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News - Nintendo has a hard time trademarking Wii Remote

Posted by Christopher Pioli at 10:24:29 PM EST on 12.2.2008.

Nintendo hits roadblocks at the oddest times...

Reports are coming in that the company's application to trademark the term Wii Remote has been rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company originally filed the trademark in March, one and a half years after the Wii Remote went on sale in 2006, almost two years after the name of the console was unveiled, and about 28 months after demonstrating the Wii Remote at a live press conference in 2005.

The reasoning behind the USPTO's rejection was the use of the word "remote" in the controller's name. Because "remote" is a commonly used word (adjective, really, for grammar-junkies), it shouldn't be trademarked. If Nintendo disclaimed the use of the word "remote" in their trademark, it is possible that the USPTO will accept the trademark filing.

And unfortunately, the phrase "Wiimote" is even less likely to be accepted for trademark because it is easily confused with the term "Weemote", which had already been trademarked in 2000 by a T.V. remote manufacturer called Fobis Technologies.



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+0 karma
dj tempora 12.4.2008 at 02:58:01 PM
"Easy. Just patent it as the Wii MotionPlus."

+0 karma
i_like_pizza 12.3.2008 at 06:25:29 PM
That's a mouthful, though. It's gotta be 3 syllables or less (excluding the word "controller"), in my opinion. Having a huge name for something isn't always the best marketing strategy.
+0 karma
animetayl 12.3.2008 at 05:20:33 PM
Or I guess if the actual thing inside is called the Wii MotionPlus, just call it the Wii MotionPlus Controller.
+1 karma
animetayl 12.3.2008 at 05:01:26 PM
Easy. Just patent it as the Wii MotionPlus. Provided that the controllers all come with it.
+0 karma
i_like_pizza 12.3.2008 at 01:32:06 PM
What about the Wiibird, as a tribute to the Wavebird?

I don't like it nearly as much as Wiimote, but that's just the first option (besides what is excluded) that came to my mind.
+0 karma
siraileron 12.2.2008 at 11:25:15 PM
Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bravo, Nintendo.

Now we run the risk of getting an extremely hilarious-sounding name for the wiimote?

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