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About the Artist

John O'Neill is an artist committed to the realignment of art with society in forms that people can appreciate and afford. He pursues the synthesis of artistic inspiration with insight into the human situation.

Beginning in 1975, John evolved a philosophy he calls Admcadiam™. Admcadiam manifests his vision to create beauty for the heart, message for the soul and challenge for the mind. In this journey, John pioneered the design of accessible and affordable art: playing cards, board games, video games, and web animation. As early as the 1980s, his games set the standard for educational and non-violent video games. He has accrued such accolades as "the Salvador Dali of Video Games," and the "Pied Piper of Computer Gaming." After launching Flyghts of Fancie in 1982, this company became synonymous with innovation in the non-violent sector of the video game industry. Lifespan won the "most innovative game" award in 1985. Dolphin's Rune won "best educational game" in 1987.

Admcadiam games demonstrate an evolution in the concept of winning and losing. Through interactive art, one explores the richness of self, the duality of human nature, the balance and the interconnectedness of all life.

John returned to game development in 2001 because he believes it is time to create a new genre of entertainment for people seeking to better understand the world and self through art. He created Paradice because he believes that objects for entertainment, such as games, should not only be beautiful, but also engage the mind and emotions. Paradice is the first of a matrix of nine games that carry meaningful messages for living in a more harmonious, cooperative way. The games are designed to take people on an interactive journey from fear to bliss.