Friday, December 12, 2008

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Policeman charged with homicide, clashes continue

Wednesday 10 December 2008

The policeman who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy was formally charged with homicide and remanded in custody on Wednesday. After a national strike during the day, fresh violence erupted at night in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

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A Greek police officer has been formally charged with voluntary homicide over the killing of a teenager, which sparked nationwide riots, a court source said Wednesday.
Epaminondas Korkoneas, 37, has also been charged with the "illegal use" of his weapon of service over the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos and was ordered to remain in custody by an Athens magistrate.
The officer's partner, Vassilios Saraliotis, 31, was charged with being an accomplice and will also remain in custody, the same source added. The pair have each been held since Sunday.
Ballistics tests conducted in the wake of the 15-year-old's post-mortem reportedly showed the shooting may have been caused by a ricochet bullet, legal sources had earlier said.
According to forensic experts and independent experts acting for the Grigoropoulos family, the bullet "is a bit deformed, which showed the bullet touched a hard surface" before entering the boy's chest.

Fresh clashes

Fresh clashes between police and groups of youths broke out at nightfall in Greece on Wednesday centred around two key Athens landmarks and in the northern city of Salonika, police said.
A youth claimed to have been struck by a police officer and was taken to hospital along with a woman also hurt during clashes outside the Greek parliament, according to national health officials.
Judicial authorities said a police inquiry into the alleged beating was under way. In all, at least four people were injured outside the seat of the Greek parliament.
Several hours after rallies organised by unions and the Greek communist party to mark a long-planned general strike had wound down, youths again threw objects at riot police outside the Exarchia district's Athens Polytechnic.
The rioters set garbage cans ablaze to block lesser roads into the area after the main avenue was closed to traffic.
Occupied since Sunday night, surrounding roads remained closed to traffic.
In Salonika, more skirmishes erupted near its university with police saying eight people -- including three under the age of 16 -- have been arrested since Tuesday night for looting and attacking property.
Groups including school pupils and students were engaged in an evening stand-off with security forces, having begun a similar occupation there on Monday.
The southwestern city of Patras however was said by police to have been calm on Wednesday.



  • 11/12/2008 13:37:55 Alert a moderator

    You can take Europe out of the middle ages but ...

    I guess you can't take the middle ages out of Europe.
    Is protesting for the right to burn people alive in the street without consequence part of that superior European civilization that cowboy America keeps hearing about?

  • 11/12/2008 03:06:25 Alert a moderator

    Policeman charged with homicide, clashes continue

    I am very glad that the police officer is going to be charged and i am sad, that the
    riots are continuing on...

  • 10/12/2008 22:24:07 Alert a moderator


    There is irresponsibility on all sides especially with the youths. Yes the police involved should be investigated and punished if found guilty, no there is no excuse for the rioting, the youths undoubtedly feel justified in committing acts of stupidity over an incident most of them know nothing about except through word of mouth. The direction that the youth culture in Greece is taking is not a very healthy or intelligent one.

  • 09/12/2008 21:18:49 Alert a moderator

    Central Athens violence prompts election call

    I think that the government should call for a new election immediately.

  • 09/12/2008 18:39:08 Alert a moderator

    read how Alexis died first ...

    "nonsense" wrote Yalchin.
    >> "Concerning anarchist groups, Greece is not very proud of them. If a 15 years old child attacks a police car and dies, not the police should be punished, but his parents, his organisation and his school."
    Yalchin, I do not agree: First, it is clear from the testimonies of the 2 kids that were with him when he died, that Alexis did not attack or provoke the police. It was another group close by, but totally unrelated.
    Second, it is the responsibility of those being in possession of lethal weapons to avoid unnecessary killing. This incident represents without any doubt a shocking transgression of fundamental rules. The government must bear the responsibility, and it looks right now as if the people are going to force the government to do just that.

    Concerning Ottoman Rule: I also see no connection. Greece has undergone fundamental changes in the 20th century, and if there is unrest now, let us first look at the immediate causes, which are grave enough, rather than theorize historically. The social and political problems modern Greece is facing are acute and one has to start looking at them in terms of current developments first.

  • 09/12/2008 05:22:29 Alert a moderator

    Anti-police riots intensify across Greece

    when will the greek government accept some responsibility following this; and resigned, so the damaged to both the greek state and the society at large will be repaired

  • 08/12/2008 12:31:31 Alert a moderator


    What the Ottoman Empire has to do with what has happened now? Do you have any idea what you are talking about because nobody else has.

  • 08/12/2008 10:11:39 Alert a moderator


    I don't know what is the connection between Ottoman empire and greek anarchists. The only thing that I know is the fact that turcs were never so as violent as western european colonialists.
    Concerning anarchist groups, Greece is not very proud of them. If a 15 years old child attacks a police car and dies, not the police should be punished, but his parents, his organisation and his school.

  • 08/12/2008 08:46:11 Alert a moderator

    Where's the Ottoman Empire when you need it?

    Cliches are sometimes cliches because they're true, viz: "The more things change, the more they remain the same."

    Athens and Thessaloniki have been flashpoints for violent politics since at least the 1400's. Anyone who has read historian Mark Mazower's "Salonica: City of Ghosts, 1430 - 1950" will recognize the current difficulties as another in a long line of similar disagreements.

  • 07/12/2008 06:17:22 Alert a moderator

    Shooting of teenager sparks riots in Greece

    This type of incident should be investigated by the Greek government...

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