Khalifa Ali bin Talib
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Khalifa Ali bin Talib

Table of Content

bulletBirth of Ali
bulletAncestry of Ali and the Holy Prophet
bulletDate of birth
bulletBirth of Ali
bulletThe Name
bulletYears of Childhood
bulletThe Holy Prophet and Ali
bulletLife in the desert
bulletInduction of Ali as a member of the family of the Holy Prophet
bulletThe Umayyads versus the Hashimites
bulletWard of the Holy Prophet
bulletBiographical study
bulletThe house of the Holy Prophet
bulletEducation of Ali
bulletTrade journeys
bulletAli and the Kaaba
bulletAli and the Holy Prophet
bulletConversion to Islam
bulletTurning point in history
bulletThe call to Prophethood
bulletConverts to Islam
bulletEarly years of Islam
bulletInvitation to Banu Hashim
bulletBattle Between the truth and falsehood
bulletThe crisis
bulletThe Muslim Community
bulletThe Quraish in action
bulletMigration to Abyssinia
bulletSocial boycott of Banu Hashim
bulletThe miracles of the Holy Quran
bulletManeuvers of the Quraish
bulletSocial boycott of Banu Hashim
bulletConsequences of the social boycott
bulletYear of Sorrow
bulletThe Holy Prophet and the Quraish
bulletBequest of Abu Talib
bulletDeath of Abu Talib
bulletDeath of Khadija
bulletFarewell to Makkah
bulletTurning point
bulletThe Quraish plot to assassinate the Holy Prophet
bulletFrustration of the Quraish plot
bulletAnalysis of the events during the period 620-622 C.E.
bulletEarly Days in Madina
bulletLife in Madina
bulletBrotherhood between the emigrants and the Muslims of Madina
bulletImplications of the pairing of the Holy Prophet and Ali
bulletBattle of Badr
bulletThe Quraish caravan
bulletThe battle ground of Badr
bulletThe battle
bulletSignificance of the baffle of Badr
bulletMarriage of Ali
bulletPreparation for the Marriage
bulletThe Marriage Khutba
bulletIdeal Marriage
bulletThe Bani Qainuqa
bulletThe Jews in Madina
bulletAnimosity of the Jews
bulletAli and the Jews
bulletBani Qainuqa
bulletThe Battle of Uhud
bulletExtension of the Battle of Badr
bulletThe Holy Prophet's preparation for the battle
bulletThe battlefield
bulletThe Duel
bulletThe battle
bulletAssessment of the Battle of Uhud
bulletBanu Nadeer
bulletBanu Nadeer
bulletThe tragedy of Bir Maunah
bulletThe Holy Prophet's visit to Banu Nadeer
bulletExpedition against Banu Nadeer
bulletBattle of the Ditch
bulletDefense of Madina
bulletThe Ditch
bulletThe battle
bulletFlight of the Quraish
bulletCampaign Against Banu Mustaliq
bulletBanu Mustaliq
bulletAyesha and her necklace
bulletThe Revelation
bulletBitterness between Ayesha and Ali
bulletBanu Quraizah
bulletThe Jews settlements in Madina
bulletBanu Quraizah
bulletOperations against Banu Quraizah
bulletEnd of Banu Quraizah
bulletOperations Against Banu Sa'ad
bulletConspiracy of the Jews
bulletAli's operations
bulletSome points about the operations
bulletTreaty of Hudaibiya
bulletJourney to Makkah
bulletThe Pledge
bulletThe treaty
bulletMuslim reaction to the treaty
bulletBattle of Khybar
bulletThe Khyber
bulletThe battle
bulletVictor of Khyber
bulletConquest of Fidak
bulletConsequences of the Battle of Khyber
bulletConquest of Makkah
bulletBanu Khuza'ah
bulletThe Hudaibiya pact
bulletMarch to Makkah
bulletDestruction of the idols
bulletAddress to the people
bulletBanu Jazima
bulletThe Battle of Hunain
bulletTribes of Hawazin and Thaqueef
bulletThe pass of Hunain
bulletThe Battle of Hunain
bulletConfrontation at Autas
bulletThe siege of Taif
bulletThe siege of Taif
bulletOperations of Ali
bulletConversion of the people of Taif to Islam
bulletReturn to Madina
bulletCampaign Against Banu Tai
bulletHatim Tai
bulletFlight of Ad
bulletChristians of Najran
bulletChristians tribes
bulletChristians of Najran
bulletThe Christian deputation
bulletDispute with the Christians
bulletThe Mubahila
bulletBanu Zabada
bulletUmar b Madi kurb
bulletAction against Banu Zabada
bulletExpedition to Tabuk
bulletWars between the Byzantines and the Persians
bulletExpedition to Tabuk
bulletAli as Governor of Madina
bulletThe Tabuk campaign
bulletHoly Prophet's address at Tabuk
bulletReturn from Tabuk
bulletThe Declaration of Discharge
bulletAbu Bakr as Amirul Hajj
bulletThe Revelation
bulletDeclaration of Discharge
bulletImportance of the Declaration
bulletAli's claim to the caliphate
bulletBanu Ramla
bulletBanu Ramla
bulletCampaigns against Banu Ramla
bulletExpedition under Ali
bulletMission to Yemen
bulletKhalid b Walid's mission to Yemen
bulletThe mission of Ali
bulletStrategy of Ali
bulletThe Farewell Pilgrimage
bulletThe pilgrimage
bulletThe Caravan
bulletDhul Hulaifa
bulletMakkah and Mina
bulletFarewell address
bulletThe Revelation
bulletReaction of the Companions
bulletKhum Ghadir
bulletThe Revelation
bulletAddress of the Holy Prophet
bulletThe Controversy
bulletDeath of the Holy prophet
bulletIllness of the Holy Prophet
bulletThe Holy Prophet's Address
bulletAnd Allah rewarded the Thankful
bulletThe Caliphate of Abu Bakr
bulletElection of Abu Bakr as the Caliph
bulletAli's reaction to the election of Abu Bakr
bulletOffer of allegiance to Ali by 1bn Abbas and Abu Sufyan
bulletProperty of Fidak
bulletActivities of Ali during the caliphate of Abu Bakr
bulletFatima Zahra
bulletDeath of Fatima
bulletAli's grief at the death of Fatima
bulletMarried life of Ali and Fatima
bulletFatima Zahra-assessment
bulletAli's Oration on the Death of Abu Bakr
bulletAli's Oration
bulletThe Caliphate of Umar
bulletNomination of Umar as the Caliph
bulletBattle of Yermuk
bulletConquest of Jerusalem
bulletOrnaments of Ka'aba
bulletThe Hijri era
bulletCounsels of Ali in Judicial Matters
bulletClaim to Property
bulletAli's observations on the death of Umar
bulletAli During the Caliphate of Othman
bulletElection of Othman as the Caliph
bulletActivities of Ali during the caliphate of Othman
bulletAbu Dhar Ghifari
bulletThe Revolt
bulletInquiry into complaints
bulletAssassination of Othman
bulletElection of Ali as the Caliph
bulletNo candidate for election
bulletElection of Ali
bulletThe Dissidents
bulletAddress of Ali
bulletHelplessness of Ali
bulletThe Caliphate Issue
bulletThe Controversy
bulletRight to succeed
bulletWill of the Holy Prophet
bulletWill of Allah
bulletIslamic Concept of office
bulletRelationship of Ali with his predecessors
bulletNature of the issue
bulletVengeance for the Blood of Othman
bulletCry for vengeance for the blood of Othman
bulletNature of the crime of the assassination of Othman
bulletPurpose of the cry for vengeance
bulletAlterior motive
bulletDeposition of Provincial Governors
bulletProposal to depose the provincial governors
bulletMughira b Shuaba
bulletAbdullah b Abbas
bulletOrders for the deposition of Governors
bulletDefection of Syria and Kufa
bulletDefiance of Muawiyah
bulletChallenge for Ali
bulletProclamation of Jihad
bulletDefection of Talha and Zubair
bulletTalha and Zubair
bulletTalha and Zubair's oath of allegiance to Ali
bulletDefection of Talha and Zubair
bulletAli's letter to Talha and Zubair
bulletAli's address about the defection of Talha and Zubair
bulletAyesha and Ali
bulletAyesha in Makkah
bulletThe call to war
bulletThe plan of war
bulletAyesha's March to Basra
bulletThe Proclamation
bulletThe Army
bulletAyesha's address to the troops
bulletThe Day of tears
bulletDesertions from the army of the confederates
bulletAyesha at Hau'ab
bulletBattle for Basra
bulletDelegation from Basra
bulletOthman b Hanif prepares for war. 
bulletThe battle
bulletThe truce
bulletAyesha's Occupation of Basra
bulletEmissary to Madina
bulletWar in Basra
bulletHakim b Jabala
bulletAdministration of Basra
bulletAli's March to Rabda
bulletAli's plan of action
bulletAli at Rabda
bulletBanu Tai
bulletLetters to Othman b Hanif, Governor of Basra
bulletNeed for reinforcements
bulletAli's Missions to Kufa
bulletAbu Musa Ashari
bulletMuhammad b Jafar and Muhammad b Abn Bakr's mission to Kufa
bulletThe mission of Ibn Abbas
bulletMission of Imam Hasan
bulletPro-Ali Government in Kufa
bulletAli's March to Basra
bulletWelcome to the men from Kufa
bulletThe army of Ali
bulletCamp at Dhulkan
bulletOn the way to Basra
bulletCamp at Basra
bulletPeace Parleys
bulletAli's quest for peace
bulletAli's mission to Ayesha
bulletThe issues
bulletVengeance for the blood of Othman
bulletPromoting the cause of Islam
bulletReaction of Ayesha
bulletThe Battle of the Camel
bulletNegotiations for peace
bulletThe Regicides
bulletThe Battle
bulletEnd of the battle
bulletAli's Occupation of Basra
bulletBurial of the dead
bulletTreatment of the people of Basra
bulletOccupation of Basra
bulletConsequences of Ali's victory in the battle of the Camel
bulletKufa, the New Capital
bulletKufa, the new capital
bulletCharacteristics of Kufa and its people
bulletAli at Kufa
bulletQais Bin Saad Ansari
bulletImportance of Egypt
bulletQais bin Sa'ad
bulletAffairs of Egypt
bulletIntrigues of Muawiyah
bulletDeposition of Qais
bulletQais and Ali
bulletMuawiyah's early life
bulletCharacter of Muawiyah
bulletConflict between Ali and Muawiyah
bulletStrategy of Muawiyah
bulletAmr Bin Al-Aas
bulletAmr b Al-Aas, pre-lslamic period
bulletConversion to Islam
bulletAmr's opposition to Othman
bulletCaliphate of Ali
bulletMuawiyah and 'Amr b Al-Aas
bulletIn Quest of Peace with Muawiyah
bulletThe task before Ali
bulletEnvoy to Syria
bulletMuawiyah's envoy
bulletLetters of Ali Addressed to Muawiyah
bulletLetters of Ali
bulletFinality of the election of the Caliph
bulletCriticism of Muawiyah
bulletDelivery of the murderers of Othman
bulletChallenge to Muawiyah
bulletPartition of the Muslim state
bulletAli and his predecessors
bulletAli's March to Syria
bulletAli's army
bulletMarch through the desert
bulletMiracle of the well
bulletOnward to Siffin
bulletThe Battle for water
bulletMuawiyah's command of water supply
bulletNegotiation for access to water supply
bulletBattle for water
bulletMonths of Suspense
bulletThe Armies
bulletOvertures for peace
bulletThe Battle of Siffin
bulletHostilities on a limited scale
bulletThe main battle
bulletThe main battle
bulletThe ruse of the Syrians
bulletThe revolt in Ali army
bulletArbitration Agreement
bulletSignificance of the display of the leaves of the Holy Quran
bulletAsh'as b Qais
bulletCauses of the helplessness of Ali
bulletArbitration Deed
bulletThe Umpires
bulletThe Kharijites
bulletThe Return March
bulletThe Khawarij
bulletAli and the Kharijites
bulletTestament of Ali
bulletTestament of Ali
bulletThe Hereafter
bulletVirtue and faith
bulletProtection of God
bulletThe elders
bulletYour own way
bulletTests of God
bulletResignation to the Will of God
bulletAllah is One
bulletPicture of the world
bulletBalance between yourself and the people
bulletSelf adulation
bulletThe journey to the Hereafter
bulletAccess to God
bulletPreparations for death
bulletTemptations of the world
bulletCounsels to follow
bulletSpeech and silence
bulletMan and God
bulletThe fate
bulletThe times
bulletPatience and faith
bulletWords of counsel
bulletThe Arbitration
bulletMeeting of the Umpires
bulletArbitration Proceedings
bulletAli's letter to Abu Musa
bulletThe Battle of Nahrawan
bulletAli's reaction to the Arbitration decision
bulletThe Kharijites
bulletThe Battle of Nahrawan
bulletAli's loss Egypt
bulletMuhammad b Abu Bakr
bulletMalik Ashtar
bulletThe fall of Egypt
bulletHelplessness of Ali
bulletTrouble in Basra
bulletStrategy of Muawiyah
bulletTrouble in Basra
bulletDeath of al Hadrami
bulletAbdullah b Abbas
bulletRevolt of Khurrit bin Rashid
bulletKhurrit b Rashid
bulletFlight of Khurrit
bulletThe Battle of Ahwaz
bulletRaids of Muawiyah
bulletRaids on Iraq
bulletExpedition to Hijaz
bulletBasr's expedition to Yemen
bulletAli's counter attack
bulletConsequences of the raids of Muawiyah
bulletMartyrdom of Ali - 661 CE
bulletThe Kharijite plot
bulletMuawiyah and his assassin
bullet'Amr b Al-A'as and his assassin
bulletAssassination of Ali
bulletWill of Ali
bulletHasan's oration on the death of Ali
bulletHis burial
bulletFate of the assassin of Ali
bulletElegy on the death of Ali
bulletLife of Ali, General overview
bulletThe Biographer and his hero
bulletBiography and History
bulletGreatness of Ali
bulletPeriods in the life of Ali
bulletCauses for the non success of Ali from the worldly point of view
bulletOpposition of the Quraish
bulletAli, The Man
bulletPhysical appearance
bulletWives and children of Ali
bulletDistinctions of Ali
bulletMan of many distinctions
bulletHis birth
bulletHis relationship with the Holy Prophet
bulletHis valor
bulletHis knowledge
bulletHis spiritual attainments
bulletHis Appellations
bulletAli in the Holy Quran
bulletReferences to Ali in
the Holy Quran
bulletVerse 33, Sura 33
bulletVerse 61, Sura 3
bulletVerse 23, Sura 42
bulletVerse 21, Sura 45
bulletVerse 17, Sura 11
bulletVerse 4, Sura 66
bulletVerse 18, Sura 32
bulletVerse 54, Sura 25
bulletVerse 36, Sura 24
bulletVerse 55, Sura 5
bulletVerse 12, Sura 58
bulletVerse 181, Sura 7
bulletVerse 57, Sura 43
bulletVerse 29, Sura 48
bulletVerse 43, Sura 13
bulletVerse 64, Sura 8
bulletAli, The Father of Sufism
bulletFather of Sufism
bulletThe Holy Prophet and Sufism
bulletGnosis of God
bulletPrayers to God
bulletCommunion with God
bulletDoctrine of preference
bulletAli, The Gate of Knowledge
bulletThe learning of Ali
bulletHis concept of Knowledge
bulletSuperiority of knowledge over wealth
bulletAli The Poet
bulletAli as a poet
bulletAli's Dewan
bulletSamples of the poetry of Ali
bulletAli, The Generous
bulletAli's generosity
bulletPreference for the supplicant to one's own Deeds
bulletGod accepted Ali's charity
bulletManifold return for chartiy
bulletA legend of the generosity of Ali
bulletHe gave his gold ring to the beggar
bulletHe undertook to pay the debt of a dead Muslim
bulletHe paid for the dates
bulletAdministrative Instruction of Ali
bulletAdministrative instructions
bulletInstructions to Malik Ashtar
bulletInstructions to Abdullah b Abbas
bulletLetter to Ziyad b Abiya
bulletInstructions to the Collectors of Zakat
bulletJudgments of Ali
bulletAli as a Judge
bulletThe story of loaves
bulletDispute about a child
bulletDispute about the custody of money
bulletHow Ali detected the murder
bulletThe Cow and the Ass
bulletMad woman accused of adultery
bulletChild born in six months after marriage
bulletShare in the property of a deceased husband for a divorced wife
bulletThe man who stole his coat of mail
bulletAli's Conduct of Wars
bulletAli's instructions for the conduct of war
bulletInstructions to his son Muhammad Hanifa
bulletInstructions to the Generals of the border forces
bulletTreatment for the rebels
bulletInstruction to the army
bulletStrategy for crisis
bulletPrayers of Ali
bulletSocial and Ethical Thought of Ali
bulletThought of Ali
bulletFriends of Allah
bulletMomins and hypocrites
bulletJustice and mercy
bulletThe world and the Hereafter
bulletMomin and an infidel
bulletProximity to the ruler
bulletFaith and faithlessness
bulletSecret of success
bulletKinds of patience
bulletWealth and poverty
bulletSeven things of the devil
bulletWealth and health
bulletTwo types of subsistence
bulletTruth and falsehood
bulletThings that are the best
bulletThings to which nothing is better
bulletSuccess and failure
bulletPerson doomed to ignominy
bulletThree friends
bulletThree foes
bulletTwo types of men
bulletGreetings and favor
bulletTwo hungry persons
bulletOffshoots of patience
bulletMiserliness, patience, piety and cowardice
bulletThe greatest and the vilest
bulletCompanies to be avoided
bulletTwo things to be afraid of
bulletThe worst enemies
bulletThings that are worse
bulletPolitical Thought of Ali
bulletAli as political thinker
bulletState and Government
bulletThe people
bulletFunctionaries of the State
bulletForeign policy
bulletAli's concept of God
bulletAli's concept of God
bulletWhen did God exist
bulletProtection of God
bulletCounsels of All with reference to God
bulletAli's prayer to God
bulletAli on the Life of the World
bulletLife in this world, and Life in the world Hereafter
bulletEvil of the world
bulletThe World and the Hereafter
bulletTransitory character of the World
bulletAnecdotes of Ali
bulletHe decried flattery
bulletHe denounced praise
bulletHe would carry his own burden
bulletHe did not want the people to follow in his retinue
bulletHe prayed for patience to bear suffering
bulletHis complaint against his people
bulletHe rode on a mule instead of a horse
bulletHe would never turn his back to the enemy
bulletHe would not seek a concession
bulletHe preferred his slave to himself
bulletHe had no ambition for the caliphate
bulletHe freed the slave who did not respond to his call
bulletHe saw God with inward eyes
bulletHe lost consciousness while praying
bulletHe would not pay the enemy in its own coin
bulletHe preferred his men to himself
bulletTwo wrongs cannot make a right
bulletHe was dispirited because he had no guest
bulletHe wore dress of coarse cloth
bulletHe wanted to travel light
bulletHe would not break open the lock of the shop of God
bulletHe was not afraid of death
bulletHe did not care for the booty
bulletHe would not own the treasure in the land that he had purchased
bulletHe undertook to clear the debt of a dead Muslim
bulletHe would not accept the allegiance from whom he had released
bulletHe did not believe in the prognostication of the astrologer
bulletHe would take no precaution to protect himself
bulletPeople stood in the way of his right
bulletSpacious house
bulletRenunciation, not the way of Islam
bulletHosting dinner
bulletHe could still wield the sword
bulletSimiles of Ali
bulletSimiles of Ali
bulletThe world
bulletThe unbelievers
bulletThe people who did not respond to his call
bulletThe tree and the fruit
bulletThe people of Basra
bulletPeople of the age of ignorance
bulletThe people of Kufa
bulletMughira b Shu'aba
bulletThe people who run after the world
bulletThe people who are not deceived by the world
bulletAli's complaint against the Umayyads
bulletFalsehood of Muawiyah
bulletShedding of Sins through prayer
bulletCleanliness and prayers
bulletCrumbs after the meals
bulletThe people who did not respond to his call
bulletHeart of the people
bulletIgnorant persons
bulletAshas b Qais
bulletPatience and faith
bulletDisease and sins
bulletDeath of the virtuous
bulletDays of life
bulletDevotion to the world
bulletSeekers of the world
bulletVirtue of silence
bulletThirsty camels on a water pond
bulletThe caliphate of Umar
bulletUmayyad use of the Baitul Mal
bulletWithholdiog the milk of the she camel from its young one
bulletHandle of the grinding stone
bulletThe simile of a sinner
bulletDrops of rain
bulletThe summer clouds
bulletGoat and the lion
bulletTaking the thorn out of the foot with a thorn
bulletSolution of the salt in water
bulletBull with crooked horns
bulletShaking of Plants
bulletPregnant women separated from the child
bulletHousehold of the Holy Prophet
bulletFoaming waves of the Holy Prophet
bulletSayings of Ali
bulletHis Sayings
bulletAssessment of Ali by Eminent Muslims
bulletAbdullah b Masud
bulletAbu Saeed Khudri
bulletImam Hanbal
bulletIbn Athir
bulletIbn Nadim
bulletUmar b Abdul Aziz
bulletShah Wali Ullah
bulletSyed Amir Ali
bulletAta Mohyuddin
bulletAllama Iqbal
bulletAssessment of Ali by Western Scholars
bulletPhilip Hitti
bulletSir William Muir
bulletCharles Mills
bulletProfessor Nicholson
bulletJohn J. Pool
bulletEdward Gibbon
bulletThomas Carlyle
bulletDr. Heary Stubbe
bulletMajor Price
bulletJ. J. Saunders




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