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The Air Force Journal of Logistics is the professional logistics publication of the Air Force. We provide an open forum for presenting research, innovative thinking, and ideas and issues of concern to the Air Force and civilian logistics communities. It is distributed worldwide and reaches all segments of the Air Force and nearly all levels of the Department of Defense and US government. You’ll also find the Journal is read by foreign military forces in 26 countries, people in industry, and students at universities with undergraduate and graduate programs in logistics.



Vol XXI No. 3 & 4      
Vol XXII No. 1 Vol XXII No. 2 Vol XXII No. 3 Vol XXII No. 4
Vol XXIII No. 1 Vol XXIII No. 2 Vol XXIII No. 3 Vol XXIII No. 4
Vol XXIV No. 1 Vol XXIV No. 2 Vol XXIV No. 3 Vol XXIV No. 4
Vol XXV No. 1 Vol XXV No. 2 Vol XXV No. 3 Vol XXV No. 4
Vol XXVI No. 1 Vol XXVI No. 2 Vol XXVI No. 3 Vol XXVI No. 4
Vol XXVII No. 1 Vol XXVII No. 2 Vol XXVII No. 3 Vol XXVII No. 4
Vol XXVIII No. 1 Vol XXVIII No. 2 Vol XXVIII No. 3 Vol XXIII No. 4
Vol XXIX No. 1 Vol XXIX No. 2 Vol XXIX No. 3/4  
Vol XXX No. 1 Vol XXX No. 2 Vol XXX No. 3 Vol XXX No. 4
Vol XXXI No. 1 Vol XXXI No. 2 Vol XXXI No. 3 Vol XXXI No 4
Vol XXXII No. 1 Vol XXXII No. 2    

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