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Bad day for the Bratz in L.A. court

8:38 AM, December 4, 2008


A federal judge delivered a potentially fatal blow to the popular Bratz dolls and their manufacturer, MGA Entertainment Inc., ruling late Wednesday that archrival Mattel Inc. is the legal owner of the edgy toy line and has the right to recall all unsold Bratz.

The court order, which represents a major victory for toy giant Mattel, says MGA may no longer manufacture, sell, advertise or license its core lineup of Bratz dolls or any other product with the Bratz name.

Preteen girls, who took to the pouty-lipped Bratz almost from the time they debuted in 2001, will still be able to put them on their gift lists for this holiday season, however. The order by Judge Stephen Larson will not take effect until the warring toy companies meet in court Feb. 11, at the earliest.

Read the rest of the story here.

--David Colker


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I cannot believe this idiotic judge. How could he do this to all the little girls who love Bratz. My daughter loves Bratz, she has everything Bratz including her comforter, clothing and many dolls. Mattel is such a joke! Someone comes along with a new idea instead of lame Barbies and they instantly feel threatened. If Mattel really does pull all Bratz products from the shelves, I will never buy another Mattel product in my life!

Too Bad Mattel wins.
The Bratz sure gave Barbie (old and out dated) a run for her money.

I agree. My niece is a huge Bratz fan, She has every Bratz movie including the Bratz Girlz really rock CD I bought for her birthday. She is going to be very upset when she founds out that Bratz will no longer be on store shelves. This is a very sad day for Issac Larian and MGA.

Carrielynn, the guy who came up with Bratz developed the idea while working for Mattel. Often companies like Mattel make employees sign contracts telling them that what they develop has to be given to the company, even if it is not on company time.

So if your daughter likes a product, that makes it OK for a company to violate a legal agreement? I hope you're not teaching your daughter these standards you have!


As a mom it amazes me how the comments above are so angry. Hopefull you can place your anger into something more positive than getting upset or not purchasing from Mattel due to a recall on a provocative dolls made for girls.If you are that bitter just buy the dolls before they re all gone than being so bitter! Just a thought ~

A moderate decision would have been to let the company which makes Bratz continue to do so, but pay a small royalty to Mattel.

But this judge is an extremist nominated by George W. Bush.

So he's destroying the company instead.

I truly believe this is a joke. what about all the young girls that love Bratz. everying in my daughters room is Bratz. That is the only toy she ever wants and have since they have came out. What do I tell her? It will crush her that she won't be able to walk down the toy isle and pick up new Bratz. Someone needs to address the thousands of little girls that this decision will hurt. Never mind the money and the big corporations losing money. My daughter's and her friends feelings of being tramatized by this is more important. We can sue mattel and mga for that. Money is not everything and this is just plain dumb at our kids expense.

I have to say that as a mother of a 5 year old daughter, the Bratz dolls are not something I have been fond of. They represent a more adult look and that is not something that I approve of for the younger generation. Although that is my opinion on the image of the doll, I do agree that this ruling is unjust. There are several other "barbie-like" dolls on the market and we don't see Mattel coming after thier makers! That's our justice system for you!

QUOTE: There are several other "barbie-like" dolls on the market and we don't see Mattel coming after thier makers!

REPLY: They are not being sued because they look like Barbies. They are being sued because they creator of Bratz worked for Mattel at the time he created them. He signed a non-compete agreement saying that anything he created while employed by Mattel would be the property of Mattel. Period.

He signed it. He violated it. The judge is simply enforcing the contract that he signed. Mattel now owns the right to the Bratz dolls.

That's what a judge is supposed to do: enforce the law.

I'm a single guy, but even if I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to have these things. It's basically teaching them to be selfish, vain, conceited little...well...brats. (The toy is appropriately named, I'll give it that.) Since when did idolizing Paris Hilton become something to aspire to?

If you think these toys are good for any girl's self-image, then you're obviously suffering from a terminal case of Cranial Insertus Analatus.

The picture on this blog are of Bratz dolls wearing more clothing than any I've seen in the stores. At least Barbie started wearing modest gowns to go with the Barbie movies.

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