In the infinity of existence, all things are possible....

and dark desires made manifest. A single reversal has spawned something darker, more sinister than the universe you know. Here one must always beware the evil that lurks in the sparks of the Autobots, cruel masters of an interstellar empire.

8:11 PM 1/30/2008 Korat

*grins* Well, this is just a note. Nope, we're not dead, we're still around. Actually, the reason I'm putting up this note is I just wanted to say thanks for all the notes, comments, and Emails to us about Botcon's theme this year! I actually looked back and realized we've been on line since 2003, sooooo... neat! Wow. Long time, huh? ;)

Welcome to Transformers: MirrorVerse. Whether you're a regular visitor or a newcomer, we hope you'll enjoy your visit. Below you can find a brief record of the most recent updates.

10:22 PM 8/23/2006

Whoo boy. Okay, that was... uh, a bit between updates. I blame society. Well, actually, I think it's just been a bit of life for all of us involved in the MirrorVerse. However, we're still here, we're still alive, and lo and behold, we offer updates! And not even those 'bad dates' that the monkey ate in Raiders of the Lost Ark. *grin* 7:43 PM 8/25/2006

One more fiction update!

Kingudora brings her writing talent to bear on Bumper: Nukes And Ladders.

10:25 PM 8/23/2006 Okay, we have a bunch of new updates, in both Art and Fiction!

First, we'd like to welcome a new author into our MV universe, Four Quarters! And with the arrival of this new author comes an incredible piece about the Lord Magnus himself... Such Sweet Thunder. Go forth and read!

Next isMind Of A Menasor , written by Stelartron. This lovely little piece was inspired by Kevona's "Cassetticon Scrapbook," and shows the combiner team from a very different perspective... themselves.

Then, gorgeous new art from MCat, as she takes a stab at another character in the MV for her series of MirrorVerse Icons - Dart. The icons are now under their own category on the art page. Go check them all out!

Then, Kevona offers up something very different for MV. She's composed some amazing music for the MirrorVerse, and has six pieces up for everyone to download and enjoy on the Art page. Click on the links and download them; it's absolutely worth it!

2:25 PM 11/19/2005

Another long overdue update, thanks to EzBoard blowing up and eating half the posts on the board. Cassetticon Scrapbook, written by Kevona. Short but lovely, this fic delves into the personalities of Soundwave's cassettes. It's well worth reading!

7:15 PM 9/10/2005

This is a long overdue update, that's for sure. The Measure of a Man , written by Scott Kampa. It's one of the numerous, wonderful pieces Scott has done that focus on the human side of the MirrorVerse.

4:46 PM 9/6/2005

We'll start off on the revamped site with a hilarious parody piece, Behind the Mirrorverse , by the one and only MCat! This fic is available for your reading pleasure. Warning, though -- do not drink a beverage while reading it. The MirrorVerse Collective is not responsible for any damage to keyboard or monitor that may occur during the perusal of this fic.

4:57 PM 4/13/2005

Update in the fiction section to Spawn Of Razorclaw's fic, Red Dawn! You'll be seeing more updates and some changes around here soon, so keep checking back with us!

6:41 PM 2/1/2005/

More profiles and some updates on some old ones! Bandit gets a dusting and a new profile, Defcon joins the ranks of the currently unemployed, and Deceptitran is popped into the universe to hopefully beat Deep Blue at chess. Well... maybe not the last one. But we'd lay bets on him if he challenged it.

3:38 PM 1/27/2005

New art up in the gallery from MCat, the latest in her series! Icon Series: Razorclaw. Also, we have new character profiles from a new writer - Moonknight brings us Inferno, Windlight, and Darklight, who will be introduced in her new fic that will be soon arriving on the MV site. Stay tuned, citizens!

8:59 PM 1/19/2005

Fixed a few of the Links just now, and added in a some new ones, too! I'm afraid that's all though, but we'll have some new fic and profiles coming soon!

1:09 PM 1/8/2005

Once again, Scott Kampa brings to us into his corner of the MirrorVerse, with a brand new short story! "Not Fade Away." More updates to come as we get them!!

3:09 PM 1/6/2005

First of all - I'd like to welcome a new author to the MirrorVerse collective. And true to the characters he's taken on, he comes charging in with a hard-hitting first story about the origin and arrival of the Dinobots on Earth - "Of Sparks and Shells, or, How The Dinobot Got His Roar." So, this is his assimilation, er, welcome into the MirrorVerse! The Dinobot profiles are now loaded onto the site as well - Grimlock,Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop.

New art to enjoy as well! MCat's wonderful pen and ink sketch, "The Lost...".

9:21 PM 1/4/2005

Happy New Year. I'd make a 2005 joke, but you've all probably gotten rather sick of them. But, as you know, we CAN handle this now. Er, sorta.

So, new year means new (and great) things, such as this new short story from Lex: "Undertown."

Also, we have the start to a new fic by SpawnofRazorclaw, "Red Dawn" which is something quite different - a fic based in Russia and set under the shadow of the Iron Curtain. There will be more updates to come, we have two new writers joining us shortly here, and some old ones that you haven't heard from in a while too! Plus new art! Once again? Happy New Year, and thank you to our readerbase. :D You guys really are the best.

11:17 PM 12/4/2004

Whew, I did actually get a second update up before midnight. Korat's story "Caanan's Rift" added up onto the site, more updates to come. Thanks for being patient, all!

5:55 PM 12/4/2004

Consensus was, breaks in all the fiction in the Archive. Ask and you shall get new formatting *whew, that was a pain!* and now I'm off to go code the good stuff, not the boring space stuff, hooray. Hopefully I'll get a new fic or two up by the end of the weekend, too.

12:48 PM 10/8/2004

The prologue to MCat's Nightbird fic "Memory's Graveyard" has been added to the site for your reading pleasure. More updates coming soon!

11:48 AM 10/3/2004

All of Soundwave's cassettes (Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, and Ravage) have updated profiles, (thank you, Kevona!) and they are now posted up for you to enjoy. After asking around on the TF MirrorVerse Forum there has been a consensus that the readers would like spaces between paragraphs, so I'm slowly going through and redoing all of the posted fiction to reflect that. More updates coming soon.

12:22 PM 9/19/2004

New art by Kingudora, "Perspective" added to the art page today. Plus, a quick, short update to Bluestreak's "Slivers Of Resistance," now broken up into parts to help loading speed.

12:56 PM 9/13/2004

We're welcoming new author SpawnofRazorclaw to the MV group today, and with her arrival comes a lovely brand new short fic "The Garden of Nemi". Go and read, enjoy!

4:23 PM 9/6/2004

We held a contest at our TF MirrorVerse Message Board, recently. It was a songfic contest, and the entries were so varied and so good, I wanted to stick them up here for all of our readers to enjoy for a while. The only way you can access them is off this main page, I'm sorry, but if I make a new category for them, it tries to take down the index with one fell swoop. Rar. So, without further ado... here you guys go, some MV contest fic! MirrorVerse Fiction Contest: Write a short Songfic!

10:59 AM 9/6/2004

An update to Lex's new fic is now available for your reading enjoyment - "Subterranean Homesick Blues"

10:47 PM 8/18/2004

Hello, hello out there! Now, an update, and lucky for us all here, it's the start of a brand new fic by Lex - "Subterranean Homesick Blues"

11:52 AM 8/1/2004

The Links page has been updated with some new links and cleaned up a bit with pretty banners. Now, new and improved - for all your Transformers Link Needs.

9:06 PM 7/30/2004

Okay, now the profiles pages have been cleanly and completely updated, and the new characters are as follows: Backstreet, Brawn, Crankcase, Cloudraker, Fastlane, Fusebox, Liberty, Ruckus, Trailbreaker, Dr. Archeville, Dirk Mannis, and finally, Shawn Berger. Whew. I think I'm done for tonight, so... enjoy!

8:18 PM 7/30/2004

Well, the Art page has been completely revamped, top to bottom. You'll now find every piece grouped by artist, and each artist has a site link, also, so you can go and enjoy other art pieces by them if you're so inclined! There's also a new Banners page for those wishing a banner to link to MV. Feel free to borrow them, and thank you to the artists who provided them to us. If you choose to link to MV, drop the archive keeper (listed below) a line, because we'd love to know!

10:28 PM 7/29/2004

New Profiles, scattered throughout in all of the categories. Brawn, Fastlane, Cloudraker, Backstreet, Crankcase, Ruckus, Trailbreaker, Dirk Mannis, Dr. Archeville, Shaun Berger, and Liberty. No fancy, pretty bars, folks... or a link right now. You've got to find them! It's like hunting for treasure. Humor me. When I get the pretty bars, I'll link them up all nice and neat! The art page is going to be worked on soon, and a *wag* to my ninja coder, who unlike the ninjas in the Tick... isn't a hedge. But they're very helpful, and I give them cookies.

1:52 PM 7/25/2004

More new art! Two pieces by Stelartron: Road Rage, the Autobot Gestalt - and "The Matrix Has You" - a MirrorVerse Banner.

Plus, a very wonderful new author makes it to the board; Kingudora, with two fiction pieces, "Electric Sheep" and "Nighthowler". "Nighthowler" is the first MV story up on the site to be set after the events in TF:TM. Go and read, enjoy, and hopefully, we'll have more updates soon! (Oh, and a special thank you to Kin. She's been so patient it's amazing. I give her a *wag* and a cheer, and urge you all to go read her work!)

1:45 PM 7/11/2004

Well -new art to enjoy, folks. MCat has outdone herself again with another MV Icon pic, this one of the silent hunter himself, Hound. Plus, Scott Kampa's "Give Me Death" has been updated. More coming soon, as soon as we can get it all gathered together! Thanks for your patience and continued support of our twisted take on the TF universe. We honestly do appreciate your feedback to our authors and artists!

11:27 PM 7/8/2004

Okay... well, here's the scoop, folks. We do have new art, new fiction, and finished fiction to bring here... but I've had very serious problems getting my server to talk to the main site. After numerous emails every which way, I'm hoping that we have it all fixed. I'm sorry for the delay, and I hope to have most of the new stuff up by the weekend, if my real life job actually allows me to have some time to work on this. *chuckles* But... thanks, everyone, for being patient, and hopefully, we'll get back onto that once a month schedule that I've been hoping for. Moral of story - don't count your energon before it's stuffed into little energon cubes... er, or something like that.

10:16 PM 4/16/2004

Wow. Two updates in less than a week. The server gods have been kind. I think it was the sacrificing the possum that finally did it, and there has been much rejoicing. *grins* So, updates on Fiction!"Nervous Breakdown" by Cil, a brand new writer to the MV Collective. We're happy to have her. So's the possum. More writers, less sacrifices, is his motto. *grin*

5:07 PM 4/13/2004

So sorry, like it says above, I've been having massive server twitches, I think, since we had problems with our space provider. Every time I can get it to code on, I do so, so keep checking back. Those writers and artists waiting on updates... I'm working on it, I'm so sorry. *grovels* But with cheer, I present updates on Fiction!"That Good Night" by Kevona. Soundwave and his cassettes deal with loss... and find hope. More to come soon!

9:48 PM 4/1/2004

Updates on Fiction."Inheritors of Twilight" by Kevona. A wonderful read into the human side of the war, and a great delve into the early days of the invasion. More to come soon!
And I didn't screw up the Artpage this time, whew. "Do NOT Feed" by Starhorse. A little bit of an inside joke on the MV.

5:37 PM 3/14/2004

Updates on Fiction, really! Okay, so it's a few months late, but it's here and we're alive. So, without further ado, we present more "Flying Circus" by Lex, and more "Give Me Death" by Scott Kampa. Go forth, read. This is the command of the Evil Autobot Empire... no? How about the plea of someone who owes someone else dinner, a movie, and her first born baby German Shepherd for all of the coding and help on this update? I really do. Steak and lobster, even, trust me. I'll try and do some more tomorrow, when I can actually get my DSL to respond to my wishes. Or practice some voodoo on it, in hopes it comes back from the dead.

5:20 PM 12/13/2003

Three New Profiles up: Catilla, Reflector, and White Draw.

3:20 PM 12/12/2003

New Profiles up, including Autobots: Brigade, Huffer, Tailgate, Valkyrie. Decepticons: Cyclonus, Galvatron, Menasor, Paradox, Scourge, The Sweeps, and finally, the neutral Hack. Whew. More to come as soon as the templates are finished, cross my paws. Hey, look at the counter - we're at 10,000 hits! Pretty neat, huh? (Even though I'm sure with updates, I've done about 5,000 of them.) *grin*

2:23 PM 12/8/2003

New fiction added, Rhapsody by Sir Raptor. I hope to have some new profiles up as soon as the graphic bars are done, and maybe one new fic, as well. *crosses paws, keeps working!*

9:28 PM 12/5/2003

Okay, now we're rolling along. Oodles of new images on the Art page, including the "Sunstreaker Icon" which is part of a series by MCat, and "Deuce and Julie"" by Lex. Plus some newcomers to the art gallery "Rain" by Paradox, and "Cracked" by Scott Kampa. Go and enjoy them all! More to come!

4:09 PM 12/2/2003

New and also older completed fiction by Scott Kampa added, Soldier On, Give Me Death,and Nothing At All. Enjoy!

3:01 PM 12/2/2003

Hidey ho, D-Puphere... okay, it was a bad Kermit joke. But this is your friendly roving MV pooch reporter here to make an update, and I'll be your guide from now on. So, to kick off things, we have Devil's Waltz by MCat, completed, and Slivers of Resistance with an update. More to come tomorrow or tonight, depending on how busy I get. But we promise, more regular updates. I might try to update once a month on the 15th - that way everyone knows where and when.








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