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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coming Together

Hello everyone, this is Testuro Hosokawa, Director of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals at Jupiter Corp. My job is to keep the development team working as one and to get the game made.

This is challenging since the planner has some out-of-this-world ideas; the designers have high goals for themselves; and the programmers have their own way of doing things. When all of these creative minds meet and ideas start flying around, keeping it organized and moving forward is quite a challenging task!

Challenging but rewarding!
Once all these ideas were put together, the results were amazing.

Allow me to introduce the key members of the development team (including myself) here at Jupiter:

Director: Testuro Hosokawa
Programming Director: Hiroshi Takemoto
Art Director: Kouji Kiriyama
Character Designer: Kyousuke Sakaya
Main Programmer: Testuya Kanatani
Battle Planner: Hayato Fukunaga
Field Designer: Takamitsu Furumura
Level Designer: Hiroyuki Itou
Planning/Concept Designer: Agaru Tanaka

In this title, there are 4 major things we upgraded and polished: Excavation, Awakening, Training, and Battle. Let’s take a look at battle.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, we are giving players complete control by creating two separate battle systems. You’ll now control Rallen in field battles, and directly control two Spectrobes in encounter battles.

On the field, there are large vortexes that spawn smaller Krawl. Controlling Rallen, you can battle these smaller Krawl using his sword, blaster, and gloves. Once you touch a vortex, you are taken to an encounter battle where you control the Spectrobes and fight the powerful Krawl inside the vortex.

By giving players direct control over the Spectrobes, the battles are now more fast-paced and exciting. It’s this element, and many others, that make this game not quite like any other game out there.

The big challenge was making it so that both Spectrobes are really battling together. We also put a lot of effort in making sure each Spectrobe was different in both personality and attack style. Through trial and error, we succeeded in making each Spectrobe feel alive and unique.

I think once you get a chance to play the game, you’ll be surprised at how cooperatively the Spectrobes fight together.

I could go on and on about the game and all the new things we have done, but I’ll stop here…

We set out to create a game like no other, a game in a genre of its own. Creature collecting, action RPG excitement, excavation, awakening, training, real-time battles… I think it’s safe to say there’s no other game quite like this.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, there are a ton of Spectrobes that you can find spread across different planets. I’m sure each one of you will find your own, special Spectrobe that you’ll prefer using. Which one will it be!?


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