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Photography by Derek Tarr
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photo of red urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanus near San Clemente Island Collection of Derek's Favorites
Every photographer has a unique relationship with their photos- these are my favorites...just because they are.
photo tropical striped triplefin Helcogramma striatum on coral near Tolaghi Switzer Florida Islands The Tiny Creatures Collection
In the ocean, the closer you look the more you'll find- an amazing array of tiny creatures can be seen in every square inch of the sea.
photo of underwater custom cave in Russell Islands The Blue Water Collection
Without artificial light, the underwater world takes on cool hues of blue and green.

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About the Photographer

A native of coastal Southern California, Derek has never been far from the ocean. He has been scuba diving for over twenty years in waters around the world including Grand Cayman, the Maldives, Egypt, and the Solomon Islands. Derek's goal as a photographer is simple: to share what he sees underwater, and inspire others to protect the oceans.

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