The Resistance Manifesto: Revised Edition


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by Mark Dice

The Resistance Manifesto: Revised Edition contains 450 pages of extensively researched and documented information drawing from declassified documents, mainstream news articles, religious texts, and personal interviews.

A dark web of evil is exposed like never before, making Bible Prophecy and the New World Order crystal clear. Learn the most powerful information about the Illuminati, plans for the rise of the Antichrist, the institutions, people, and powers involved, and how you can fight them.


  • The 9/11 Attacks
  • Satanism
  • The Illuminati
  • Mark of the Beast
  • Bohemian Grove
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Bilderberg Group
  • Neural Interfaces
  • Georgia Guidestones
  • Mind Control
  • Skull and Bones
  • Echelon
  • Freemasonry
  • Killing Machines
  • Cybernetic Organisms
  • And More

New Info, New Sources, New Connections

The most current and up to date information of the September 11th attacks being aided by elements within U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies.

The Knights Templar, the real Holy Grail, and the role the Templars played in the formation of the Illuminati.

Quotes from the original writings of the Illuminati and how the organization drew up plans over 200 years ago to take over every major institution of power and influence in the world.

Scientology’s connection with Satanism and L. Ron Hubbard’s friendship with Aleister Crowley.

The secret plan to create a new currency called the Amero and merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico in a North American Union.

The meaning of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones monument and why the elite want to reduce world population by killing billions of people.

Quotes from the founder of the Church of Satan saying he hopes people commit mass murder in the name of Satan as he admits in his authorized biography.

Department of Defense plans to create cybernetic organisms and implant humans with neural interfaces by wiring computers directly into the brain.

The Vatican’s plan to establish the Catholic Church as the only “true” Christian authority in an attempt to later unify Christianity into the one world religion.

Obscure esoteric books by famous occultists from the past clearly admit the Illuminati’s secret plans. Helena Blavatski, Alice Bailey, and Manly P. Hall openly wrote about the end game of the Illuminati and their desire to create the infrastructure for the antichrist to seize power and claim to be the messiah of the world’s religions.

Other aspects of the New World Order are also explored in extreme detail. The philosophy of the Illuminati and its subsidiary secret societies is fully explained and ruthless mind set of the elite members is exposed.

The true meaning of the Skull and Bones mantra, “The hangman equals death, the Devil equals death, and death equals death,” is exposed for the first time in history.

Over 100 foot notes have been added to substantiate the claims made in the new book. Most are to reliable, mainstream sources that readers can follow to see for themselves that what is described in the book is entirely true.

Over 60 pages of information was added to the original version, but due to a new size and layout of the book, the revised edition has added only 34 pages to the total count, growing from 416 pages to 450.

Some complex language and social science jargon has also been simplified to make the book easier to read and understand for people of any age or education level. 

What People Are Saying about The Resistance Manifesto

 "Powerful and compelling. A must read."
-- Alex Jones 

"Mark takes you beyond 9/11 into a world of secret societies, mystics, and madmen. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the global elite, despite your own religious beliefs."
-- Jason Bermas, Director of Fabled Enemies

“Mark Dice is not a conspiracy theorist, he is a conspiracy realist. This book tells it like it is. I urge every American to read it and pass it on to your friends and relatives. Wake up America.”
-- Ted Gunderson, Senior Special Agent in Charge (ret.) FBI Los Angeles Division

“I highly recommend Mark Dice’s Resistance Manifesto. Every patriotic American needs the valuable information in this outstanding book. Its insights are vital to our overcoming the sinister forces now confronting us on every side.”
-- Texe Marrs - Author of Codex Magica & Mysterious Monuments

"Mark Dice has assumed leadership of The Resistance. Forewarned is forearmed and we all have a role to play in the future. Or as Mark puts it, "The Resistance lives within each of us."
-- Jim Marrs, Author of Rise of the Fourth Reich

"Dice serves as an irritant and a never ending combatant to the Cashist Cartel that controls American’s commerce and currency."
-- Anthoy J. Hilder, Freeworld Alliance

The Resistance Manifesto: Revised Edition

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