AVAX:2,18  AVE:1,65  BASIK:28,70  AGRI:1,60  AGRAS:3,02  AEGEK:0,14  AIOLC:1,87  AKRIT:0,70  ALKA:3,58  ALCO:0,56  ALLAK:0,88  ALMY:1,11  ALSIN:0,87  ALTEC:0,10  ALTER:2,96  ALTI:0,76  ALPHA:6,18  ANDRO:1,37  ANEK:0,86  ARBA:8,08  ASCO:0,78  ASPT:0,86  ASTAK:7,58  ASTIR:3,24  ASTRA:0,45  ATE:1,45  ATEK:1,38  ATERM:0,14  ATLA:1,65  TATT:1,84  ATTIK:0,21  ATTICA:4,54  AXON:0,80  BALK:1,79  VARDA:1,01  VARNH:0,19  BETAN:0,08  VIVER:0,76  BIOSK:0,22  BIOT:0,33  BIOX:4,12  VOSYS:1,99  BOX:1,74  BSTAR:2,16  BYTE:1,14  GMF:0,44  GEBKA:0,37  GEK:2,98  GRIGO:0,82  TGEN:1,37  DAIOS:7,18  PPC:12,60  DIAS:0,40  DION:0,53  DIFF:1,32  DOL:2,01  DOMIK:0,55  DUR:0,92  DROME:0,31  DROUK:1,02  HSI:1,13  EVROF:0,95  EGNAK:1,76  EDRA:0,33  EDRIP:0,69  EEEK:10,80  ELCAN:9,40  ELBA:0,90  ELBE:0,90  ELGEK:0,73  ELFIS:0,10  ELKA:1,48  TELL:37,02  ELME:3,34  ELPE:5,76  ELTRK:2,78  ELTON:0,50  ELYF:0,51  ELFIK:0,53  EMDKO:0,11  TEMP:5,96  EPIL:0,33  EUROC:2,24  ETE:13,32  ETEM:0,60  EYAPS:4,12  EUBRK:0,55  EYDAP:5,70  EUPIC:0,80  EUROM:5,18  EUROB:5,76  EUROS:0,29  FGE:1,06  EXAE:5,36  ZAMP:7,98  ZENON:1,27  ELATH:2,74  HRAK:6,06  IASO:4,38  IATR:1,20  IKONA:0,29  IKTIN:0,46  ILYDA:0,95  IMPE:0,60  INKAT:0,37  INLOT:2,90  INTEK:1,15  IDER:0,74  INTET:0,83  INTRK:0,69  INTERFISH:0,31  HDF:5,86  KATHI:5,12  KAMP:1,47  KANAK:2,00  KARD:0,58  KEKR:4,48  KEPEN:0,58  KERAL:0,46  KLEM:1,88  KLM:1,54  KLONK:0,10  KMOL:1,48  COMP:0,08  QUAL:0,31  QUEST:1,20  KOUM:0,36  KREKA:1,09  CRETA:3,52  KRI:1,66  KTILA:0,59  BOC:2,36  KYRI:1,24  KYRM:0,31  LAVI:0,74  LAMDA:4,00  LAMPS:19,80  LEBEK:0,60  LEBEP:0,61  LIVAN:0,43  LODIS:1,96  KYLO:2,51  LYK:1,77  LIBE:1,23  MAIK:0,19  MARAC:0,38  MEVA:1,67  MEDIC:2,57  MERKO:3,28  METKK:5,88  MHXAK:1,40  MHXAP:1,13  MINOA:3,50  MLAND:0,63  MLS:0,85  MOH:7,88  MODA:0,61  MOTO:1,97  MOYZK:0,59  MULT:2,08  MOCHL:0,16  BABY:8,40  MPITR:1,29  MYTIL:3,74  NAKAS:2,04  NAYP:0,47  NAFT:1,10  NEORS:0,54  NIR:0,55  NEWS:0,52  XYLEK:0,45  XYLEP:0,55  OLTH:11,40  OLKAT:1,80  PPA:9,66  OLYMP:0,20  OPAP:21,60  HTO:12,50  OTOEL:1,31  PARN:1,21  REI:1,14  PEILH:5,30  TPEIR:6,02  PETZK:0,29  PETRO:3,58  PEGAS:1,36  PLAT:0,59  PLAIS:5,80  PLAKR:2,99  PLAS:0,23  PRD:0,18  PRESD:6,20  PROF:0,76  PSYST:0,33  REV:0,57  RAIN:0,79  RILK:3,52  RIDE:0,41  ROKKA:16,00  ROKPA:11,00  CYCL:0,49  SANYO:0,24  SAR:4,66  SATOK:0,43  SELMK:0,25  SELO:0,62  CENTR:1,05  SIDE:3,06  SIDMA:1,80  SPACE:0,66  CPI:0,25  SPID:0,20  SPRDER:1,10  SPIR:0,86  SFA:1,54  SOLK:0,98  TEGO:1,48  TEKDO:0,81  TERNA:2,80  TELET:6,72  TITK:13,48  TITP:10,00  TSOUK:0,16  YALCO:0,67  HYGEIA:1,76  FIER:0,45  FLEXO:7,50  FOLLI:6,58  FORTH:0,64  FRIGO:4,00  FOYRK:5,50  HAIDE:0,96  XAKO:0,80  HATZK:0,31  HKRAN:0,50  

Papariga on Wed.'s strike

   Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga called Tuesday night on people, students and pupils to render Wednesday's strike the culmination of the recent days protests and mobilisations , stressing that this will be the best response to the latest events.

   Papariga also announced that the party's Central Committee that convened at noon, after examining the political developments and the tragic events of the past days, calls on the party's members and friends to be in a state of electoral readiness.

   Asked whether she believes that early elections can take place, Papariga expressed the view that the government "will not only be unable to exhaust the four-year term, but it will also be unable to hold out for long" and added that if the elections come earlier so be it, but stressed that "we shall not leave the struggles to look at the ballot boxes."

   In a written statement released later in the day, the KKE's Central Committee "hails the young men and young women, pupils, students and working people who, from the very beginning until today, reacted with mass mobilisations and a catalytical protest to the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, they highlighted the longlasting political causes that armed the hand of the murderer, the specific responsibilities of the New Democracy party."

   Referring to the activities of the hooded youths, the Central Committee said that "an effort is being made by the bourgeoisie state, the ND government to utilise the blind violence of the hooded people, which we are witnessing mainly through the television channels, to check the swelling wave of discontent and popular intervention that is developing."

   Caption: ANA-MPA file photo of Communist Party of Greece leader Aleka Papariga