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World Energy Outlook 2008

Is the world facing a supply crunch due to geology or to inadequate investment?  What type of post-Kyoto policy framework could stabilise greenhouse gases at low concentration levels? The answers to these burning questions and more are laid out in the World Energy Outlook 2008.

The World Energy Outlook is the world’s most authoritative source of global energy trends. This year’s edition provides a full update of energy projections to 2030, incorporating the latest data and based on improved modelling techniques.

The World Energy Outlook 2008 will also provide in-depth analysis of three hot topics:

  • Post-2012 climate change policy scenarios
  • Oil and gas supply prospects
  • Energy poverty in resource-rich Sub-Saharan African countries

Chief Economist’s Diary

IEA Chief Economist, Dr. Fatih Birol, is holding press conferences and delivering speeches on the key findings from the WEO-2008 and their policy implications at various events around the world, see this link for more details.

The messages from WEO 2008 are making headline news around the world, in OECD and non-OECD countries, see a selection of the press coverage and the reactions of governments around the world.


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