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Delta glitters gold for Aussie pop darling

By Candice Keller November 14, 2007 12:00am

AUSTRALIA'S pop sweetheart, Delta Goodrem, has the Midas touch. Even in times of controversy - the parting of ways with her manager, mother Lea or relationship with English boy-band escapee Brian McFadden - Delta comes out smelling like roses and selling even more albums.

When you examine her talent, it's easy to understand why. Her fans are not just dedicated because the 22-year-old is humble and brave.

Anyone who gives her work a listen realises just how much power and insight Goodrem has for such a young artist.

The third album in her repertoire, Delta, welcomes the pop star to womanhood - a new beginning s a lady in love and wise from her time in the industry.

Album opener Believe Again is an ethereal uptempo ode that builds suspense for the offerings that follow.

Her voice at times mimics that of ballad queen Celine Dion, for whom Delta has recently written a track, ensuring international recognition. Goodrem's signature power is evident in The Guardian and Possessionless, both of which are reminiscent of her debut single, Born to Try, but have a more mature finish. You Will Only Break My Heart and first single In This Life prove Goodrem can still embrace a sense of fun in her music, and can take a break from the seriousness of the tear-jerkers.

The album is not as gut-wrenching as her second album, Mistaken Identity, which painted a vivid picture of her very personal struggle with cancer. Instead, this album captures Goodrem as a sophisticated woman.

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