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Have you considered writing your autobiography?
"I have been asked a couple of times to write my autobiography but I feel I will leave it until it's time to hang up my "Rocking Boots", if my brain cells have not already 'Left de bildin' by then!"

I was recently fortunate enough to acquire a copy of the American version of Ten Out Of 10. Why was Memories put out differently? I have known the US version for two weeks and I think it is better than the UK Memories.
" 'Memories' was a different mix because the US release was put out later and, as usual, if you have time to change things you do, well, I do !!!"

What do you think of the current Formula One scene?
"I'm really bored with the F1 scene at the moment. I used to go to many races but the parade of Ferrari, Maclaren, etc. is now seriously tedious. Schumi is a great driver and good luck to him, but he needs more competition than he's getting, even if its just for his own enjoyment. The playing field is very unfair when you have the big teams supported by vast corporations such as Fiat (Ferrari) and the second division teams struggling to break even. I hope Bernie Ecclestone will put a little of the billions he's made out of F1 back into it to support the smaller guys, if not then I'm afraid it will disappear. My other gripe is now having to watch it on ITV with their bloody adverts every few minutes. I now video the races and edit them before watching. There, got that off my chest. It's a shame really because it is a great sport and really the only sport I have followed all of my life."

What do you think of "DJ" versions of 10cc tracks?
"I don't mind people using our tracks as re-mixes, DJ versions, whatever, if it keeps 10cc playing around the clubs and stations I am very happy. I don't like all of them of course, and can veto them if I wish, but I feel if somebody is taking the trouble to experiment with the stuff, good luck to them."

More and more albums are coming out as vinyl LPs - how about Eric's???
"Yes, I'd love to do the album on vinyl too at some point..., the analogue sound is sweeter and more 'human', there is also a much more space for words, pics, and info on a 12" sleeve. Gilly suggests that we do a survey and press just the number we can sell in 'Black Vinyl'. I agree!!"

Please tell me that 10cc really is finished, and that Eric's not revving up to have a crack on his own as well.......
"10cc is well and truly finished as far as I am concerned, but I can't guarantee that GG won't try to squeeze the last drop of blood out of it. It was a great band for most of its life and should be left at that, where it had some real meaning to all of us, fans and musicians alike."

Which does Eric think is the best song they actually wrote together and why?
"I really enjoyed "The Things We Do For Love"because it was a song I had almost completed and one that I had played to Kev and Lol just before they left 10cc. They really hated it, it was quite slow and bluesy initially, so, hell bent on revenge and I re-worked it with GiGi. He came up with the new tempo, and the opening chords. It worked so well in the studios and gave me a great buzz when it was a big hit here and the States. I think Kev and Lol still hated it though!"

How did the song-writing partnership with Graham Gouldman work back in the (relatively) good old days?
"The songwriting partnership with GiGi or Kev or Lol was very positively productive in the early days because the success of the band was more important than "who wrote what" and we had a deal for a long time to split the royalties 4 ways no matter which combination had written the hit."

When The Mindbenders split up and Eric started the Strawberry North project, did he see himself principally becoming a studio owner recording and producing other people's material, with no real plans to be in a band, or did he always intend to be in a band again?
"When I disbanded The Mindbenders I had intended to realize a dream of having my own studio. I was so frustrated at not being able to get my hands on the control desk when we were recording at Phillips Studios. Plus, working with fresh musicians every day was a spur as well. I don't think I considered I would ever be in a successful band again but I did want to write more and create more and in doing these things with new musicians I luckily created a second (or third) chance for myself to be "In the Band" again with Hotlegs and 10cc."

How did it come about for you to produce Agnetha's album? I seem to recall that there was to be a TV special with 10CC and ABBA which was cancelled when you had your accident in 1979.
"Doing "Eyes of a Woman" came about because Agnetha was a fan of 10cc and liked my production ideas. There was talk of a "Special" with Abba but I don't think we ever agreed to doing it."

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