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Singapore Circulation Coins

Second Series

The Second Series of circulation coins bearing the Flora theme features local plants and flowers. It is aimed at enhancing Singapore's image as a garden city.

The four denominations, namely 5-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent and 50-cent coins, were the first to make their appearance on 2 December 1985, followed by the 1-cent and 1-dollar coins on 28 September 1987.

The obverse design of the coins in this series bear the Singapore Arms in the centre surrounded by the word "SINGAPORE" in the four official languages around the circumference of the coins. The year-date is below the Singapore Arms.

In addition, a ring of dashes surrounds the Singapore Arms on both the 10-cent and 50-cent coins. There is an octagonal frame around the circumference of the 1-dollar coin; its milled edge bears the inscription "REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE" and a lion symbol.

Since 28 May 1990, the 50-cent coin has had a plain edge with the inscription "REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE" and a lion symbol.

There are six denominations in the Flora Series.
They are:
* 1-cent
* 5-cent
* 10-cent
* 20-cent
* 50-cent
* 1-dollar

Click on the links above to see the denomination's description and image.

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Last modified on 19/3/2007