Mins 60415n/a
29/11/20081035P4Commodore Cup National Series Practice20 Mins 49918n/a
29/11/20081100Q1Supaloc Saloon Car National Series Qualifying 120 Mins 62722n/a
29/11/20081125Q2Australian GT Championship Qualifying40 Mins 77719n/a
29/11/20081210Q3Kerrick Sports Sedans Qualifying 118 Mins 78623n/a
29/11/20081235Q4Shannons V8 Touring Cars Qualifying20 Mins 52511n/a
29/11/20081300Q5Australian Manufacturers Championship Qualifying30 Mins 77513n/a
29/11/20081335Q6Supaloc Saloon Car National Series Qualifying 220 Mins 44613n/a
29/11/20081400Q7Commodore Cup National Series Qualifying20 Mins 46715n/a
29/11/20081430Q8Kerrick Sports Sedans Qualifying 218 Mins 79916n/a
29/11/20081505R1Australian Manufacturers Championship Race 160 Mins 11333539
29/11/20081620R2Sandown GT Classic Race 160 Mins 11216578
30/11/20080900W1Sandown GT Classic Warmup10 Mins 46313n/a
30/11/20080920R3Supaloc Saloon Car National Series Race 110 Laps 4932834
30/11/20080945R4Shannons V8 Touring Cars Race 110 Laps 511107
30/11/20081010R5Kerrick Sports Sedans Race 19 Laps 7722115
30/11/20081035R6Commodore Cup National Series Race 110 Laps 5122027
30/11/20081100W2Australian Manufacturers Championship Warmup10 Mins 56517n/a
30/11/20081120R7Supaloc Saloon Car National Series Race 210 Laps 2301718
30/11/20081155R8Shannons V8 Touring Cars Race 210 Laps 18067
30/11/20081220R9Kerrick Sports Sedans Race 29 Laps 373109
30/11/20081245R10Commodore Cup National Series Race 210 Laps 2281328
30/11/20081315R11Sandown GT Classic Race 260 Mins 7484933
30/11/20081430R12Supaloc Saloon Car National Series Race 310 Laps 2902623
30/11/20081455R13Australian Manufacturers Championship Race 260 Mins 6034750
30/11/20081610R14Shannons V8 Touring Cars Race 310 Laps 287910
30/11/20081635R15Kerrick Sports Sedans Race 39 Laps 5513226
30/11/20081700R16Commodore Cup National Series Race 310 Laps 3771324

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