Dan Grech-Marguerat

Producer / Mixer



Full Details

Tom Jones (TBC)
Forthcoming single and album tracks (Co-ProducedMixed)

Wiley (Asylum)
Forthcoming single 'Summertime'(Mixed)

Howling Bells (Independiente)
Forthcoming album (Produced/Mixed)

Sam Sparro (Island)
Album and single tracks from 'Sam Sparro'(Mixed)

Moby (Mute)
Album 'Last Night' (Mixed)

The Kooks (Virgin)
Tracks from album 'Konk' as well as forthcoming single (Produced/Mixed)

Dragonette (TBC)
Forthcoming album (Co-Produced/Mixed)

Screaming Lights (Anti)
Tracks 'GMN' and 'Glow' (Produced/Mixed)

Ghostcat (Kus Kus)
Forthcoming album tracks (Mixed)

Scissor Sisters (Polydor)
Album ‘Ta Dah!’ (Additional Production/Mixed)

Kaiser Chiefs (B-Unique)
Track ‘Flowers In The Rain’ for Radio 1 40th anniversary compilation (Produced/Mixed)

David Jordan (Mercury)
Radio version of ‘Place In My Heart’ single (Additional Production/Mixed)

Just Jack (Mercury)
Single ‘No Time’ (Additional Production/Mixed)

Johnny Flynn (Vertigo)
Single ‘The Box’ (Produced/Mixed)

The Envy Corps (Vertigo)
Album ‘Dwell’ (Mixed)

GoodBooks (Columbia)
Album ‘Control’ (Produced/Mixed)

Dragonette (Mercury)
Album ‘Galore’(Mixed)

Fields (Atlantic)
Produced and mixed EP tracks

Hitch Hikers (Disney)
Produced track ‘Vote Beeblebrox’ for movie sound track

Hitch Hikers (Disney)
Electronic sections in film (Mixed)

Gemma Hayes (Virgin)
Six tracks for album ‘The Roads Don’t Love You’ (Mixed)

Radiohead (XL)
Album 'In Rainbows' (Recording Engineer)

Paul McCartney (Mercury)
All McCartney tracks on Live 8 DVD (Mixed)

Paul McCartney (Parlophone)
Album 'Chaos & Creation In The Backyard' (Production Assistant)

Charlotte Gainsbourg (Because Music)
Album ‘5:55’ (Engineer)

Band Aid 20 (Mercury)
Single (Co-Produced)

Beck (Interscope)
Single ‘Girl’ – (Mix Engineer)

Travis (Independiente)
Single ‘Walking Along In The Sun’ (Mix engineer)

Single ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ – Radio Mix (Engineered) (Producer Nigel Godrich)

Suede (Sony)
Tracks from album “A New Morning” including single “Positivity” (Engineered)

Radiohead (Parlophone)
Track “Life In A Glass House” from album “Amnesiac” (Engineered)

Divine Comedy (Parlophone)
Live recordings for single and b-sides including “Bad Ambassador” (Mixed)