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Catch-up work keeps me busier than I'd like, but spare moments, however few, find me here, happily adding tidbits to this site. Inspired by the excitement of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo, I've done a bit of reorganizing and the result is The Hula Pages.  It is very much a work-in-progress, so step around the rough edges. If you think it is worthy, pass its URL on to hula brothers and sisters, and family and friends share a love for hula.



We've h‚nai'ed (adopted) two kids--Sheltie-kids. `Oli and Freddy keep us busy, but not too busy to keep me from creating a web site for them. Though its Hawaiian language content is minimal, I thought I'd share the rest of my immediate `ohana (family) with you. We just started puppy kindergarten (obedience classes) with them, and they will be bilingual. Joy!

Update: `Oli graduated #1 and Freddy #3 in their class. 



My sincerest apologies to those who have e-mailed and not heard back from me. This has been an impossibly busy, bittersweet roller-coaster year with lofty spiritual highs and abysmal emotional lows. We lost a favorite uncle, a sweetheart h‚nai daughter, and a beloved father. They are each Heaven's gain and we look forward to our joyful reunion with them one day.

I've made a few minor changes on the home page, adding The Call to the Hawaiian Language: How This Site Came to Be. Brahdahs BU & IZ has been added to Leilani's L‚nai. Both helped me to keep a positive perspective; in writing these pieces, I was reminded that those we love are always with us in spirit, helping to mend our broken hearts.

We look forward to 1999, a year of new life, rebirth and respite.
We wish you and yours a warm, joy-filled holiday season!

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!
(meh' leh kah lee kee mah' kah (ah meh) hau' oh lee mah' kah hee' kee hou'!)
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Yikes! I didn't realize what a busy time of year this isÖuntil I checked in here and saw my last update. Warm weather brings our island families to us, and we have been visiting up a storm. The `Űlelo did not, however, go completely to the wayside. These are the newest additions (as always in progress and subject to correction):

Translated lyrics to Israel Kamakawiwo`ole's latest CD: 

I am working on updating the Aloha Notes. I apologize that I have been unable to reply in a timely manner to many of you, but not to worry, I'm whittling away at my stuffed in-box, slowly but surely. E kala mai, big time. (I do have a regular job, and I've also been hard at work so I can take some time off this summer without pilikia. I know, I know, excuses, excuses)

Aloha a hui hou.



This has been a busy month piha loa (overflowing) with surprises! I've been a bit short on time, but I did tinker here and there. Yesterday, I revamped Kinohi Loa. I hope you'll take a peek. I thought the opening graphic was appropriate, as dolphins are thought to be "angels of the sea." They remind me of a couple of very special angels in my life.

As I worked on it, I thought of my Aunty `¬lana, and finished up: What is the Aloha Spirit? Then, thinking of my first `Űlelo kumu, Puakea Nogelmeier, I transcribed Leo `‘iwi that he had shared with us on Moloka`i. Remembering that memorable week, I was motivated to work on the Moloka`i Link Pages. I miss Moloka`i's tranquil beauty, and it is a comfort and convenience to be able to "visit" Moloka`i with but a few keystrokes.

Earlier in the week, I was amused with a thread on kaona in alt.music.hawaii, that lead to the inclusion of this page: Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai.

May your life be full of joyful surprises!

P.S. Do visit my friend Bu's terrific website on the `ukulele!



I've been tweaking things here and there. An ever-evolving site, this endeavor is much like learning two languages at once: HTML and Hawaiian. Hopefully, as I gain proficiency in both, I can share more with you, with fewer stops and starts. The Spring Fever bug has bitten me badly, and the flower gardens have kept me happily busy. I have managed, however, to add these:

  • Sweet Leilani: a sing-a-long if you happen to have Dennis Pavao's CD of the same nameÖ

  • My Personal `Net Stuff: I'm a pretty private person, so maybe this is as close as I'll get to a personal web page. Indirect, but perhaps sharing my interests may be altogether too revealing! I use this page as my browser's homepage. My most used links, including my "work tools," "pleasure reading," these webpages, as well as to newsgroups, dailies and music to read by or sing-a-long, are at mere fingers' reach.


I spiffed up these Favorite Links Sections:

It is my hope that you are enjoying these pages.


I've remodeled the Favorite Hawaiian Links page for easier accessibility to specific topics and faster uploads and have added new links.









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