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The Media: Reporting on the BNP

March 16, 2008 by Martin Wingfield  

Why is it that there is never a report in a newspaper, on the radio or on television that portrays the British National Party in a straightforward manner? Why is it that every time the BNP is mentioned it is in an unfavourable light?

This is a question that is frequently asked, and the answer is simple. Any journalist that is a member of the National Union of Journalists is just NOT ALLOWED to report uncritically on the British National Party.

This is how the NUJ insists on doctoring its news coverage.

NUJ Guidelines on race reporting

The National Union of Journalists has ratified guidelines for all its members to follow when dealing with race relations subjects.

Reporting racist(sic) organisations

When interviewing representatives of racist organisations or reporting meetings or statements or claims, journalists should carefully check all reports for accuracy and seek rebutting or opposing comments. The anti-social nature of such views should be exposed.

Do not sensationalise by reports, photographs,. film or presentation the activities of racist organisations.

Seek to publish or broadcast material exposing the myths and lies of racist organisations and their anti-social behaviour.

Do not allow the letters column or ‘phone-in’ programmes to be used to spread racial hatred in whatever guise.

Statement on race reporting.

The NUJ believes that the development of racist attitudes and the growth of fascist parties pose a threat to democracy, the rights of trade union organisations, a free press and the development of social harmony and well-being.

The NUJ believes that its members cannot avoid a measure of responsibility in fighting the evil of racism as expressed through the mass media.

The NUJ reaffirms its total opposition to censorship but equally reaffirms its belief that press freedom must be conditioned by responsibility and an acknowledgement by all media workers of the need not to allow press freedom to be abused to slander a section of the community or to promote the evil of racism.

The NUJ believes the methods and lies of the racists should be publicly and vigorously exposed.

The NUJ believes that newspapers and magazines should not originate material which encourages discrimination on grounds of race or colour, as expressed in the NUJ’s rule book and code of conduct.

The NUJ recognises the right of members to withhold their labour on grounds of conscience where employers are providing a platform for racist propaganda.

The NUJ believes that editors should ensure that coverage of race stories should be placed in a balanced context.

The NUJ will continue to monitor the development of media coverage in this area and give support to members seeking to enforce the above aims.

Race reporting

Only mention someone’s race if it is strictly relevant. Check to make sure you have it right. Would you mention race if the person was white?

Do not sensationalise race relations issues; it harms black people and it could harm you.

Think carefully about the words you use. Words which were once in common usage are now considered offensive, e.g. half-caste and coloured. Use mixed-race and black instead. Black can cover people of Arab, Asian, Chinese and African origin. Ask people how they define themselves.

Immigrant is often used as a term of abuse. Do not use it unless the person really is an immigrant. Most black people in Britain were born here and most immigrants are white.

Do not make assumptions about a person’s cultural background - whether it is their name or religious detail. Ask them or where it is not possible check with the local race equality council.

Investigate the treatment of black people in education, health, employment and housing. Do not forget travellers and gypsies. Cover their lives and concerns. Seek the views of their representatives.

Remember that black communities are culturally diverse. Get a full and correct view from representative organisations.

Press for equal opportunities for employment for black staff.

Guidelines on travellers

Only mention the word gypsy or traveller if strictly relevant and accurate.

Give balanced reports, seeking travellers’ views as well as those of others, consulting the local travellers where possible.

Resist the temptation to sensationalise issues involving travellers, especially in their relations with settled communities over issues such as housing and settlement programmes and schooling.

Try to give wide coverage to travellers’ lives and the problems they face.

Strive to promote the realisation that the travellers’ community is comprised of full citizens of Great Britain and Ireland whose civil rights are seldom adequately vindicated, who often suffer much hurt and damage through misuse by the media and who have a right to have their special contributions to Irish and British life, especially in music and craft work and other cultural activities, properly acknowledged and reported.


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36 Responses to “The Media: Reporting on the BNP”

  1. Nostradamus on March 16th, 2008 9:58 am

    The NUJ and its members along with other mainstream unions in this country are responsible for keeping this Stalinist government in power through their subscriptions. The Labour party is virtually bankrupt financially, and if every trades union member stopped paying in subs they would be doing this country a great service. The NUJ by not reporting on other political parties such as the BNP is anti-democratic and it makes you wonder what other things they are withholding from the public. Remember Prince Harry and how they kept his going to war secret. I certainly do not purchase newspapers anymore, on principle and suggest others do the same.


    Well, here we are, ……. the BNP is reporting on the media for a change. Something to think about. People like their newspapers, for news, for crosswords, because “they’ve always bought them” - a bit like they’ve always voted Labour etc. Habit. But that’s their choice. We can’t tell people what they should read, although we would naturally urge them to look in here from time to time for a reality check. But if people want THE news, if they want to know what’s going on, then here’s my own recommendation - actually two recommendations - buy their slanted rags if you must, but bear in mind they are partisan and hostile to reporting certain aspects of the rainbow multicult, and secondly, visit this website and the excellent UKTabloid daily -
    - Ed

  2. militarycoup on March 16th, 2008 10:11 am

    The NUJ guidelines look to me and in fact are FASCIST ideology at its worst. They are undemocratic and probably criminal in this country. Can anyone with a knowledge of law look into these guidelines to see if they are legal. A freedom to be able to say something without censure is part of our heritage.

  3. illigitimus on March 16th, 2008 10:23 am

    The coverage of any news item is either heavily censored or not reported at all. The British people deserve to be told the TRUTH, no matter how distasteful. Journalists should not have political ties, nor should they be controlled politically, otherwise we have the EUssr to contend with. It’s about time some journalists kicked up a stink. There must be at least one of them that is honest.

  4. Lee Barnes on March 16th, 2008 10:50 am

    The National Union Of Journalists is one of the last sad relics of the Cold War still in existence in Britain today.
    It is a trades union that has surrendered its founding principles as a union, which is the protection of free speech, to the corporations that own the media and their puppet political parties.

    The NUJ is the pimp and propagandist of political correctness at the same time as it serves the international media corporations that pollute our society.

    Those in this country that still suffer under the delusion that we have a ‘free press’ should realise that just like a ‘free lunch’, no such thing as a free press exists.

    The so called ‘free press’ has bought and paid for the NUJ.
    The media corporations that employ the journalists that subsidise the NUJ

  5. Angryman on March 16th, 2008 10:57 am

    Chinese people are black? What colour filter have they got on their eyes? No wonder you can’t trust these people to report something accurately when they can’t even see properly. They will be telling us that soot is white next!

    The more these people spout their stupidity, the sooner even the devout Lib/Lab/Con supporters will see through their lies and insanity. This can only be good for the British National Party. The only thing is, I hope that they wake up soon, because time is running out.

  6. militarycoup on March 16th, 2008 10:58 am

    Do Chinese people prefer to be known as BLACK or would they rather be referred to as Chinese? Which would be the correct way to describe people from China? Does the Chinese embassy know that its indigenous people, under NUJ guidelines, are being described as BLACK in Britain’s newspapers. Under the same rules that govern those NUJ guidrlines, would black people be described as white or would white people described as black people? Would right then mean wrong and wrong mean right? would a criminal be a victim and a victim be a criminal? (hang on a minute, that one is a bit close to today’s reality). Would corrupt, treacherous and downright rotten-to-the-core criminals with absolutely no regard for the British people, their countries, and ways of life, be described as loyal, upstanding MPs with only our interests at heart?


  7. Strider on March 16th, 2008 11:28 am

    Nevertheless, we in the BNP do not need favourable articles and reports to appear in the media, merely reasonable and fair ones.

    The recent extensive article in the Financial Times Weekend which dealt with the BBC’s ‘White Season’ mentioned the BNP without an instance of slander.

    The newspaper circulation figures are falling as the indigenous population rejects their brand of reporting - to up their circulation figures and appease the advertisers which keep these papers running, the owners and editors must find a way of appealing to the White readership once again.

    Local papers abound with fair BNP representation on their nightly letters pages, therefore I am at odds with the comments of some nationalists who say, “The media will never be on our side.” *

    We do not need them on our side - we merely need our message to appear without being ridiculed. This is happening slowly but surely as the BNP activist-contributers up their intellectual game.

    (*But not with the facts presented in this article.)


    Thanks for that, Strider. Very good points which we hope people will note; and you’re quite right about upping our intellectual game. In fact this developing rapidly and is reflected in the quality of enquiry, discourse and comments we receive, and the manner in which respondents and contributors conduct themselves in these columns, especially when compared with the illogical, incomprehensible dross churned out by our detractors. - Ed

  8. davidcopperfield on March 16th, 2008 11:39 am

    People are getting sick and tired of journalists, if you can call them that, giving us the same one sided account of things. In all fairness to them, we must remember that they are only carrying out their master’s commands. Journalists still have rent and food to buy like the rest of us, and this is at their master’s power.

  9. Winston on March 16th, 2008 11:45 am

    Do not sensationalise race relations issues; it harms black people and ‘it could harm you’.

    IT COULD HARM YOU - sounds like a threat to me, if ever there was one. Whoever wrote the above NUJ ‘Guidelines’ obviously cares nothing for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, just a twisted, lying agenda. Joseph G. would have been immensely proud of them.

    These PRINCIPLES may be thought of as Goebbel’s intellectual legacy.
    Whether or when parts of it should be utilized in a democratic society are ‘profound and disturbing problems of a political and ethical nature’.
    National Union of Journalists PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

  10. sickofitall on March 16th, 2008 11:54 am

    How delighted our ethnic guests must be at the middle class muesli-crunching, open-toed sandal wearing Marxist whites speaking on their behalf, telling others what they MUST be called and how they MUST be treated. I trust that all the ethnic groups have been consulted by the NUJ upon this matter?

  11. WHISTLE on March 16th, 2008 11:59 am

    Another taboo is to mention ‘Common Purpose’. This evil organisation is messing up every department they are involved in. I can see some fun when the BNP eventually win power.

    You are right about the evil CP. I know for a fact that Gordon Brown had an important speech “moderated”, with all reference to “Common Purpose” removed only a few hours after it was published-ED

  12. bernard on March 16th, 2008 12:00 pm

    A rather good quote has drifted around the web recently:
    “Journalism is the whore of literature, and journalists are its pimps”.

  13. samba on March 16th, 2008 12:01 pm

    Dont worry about these idiots in the NUJ. They may have the power to censor information at the moment but the doors will soon come crashing down on these gate -keepers of information, and very soon.

  14. LANCASHIREMAN on March 16th, 2008 12:10 pm

    Do we really stand any chance of getting an accurate BNP message across to the general “gullible” public if the NUJ are under strict orders NOT to publish the truth or twist it in such a way that people don’t understand the full consequences of liberalist political PC cover-ups, and the total mess that it is making of our once great country. Can somebody please tell me how so many of our politicians’ “leaders” have managed to get their heads stuck so firmly in the toilet that they ALL seem quite happy to let our country decline into chaos with the government spending more money than they actually have. I think that the word is BANKRUPT in the business world. We have schools churning out illiterate students year after year, the NHS soaking up BILLIONS without any visible improvements apart from picking up one their well-nurtured diseases from having very expensive dirty wards, armed forces reduced to a pitiful size, rising crime with no deterrent, uncontrolled mass immigration making life hell on earth for those unfortunate enough to be at the front line of FORCED integration (NO VOTE ON THAT ONE EITHER). We don’t even have politicians that want to rule their own country anymore–let’s just pass it over to some stranger in Brussels–and they still believe our country is heading in the right direction! I’m starting to think I’ve missed the plot and maybe all us good folk here at the BNP have got it all wrong? I obviously missed out on my brainwashing lessons somewhere along the line as I”m beginning to feel confused!


    Confusion is the name of the game, Lancashireman. The lie merchants turn truth and lies upside down. That’s basically what Marxist/liberalism is all about, and that’s what confuses people. Indigenous Britons are generally fair-minded and tolerant, so the liblabcon use that against us. But things are changing rapidly now as the people become increasingly aware of how they’ve been betrayed, and are increasingly seeking the truth. - Ed

  15. Winston on March 16th, 2008 12:51 pm

    I forgot to add a thanks for the reminder of the link. I am sick to death of this establishment, the lying media, and think I have finally convinced wifey to stop buying that DM on a Saturday just for the TV guide. We had all but stopped buying the Mail on Sunday anyway. I told her you can do nothing else and STILL help the Country - by NOT buying that biased, lying filth. Some habits die hard.

    With the Saturday Mail costing 70p and the Mail on Sunday costing £1.50, that’s an annual saving of £114.40 in weekend newspapers alone! I hardly read them anyway and had long since got sick, too, of the never ending free dvd and cd that I never watched or listened to either.

    Imagine, if we all donated the money saved off to the ‘BNP 2008 Election Campaign’ and the effect it would have! Trying to think of a legal way of not paying for this wretched TV License next year. I absolutely hate her paying for that trashy thing to fund those BBC lying gits!

    Hi Winston, we haven’t bought a TV guide for 2 years. Instead, I buy “digiguide”.. a two year sub. costs, I think, £19, but there is a free trial.

  16. ianpenrhyndd on March 16th, 2008 12:55 pm

    We must be careful when talking about the NUJ and be accurate in the use of English.

    In the NUJ code “growth of fascist parties”. Fascism is an Italian system that is anti-communist and hence we cannot call the NUJ Fascist as they are very Left Wing.

    Also our friends in “Unite Against Fascism” have a name when translated for their benefit. “Unite Against Anti- Communism” or “Unite for Communism”.

    This equates also for our Publicity Experts the Pro Communist “Searchlight Cymru” who openly state they are “Anti Fascist”.

    They are all a brilliant publicity asset and also they prove they do not understand the English Language. An unbelieveable asset!

    No wonder the BNP is going from strength to strength.


    The uaf have simply substituted the word ‘freedom’ with ‘fascism’.
    It’s part of their anti-humanistic, anti-nature inversion psychology.
    They fear real freedom because it equates to reality and truth.
    The uaf represents the opposite of freedom and pride, which is ignorance and despair. - Ed

  17. ronaldot on March 16th, 2008 12:56 pm

    What about our rights as White British people and as for so called Travellers, the only contribution I have ever seen from them in Britain is to pollute the countryside, violate other people’s property/land and not give a damn about the country or planet they live in.

  18. Valentine Gray on March 16th, 2008 1:09 pm

    This is a gross insult to the Chinese. They view Africans differently, but without the slightest degree of intended racism–ask at your local Chinese takeaway.

  19. Ashfield BNP on March 16th, 2008 1:37 pm

    Jeremy Dear, the Marxist Gen Sec of the NUJ went further in a speech a couple of years ago by actually naming the BNP and stating that his members ‘must not say ANYTHING good about the BNP’

    And these people think they have the moral high ground? Still, when you live in the sewers I suppose the high ground isn’t really that high after all.

  20. baz on March 16th, 2008 2:02 pm

    There is a saying about jounalists - Never let the TRUTH get in the way of a good story. We will grind them down simply because we tell the TRUTH.

  21. SheriffofNottingham on March 16th, 2008 2:14 pm

    I note that the NUJ says “press freedom must be conditioned” to incorporate their objectives - sounds very Orwellian to me, as does the Newspeak sound of “non-white is black”. That seems like broadbrush racism to me. Who decides what constitutes “balanced” and “of relevance”? The NUJ reporters themselves apparently - how very democratic. Reporters themselves turned the word “immigrant” into a term of abuse, just as they’re trying to turn the word “illegal” into a meaningless term. As far as I’m concerned, these words objectively describe the state of someone entering a foreign country without legal permission. Why is that an insult? Is the truth an insult now? It’s not racist - I don’t want illegal immigrants of any race allowed into my country. I don’t want alien religions taking over, either, especially if they are intrinsically against me. I was brought up to honour the truth above all else. That’s what our amazing scientific progress is based on; that’s what morality is founded on; that’s what mutual respect and co-operation stand upon. Playing word games to implement hidden agendas is totalitarian propaganda of a kind unwelcome in the Land of Free Speech. You can’t gag people’s minds even if you muffle their mouths and ears or their whole bodies in a shapeless black bag. Our ancestors died for the right to decide for themselves what constitutes the truth. They never gave that right away wholesale to unrepresentative journalists. Let’s have a plebiscite on levels of immigration - what are they afraid of?

  22. the likes of us on March 16th, 2008 2:32 pm

    My local paper (which im not sure I should name) has provided space for a completely legal and valid BNP advert and has given a relatively unbiased account of a recent party meeting. On both occasions the paper was inundated with threatening lettters from the usual suspects and a mass protest was staged outside its offices (ten people in all I think).The editor bravely argued that journalism should free from discrimination and external pressures. Needless to say i’ve never felt prouder of my local newspaper.

    Incidentally, ninety percent of the letters came from outside the Principality (small clue right there). The fact that people from outside the area felt they had a right to tell the people of my city what they could and couldn’t read says a lot more about the totalitarian intolerance of the modern left than it does about the paper itself. As Le Pen said; “As it is often the criminal himself who is first to cry, ‘Thief!’ so it is usually those who scream ‘Fascist!’ loudest who are the quickest to resort to anti-democratic tactics.”

  23. AndrewB on March 16th, 2008 2:35 pm

    I just googled common purpose and paid a visit to their website. Very interesting and disturbing. I think we are making great strides in by-passing the establishment media and developing our own networks etc, even if we are largely preaching to the converted.

  24. RedWhiteAnBlue on March 16th, 2008 2:39 pm

    A clear case of “The Truth, The Half Truth, AND NOTHING LIKE THE TRUTH ….. and these peopleused to have a pop at “Pravda” …. I hope their Mothers are proud of them …. because I KNOWthat they are **** …..VOTE BNP!

  25. Thurkill on March 16th, 2008 3:04 pm

    “I don’t have to worry about justice … my mission is only to destroy and exterminate, nothing more …. I shall use the power of the state and the police to the utmost”
    - Hermann Goring, Frankfurt rally 1933.

  26. Englishman first on March 16th, 2008 3:12 pm

    I have just posted a note on the virgin home page, SUBJECT, this governments unpopularity, I told people what a load of communists the three main parties are and to give a good, honest, little party a chance, of course the BNP. they actually published it, it’s hillarious BNP became xxx they are terrified.

  27. insider on March 16th, 2008 4:42 pm

    I read today that the glove puppet known as Basil Brush has been reported to the Northampton police for racial abuse.
    I quote from the S.Mail
    The programme in question starring Basil – catchphrase “Boom, boom!” – was first shown six years ago and repeated on the digital channel CBBC (Children’s BBC) on February 21 this year.
    The episode features Basil and his friend Mr Stephen, played by actor Christopher Pizzey, who succumbs to a gipsy spell that makes him attractive to every woman he meets.
    The gipsy fortune teller who casts the spell, Dame Rosie Fortune, had just moved into a flat above Basil and Mr Stephen’s.
    Basil rejects her offer of pegs and heather, which she holds in her hand at his front door.
    And when Dame Rosie offers to tell Basil’s fortune, he says: “I went to a fortune teller once and he said I was going on a long journey.”
    When Mr Stephen asks what happens, Basil replies: “He stole my wallet and I had to walk all the way home.”
    Joseph Jones, vice-chairman of the Southern England Romany, Gipsy and Irish Traveller Network, said: “This sort of thing happens quite regularly and we are fed up with making complaints about stereotypical comments about us in words that we find racist.
    I wonder how Mr Jones (Jones?!) or leaders of ethnic communities would react if every time that their particular group was mentioned by the media the terms racist, odious, vile etc prefaced the report?
    Mr Jones has also written to the BBC to complain; I trust the BBC licence authority will take the opportunity to check their database of addresses of everyone in the UK without a TV licence for said Mr Jones!


  28. godballsoffire on March 16th, 2008 4:57 pm

    We’ve been duped since time began. Only the winners throughout history have been the ones to report the facts. It’s technology that’s allowed us to get a ‘grain’ of truth through, one that’s just big enough to help us to think, ‘well maybe there is some truth in this.’ Science, religion…listen to your gut and make your own mind up because all of it is flawed big time. The reason I decided to give the BNP a chance was because I could see how victimised they were in the media. Anyone who is glorified by the media establishment should be ignored. It is a sure signal that something is not quite right. Take politics for example. The three parties, lib/lab/con the media are interested in are really the same party.It doesn’t matter whether a jounalist reports negative or positive about them it’s all a big set up. The one party are merely puppets for the one world government. 1984 was an inspiration.

  29. Warriorbrave on March 16th, 2008 5:01 pm

    I was a member of this lot. Young commies and a member of the Labour party. I was also a committee member of the local Labour club. The People I met as a columnist were the most vile, evil and nasty people you could hope to stay away from. Each was a liar and totally for them selves hence the saying “The working class can kiss my *** I’ve got got the boss’s job at last”.

    The Labour party was full of sly, underhanded two-faced thieving liars, as proved to day by the party itself. The committee in the club was full of back-stabbing underhanded ****.

    I have now joined the BNP–the nicest, most thoughtful and helpful people that I have ever met. I have found my home. God bless their bravery. I know what the nefarious opposition is.

  30. RW on March 16th, 2008 5:55 pm

    I read somewhere - apologies for my idleness in not tracking the quotation down - that British intelligence now concede that Goebbels, in fact, basically told the truth in pre-1945 Germany.

  31. Brysea on March 16th, 2008 6:03 pm

    So the truth is out. Now we know the reason why lies are spread by the media.
    War is peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is strength.

    There is a saying that if you tell someone a story enough times they will believe it.

    Thats what this government is doing. It’s called Social Engineering.

    The Communist Way.

  32. Askari on March 16th, 2008 6:19 pm

    A few contributors to this thread have suggested we cease to read newspapers. From whence then are we to gain some idea of current affairs, issues of the moment, a hundred and one matters which affect our lives, both at home and abroad? The BBC? Sky TV? Don’t make me angry !
    Presumably the people who live lives entirely deprived of any knowledge of national and international news and important issues, and above all of the wide-ranging debate which surrounds them, are happy to pick up their news when they go to the parish pump once a day to draw water.
    Reading two or three newspapers - even if only the editorials and some of the commentary - will inevitably present what is overall a fairly balanced coverage of important political and social trends and issues which affect all of us. It is precisely because the electorate remains wilfully pig-ignorant that the liblabconspiracy is able to sustain their stranglehold over this country.

  33. godballsoffire on March 16th, 2008 10:42 pm

    Askari, keep your eye on the media reporting to know what NOT to believe and go from there. If we believe the media is balanced we are sorely deluded. It tips only in the favour of the master controllers. Have no doubt about that.

  34. RW on March 17th, 2008 11:28 pm

    Askari, the problem is that a lot of important information is kept secret. You can read any number of newspapers, and listen to TV/ radio, but if the stuff isn’t there, you’re none the wiser. There is as great a need for alternative/ whistleblowing/ challenging/ revisionist/ foreign-viewpoint/ anti-alarmist material as ever.

  35. Kentish Man on March 18th, 2008 11:45 am

    I have suddenly fallen in. The reason Hitchens, Littlejohn and others inevitably refer to the ‘vile racist’ BNP in their columns, which are usually full of entertaining stuff which could have come straight out of our website blogs, is to satisfy the NUJ requirement to include a mandatory slagging off whenever the Party is mentioned, in order to achieve ‘balance’. Good, eh?

  36. RW on September 8th, 2008 2:08 pm

    April 2008 (i.e. after Winfield’s piece) the NUJ ‘republished its Race Reporting guidelines’

    The Race Reporting Guidelines cover a wide variety of topics including immigrants, slang terms, racist organisations and travellers.
    The decision to republish also comes in the wake of a strongly-worded letter from NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear to Archant chief executive John Fry.
    In it, he called it an “incredible decision” to accept money from the BNP by some of Archant’s local titles.
    He added: “The decision to accept money from them is reprehensible enough, to try to argue it is to do with free speech sickening.
    “The NUJ does not have a ‘no platform’ position. We believe in challenging vigorously all political parties…

    They don’t state what legal force if any the NUJ has to enforce its ‘guidelines’ - presumably honest journalists can be made unemployed by them.

    I found Jeremy Dear the ‘NUJ General Secretary’, qualifications unstated, has a blog:–
    It is vital we now get local communities involved in the battle to ensure local journalists have the resources necessary to deliver quality news across all platforms. — You just have to laugh.

    I wonder if journalists have any idea of the contempt they are held in by very many people? I know after paying some attention to local events (’regeneration’ frauds, useless ‘academy’ plans, money for developers, school land earmarked for building, money-making demolition schemes, PFI schemes, bogus reports etc), all unreported, that the local papers are rubbish.

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