Holbeach Parish Registers.

This is a scanned transcription of the "Holbeach Parish Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials," by Rev. Grant W. Macdonald, M.A. it was published by James Williamson, Printer, Lincoln, in 1892. The publication was kindly loaned to me by Dr. Margaret M. Smith, of Canberra, to whom I extend a sincere thank you. Holbeach church, with it's spacious interior, has a tower with huge stepped buttresses, clerestory, a valted roof, and tracery which dates back to the early 15th century. The spire has four tiers of louvre windows, and is 180 feet high. Sheltering the fine old door, the south porch is very high with a narrow entrance arch, the gable being the same height as the aisle roof. Scenes of the Nativity, the Crucifiction, and Ascension appear on the carved oak reredos below the East Window, and is adorned with statues of saints, bishop and angels, angels also decorate the ancient font. The colourful east and west windows depict the Last Supper and the Ascension. The table tomb of Sir Humphrey Littlebury, of Penny Hill, in the north aisle, shows a finely sculptured figure in rich armour with a belt of medaLlions. He is said to have died c1400, at the time of the War of the Roses. The transcription of this book is made available for the use of individuals, for their own personal research purposes ONLY, and must not be copied, sold or used for commercial or profit purposes. All references to, or quotations from this publication, must give full credit to the original author. No attempt has been made to amend, alter or update the spelling, or punctuation. The only change has been to format the text to the requirements of the programmes used. Therefore throughout these registers unusual spellings will be found, and often depend on the person who made the entry. June and July are frequently spelt Jvne, Jvly, November sometimes Nouember, note too names begining with F, are usually written as ff, in low case. As those who have read and handled originals will know, this is common in all early registers, and while some are on parchment, others are on mere scraps of paper. All are fragile, and some so faded they can no longer be read. It is advisable for researchers to check the original registers, or if this is not possible, order the films to ensure the information is correct. Errors are made in transcription, and if the research is worth doing, it is well worth the extra effort to verify records. For those unfamiliar with Roman Numerals the following table may be of assistance in reading the registers:- 1 = i 11 = xi 21 = xxi 31 = xxxi 2 = ii 12 = xii 22 = xxii 3 = iii 13 = xiii 23 = xxiii 4 = iv 14 = xiv 24 = xxiv 5 = v 15 = xv 25 = xxv 6 = vi 16 = xvi 26 = xxvi 7 = vii 17 = xvii 27 = xxvii 8 = viii 18 = xviii 28 = xxviii 9 = ix 19 = xix 29 = xxix 10 = x 20 = xx 30 = xxx While the above are standard Roman numerals, in this volume other variations have been used, here are few examples:- iiii = 4; xiiii = 14; xviiii = 19. If the above table is used as a reference these variations should cause few problems to readers, a full table of Roman numerals can be found in most old encyclopedias. About this publication:-

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  • Map showing the location of Holbeach, Lincs., to the Wash.(37.5k) This scanned copy of the Holbeach Parish registers scanned and supplied by:- Beryl Thompson, Fax/ Tele.. 61 (02) 6231 7338. 114 Learmonth Drive, KAMBAH A.C.T. 2902 email bthompso@pcug.org.au Australia. Updated. 25/3/1997. http://www.pcug.org.au/~bthompso/

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