Interview: Sara & Josh @ City Walk transcript

Here is the transcript of the interview Josh did with Sara at City Walk. You can watch the video interview on YouTube by clicking the link below. Sara talks a little about the songs they wrote, how they met, and some other information. A fun video all around! :-)

VIDEO: Sara & Josh at City Walk

Josh Skinner Interviews Sara Lumholdt at City Walk (transcript)

J: Hey everybody, I'm Josh Skinner, here at City Walk with my dear new friend, Sara Lumholdt (Sara laughs). Sara's from the A-Teens, and I know that City Walk is a real dear place for you because ...

S: We've been here so many times, performing with different artists like Aaron Carter and such

J: at the Gibson Theater

S: Yeah, at the Gibson Theater

J: and now it's new because you and I are addicted to the place called The Saddle Ranch

S: Yeah

J: and that's where we've been writing. Now Sara I know you've mentioned to me earlier that this is the first time you've ever been able to write your own lyrics

S: Yeah

J: Why won't you tell all of our friends what exactly ...

S: It's a new experience for me, for sure. I mean, I have a lot of years - background of writing, emotions, experiences - it's just the first time I actually get it on paper, um, which is fun! It's a new world for me.

J: It's very, it's like therapy in a sense.

S: Yeah, it is, for sure. For sure, a lot of emotions (laughs) comes out.

J: Well I mean, I started writing about two years ago, and I went through a bad situation, and I just know, for me, the best songs come out out of personal pain or tragedy or personal life experiences. Now I was wondering if you could just give our viewers a little bit of, you know, some "top secret" information (Sara laughs) of what we've been working on and you know, basically telling them what you've been writing about and what's coming out of your heart. So what kind of music we've been writing, what are we working on - I know they're dying to know.

S: Um, yeah! Um, we've written 4 songs - so far. And it's basically - there's one party song that's just about you wanna get down on the dance floor and jump around, dance.

J: Who wouldn't?

S: Who wouldn't - yeah! Well I hope so! (laughs) and then we wrote a ballad, which was about, um, breakin' up and maybe wanna go back to the guy that you break up with - I don't know if you've ever experienced something like that, but I know from my personal experience, actually yeah!

J: Well that's the song that we're working on today

S: Yeah!

J: And at the El Torito Grill last night

S: Yeah (laughs)

J: Um, because we like to write and have a margarita

S: We usually do that...

J: Yeah, it helps the juices

S: It makes you move around .. in the head..

J: Um, the song is called "Where does the love go" and we're wrapping it up today, we're trying to finish it, and the other song that we're actually in the studio, which I'm sure a lot of people saw the video, (Sara laughs), we're working with Ted Perlman and the song is called "First" - so why won't you tell everyone what that's about and what that experience was like.

S: Um, well actually, that song is - it could be if you've wanted to move on or something that is new for you or if you're leaving a relationship - it's about putting yourself first, it's about self-esteem - it's a good-feel-song - that's what it is!

J: Yeah, it's a good song - it's a power anthem, if you will ..

S: Yeah, it is! Yeah, kind of.

J: Now lastly, in conclusion I think we owe it to everyone to kind of tell them what we've been up to and how we met.

S: Yeah!

J: So, Sara and I did not know each other until a few weeks ago. And how did we meet and what's the connection?

S: Well, we met through a mutual friend, umm, she danced with us on our Aaron Carter tour, for Myra, that was one of the groups that performed with us and we were at the Saddle Ranch Sunday afternoon - I was really hung over by the way - I didn't really drink that much (they both laugh) but uh, yeah ..

J: I can hold my liquor, yeah, it helps you write

S: Yeah, that's true! (laughs) The feeling goes around, yeah. No but yeah, we met, we hanged out and then after that we said why don't we try to get together and write songs - and that's what we did

J: and really quickly ended our day at Saddle Ranch over an open fire and we were cooking smores

S: WE DID SMORES! I mean what is that?! (laughs)

J: I mean, if that doesn't make a friendship - I don't know what will!

S: Smores! Smores you guys!!! Do smores!

J: Maybe if George Bush and the middle east should make smores

S: Yeah? Yeah!

J: maybe they would be friends too

S: I think so! Smores are the best, that's great!

J: Well, thanks for watching everybody, we hope you enjoy our other videos (Sara laughs) and more importantly we hope you -

S: so there's more to come!

J: Yeah

S: There's more to come

J: We will have a video of us doing smores at some point

S: Yeah! We should

J: And keep your ear out for "First" and "Where does the love go"

S: Yeah, that should be up on MySpace really soon, and lookout for the website - that's coming soon!

J: OK, well, Sara Lumholdt, thank you very much

S: Thank you!!!

J: OK!

S: Thank you, Josh!

(both laugh)


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