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In Canada, all HAM Radio operators are licensed with the Industry Canada.  Their license numbers (or what they refer to as a "call-sign" or "handle") always start with V since all British Colonies were assigned call signs beginning with that letter after the War.  The 18 call sign prefixes in use at this time are assigned to the various provinces originally Canada was assigned prefixes VE1 thru VE0 and Newfoundland, VO1 & VO2.  Newfoundland was different since it wasn't part of Canada when the call signs were being allocated world-wide, just after the 2nd World War.  Newfoundland didn't join Canada until 1949.  VO6 was also issued to Labrador, but it was retired in the 50s, before plates were issued in that part of the country.  When Canada ran out of VE allocations, it expanded using VY and VA as shown in the above table. 

The call sign prefix is followed by two or three letters to form the operator's call sign.  In the less populated areas such as NWT, the Yukon and Labrador, two letter calls are all that is needed, and three letter calls are available by choice.  In more populated areas, both two and three letter calls are needed.  In these cases, two letter calls are more desirable and, generally, require seniority to acquire.

Note: Unless otherwise stated these plates are from the collection of Bob Gammon VA3RX, if you have any questions about this collection you may contact Bob by email: va3rx@cogeco.ca

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New Plates added (July 25 2008)

First Nunavut Amateur Radio Callsign Plate Issued

Newfoundland / Labrador

First Year with Labrador

Prince Edward Island
First Year Issue

Canada's Newest Ham Radio Plate 2008

Optional Issue

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick

Maritime Mobile Callsign

On the Air





First Nunavut call sign

First Year Issue

Submitted  by AL VA6AN


British Columbia
First Year Issue


North West Territories
First Year Issue

First Year Issue

Polar Bear Series

First Year Issue



DX St. Paul Island

DX Sable Island

Ontario with Nunavut callsign

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