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Governor Votes, Angelides Gets Last-Minute Endorsement

Schwarzeneggerstanley_1Scott Martelle, L.A. Times reporter, e-mails from the field that Phil Angelides walked around San Francisco's Ferry Terminal this morning with his wife, Julie, and two of their three daughters.

"He was trailed by Frank Chu, 46, of Oakland, a fixture at Bay Area political events. His homemade sign Tuesday morning: 'Angelides: 12 galaxies endorsed.'

"When a reporter asked whether there were registered voters in those galaxies, Chu explained that the U.S. government and the former Soviet Union had made contact with the galaxies through extrasensory perception, and that the galaxies, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney were all war criminals. Angelides smiled politely and kept walking whenever Chu tried to talk with him.

"Angelides sampled Fuji apples, accepted a gift of olive oil from a vendor and mixed with the crowd, greeting tourists and locals alike. The first two voters Angelides approached told the current treasurer that they had already voted for him. 'Great — I'm up two to nothing,' Angelides said. As he waded into a group of shoppers, he said: 'There's Arnold Schwarzenegger, then there's the good-looking guy. That's me.'"

Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, went to his polling station with his wife, Maria Shriver, and 9-year-old son Christopher. Kate Folmar with the San Jose Mercury News filed a "pool report" from inside:

"Schwarzenegger, in a gray suit with a windowpane check and a blue open-collared shirt, strode in and demanded, 'Where's the voting booth for 9-year-olds?' The poll workers laughed and steered Schwarzenegger and Shriver to a center table draped with a yellow tablecloth.

"The governor arranged his ballot and shouted out for his personal assistant, Clay Russell. Turns out Schwarzenegger had forgotten his wire-rimmed reading glasses. Russell dashed in with the missing specs. He handed them to a poll worker, who handed them to Schwarzenegger. Glasses now in place, the governor started to mark his preferences via the Inkavote Plus system."

Christopher was given a demonstration ballot, which included Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy, his great-uncle, as choices.


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