About Us

The namesake and role model for this school is a woman who took on multiple roles in her life: activist, abolitionist, suffragist, orator, pioneer and mother. Truth, a former slave and social justice activist, is best known for her famous speech "Ain't I a Woman?" which she delivered at the Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio in 1854. Just as Sojourner Truth was able to masterfully pursue a balance between self-improvement and community uplift, we believe that education should allow students to do the same.

At Sojourner Truth Academy, students while pursuing higher education, will become aware of the immediate community around them and find ways to make an impact by helping others.



Our Mission

Sojourner Truth Academy will empower and equip students to become scholar-leaders using college preparation and social justice activism as vehicles for the rebirth and strengthening of their own community.

Our Vision

College Preparation and Social Justice Activism

We Believe

All students will participate in a rigorous, standards-based and results-driven curriculum that facilitates life long academic and professional growth.

All students will be accountable for their own educational path, personal relationships and growth of their community.

All stake-holders abide by the principle of "each one teach one" responsible not only for our own success and learning, but for that of our community and classmates as well.

When we stumble, we will use that opprtunity to grow as citizens and better ourselves from the experience.