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Amber O'Neal

    Real Name: Kimberly Dawn Davis
    Wrestling Aliases: Amber Holly, Amber O'Neal
    Height: 5'8 - Weight: 140 lb
    Birthday: June 22, 1974
    Hair: Blonde - Eyes: Green
    Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina
    Trained by: Strawberry Fields, Leilani Kai, Gary Royal, Mikael Yamaha and Gemini Kid. (See Personal Notes)
    Wrestling Debut: July 1999
    Favorite/Signature Move(s): Superkick, Rear naked choke, Crossbody, Crucifix
Official Site: Amber Oneal.net

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Amber O'Neal

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Amber O'Neal

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    Amber O'Neal - Biography

  • Amber O'Neal: Championships & Accomplishments

    - CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling) Women's title;
    - CWF (Carolina Wrestling Federation) defeating Leilani Kai;
    - NACW (North American Championship Wrestling) Women's Champion;
    - WEW (Women's Extreme Wrestling) Tag Team Champion
      1x w/ Krissy Vaine and 1x w/ Lollipop

  • Amber O'Neal: Personal Notes...

    "I became a huge wrestling fan in 1995. Stone Cold, Sable, D-X, and X-pac were my favorites and I also liked watching Rey Mysterio on WCW. I got so involved in it I started to think it was something I could do. I started researching how I could get into it. I found out about Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte. So called the number and a couple days later I drove to Charlotte and enrolled. It was an awesome experience. I was trained by Gary Royal and Leilani Kai. Strawberry Fields owned the shcool, and she was a wrestler as well so I trained with her some too. I was immediately hooked. I continued to go every week for about 6 months. My first match was against Leilani Kai in Maggie Valley,NC. I continuted to work Leilani my first two years, along with Riptide, one of the best female workers in the indys today, and Desiree Peterson. I consider myself very lucky to have come up in the wrestling industry with such talented women and I feel they taught me about respect and how to look out for myself in the bizz and I am forever greatful for that. In my third year in wrestling I started working for the CWF and there I met Mikael Yamaha and the Gemini Kid. I contined to train under them to this day. They helped take my career to another level. Working with them and the CWF has taught me alot about working with the guys in the ring. I started working alot of mixed tags and learning alot about psychology, angles, and cutting promos. In the fifth year of my career, I suffered a severe knee injury and had to take a 1 year absence to have reconstructive knee surgery. I can definately say I love wrestling because everyday I was out of commission all I wanted to do was wrestle and my love for this business is what made me do everything I had to do to get myself back in the ring. I am greatful for my experiences and opportunities I have had in the last 6 years."

    Favorite opponents: Brandi Wine, Alexis Laree, Gee star, Special k(Krissy Vaine), Jenny Taylor

    Titles held: first ever FWA/CWF womens champion, NCWA womens Champion

    Goals: to be successful wrestler on indy circuit, to one day work with WWE or TNA

    Wrestling Training: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy trained by Gary Royal & Leilani Kai and CWF Dojo Camp w/ Mikael Yamaha & Gemini Kid

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