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  • Obama Elected: Alex Jones On Press TV’s Fine Print

    Friday, Nov 7, 2008

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    5 Responses to “Obama Elected: Alex Jones On Press TV’s Fine Print”

    1. 5
      civilian Says:

      Obama Elected: Alex Jones On Press TVs Fine Print Pt1


    2. 4
      PeteP Says:

      Hi guys,

      Have you checked out http://hookk.com ?

      Brilliantly simple tool to help get the word out by infobombing the mainstream media. You can hookk an article on any mainstream or alternative news site and it appears right next to the page it’s from. It then goes to the homepage if busy enough. There are a few from prisonplanet and infowars on there. Getting fairly popular and the best thing is there is no signup.

    3. 3
      Easy Says:

      That was good. Just what I needed to see right now.

    4. 2
      okjoe Says: link to the video

    5. 1
      okjoe Says: Print/1105_Fine print.wmv

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