Name: Undead Troll -2- [ Submit Correction ]
Race: Undead Undead Troll -2-
Level: 100
Hits: 93
Ratio: 0.93

Aggressive?  No Retreats?  No Quest?  No Members?  Yes Poisonous?  No

    Lucien's secret base North of the God Wars dungeon.
P2P Only drops:
  • Gold: 241-298
  • 100%: Bones
  • Weapon: Steel warhammer, Black warhammer, Mithril mace, Rune warhammer
  • Armour: Granite shield, Mithril platebody, Adamant med helm
  • Runes/Arrows: Earth(22-73), Cosmic(6), Nature(17-20), Law(4), Death(5), Mithril bolts(4)
  • Misc: Herbs, Pure essence(11-13 noted), Oak plank(6 noted), Teak plank(3 noted), Coal(7 noted), Raw tuna(5 noted), Clue scroll(level 2)
  • Seeds: Herb(1), Jangerberry(1), Poison Ivy(1), Belladonna(1), Cactus(1)
  • Charms(1):Gold, Green, Crimson, Blue
Notes: "Going by how trolls are named, this one's probably changed its name to `Braiiins`."

The Undead Trolls in the Northeast and Southeast corner of the chamber are not aggressive. The Undead Trolls in the Northwest and Southwest chambers, however, are still aggressive and appear to be summoned by the Undead Mages.

To get to these monsters you need to be wearing a full dagon'hai robe set (to get up a ladder) and also have the Strange teleorb and 1 law and death rune. When in the room up the ladder (in Lucien's base under the Black Knights Castle) you have to stand in the center of the circle and activate the teleorb.
Credit: Darkblade986, n_odie, Howlin1, Headnazgul




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