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Electron E150

E150 - BruntingthorpeElectron E150 is a custom-designed prototype vehicle developed to prove the concept that led to the QEV range.

In August 2003, it established an official world speed record for electric milk floats, with an average speed of two runs across a measured quarter-mile of 72.75mph, at Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, UK.
Read about the attempt at the Wellington Films web site.

At the same event, the E150 established a new record for the timed quarter of a mile from a standing start of 23.49secs.

The vehicle is powered by a 150kw DC drive from AC Propulsion Systems making it capable of speeds in excess of 80mph. The drive system is powered by Fiamm batteries.

The bodywork was produced by Amalfi Design and the chassis developed by Llandaff Engineering.

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