Fischerspooner's New Album Set for April Release

Hey kids, your favorite enthusiastically inauthentic band is back in the saddle! No, it's not Duran Duran; okay, sorry, your second favorite enthusiastically inauthentic has returned. Stop saying "Handsome Boy Modeling School!" Getting to the point...

Fischerspooner's second album Odyssey comes out April 5-- four years after their first release, #1 (originally only available in Europe, despite the duo's New York origins), and two years after that first release was supplemented with bonus tracks, a DVD, and a tidal wave of hype upon arriving in America. Odyssey is preceded by an advance single, "Just Let Go", which came out January 10th but which does not contain the original version of the song, only two remixes. Oddly, the "Thin White Duke" who handles one of the remixes is (kind of thankfully) not David Bowie, but rather the absurdly talented Jacques Lu Cont, best known for his outstanding recent remix of Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For". Tracklist:

01 Just Let Go
02 Cloud
03 Never Win
04 A Kick in the Teeth
05 Everything to Gain
06 We Need a War
07 Wednesday
08 Happy
09 Ritz 107
10 All We Are
11 Circle (Vision Creation New Sun) [Boredoms cover]

We normally ignore press releases touting how much a band has changed, but we don't quite know what to make of this: "We worked hard to make a coherent AOR record, a total statement. Inspired along the way by psychedelia, classic rock, and the ideas of the romantics that were the roots of rock and roll (intuition over ration; emotion over intellect; transcendence through the supernatural; the artist as hero), we tried to combine those influences with our own take on modern pop music to create something new and, hopefully, unique." Oh wait-- we do know what to make of all that. It's utter bullshit. As anyone who's heard the single will attest, this is prime Fischerspooner, highly evolved but technotronic as ever.

Perhaps best of all, the album features songs co-written by the suddenly ubiquitous Linda Perry (formerly of 4 Non-Blondes, more recently a collaborator of Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani) and the late Susan Sontag, who penned the lyrics for "We Need a War". Fischerspooner had planned an active collaboration with Sontag, but when she showed up with lyrics already finished, those words were adopted (over the objections of Casey Spooner, who initially said he was uncomfortable saying the word "war").

Spooner and Warren Fischer are in the middle of creating a new version of their notorious stage show, which will feature, no joke, live musicians.

Posted by Aaron Mandel on Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 1:00am