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We are using Twitter to help keep you informed about happenings around WSDOT, Puget Sound Traffic information and now are excited to announce that we can tweet back to you mountain pass conditions.

In order to receive these pass reports from us, set yourself up with a Twitter account and follow WSDOT.  Once we follow you, you can get real time mountain pass reports using the following directions.

Getting Mountain Pass reports via Twitter

If you are a Twitter user you can get mountain pass conditions by sending a direct message to WSDOT. You can also get the pass report in a text message by sending a direct message from your phone via SMS, using the format below.

For a direct message from Twitter use this format:

    pass [pass id], or pass sno

For current mountain pass conditions from your cellphone, send a text message to 40404 using this format:

d wsdot pass [pass id]

Example: d wsdot pass ble

Pass ids are based on the first three letters of the pass name.

Mountain Pass Name ID
Blewett Pass US97 ble
Cayuse Pass SR123 cay
Chinook Pass SR410 chi
Crystal to Greenwater SR410 cry
Disautel Pass SR 155 dis
Loup Loup Pass SR20 lou
Manastash Ridge I-82 man
Mt. Baker Hwy SR542 bak
North Cascade Hwy SR20 cas
Satus Pass US97 sat
Sherman Pass SR20 she
Snoqualmie Pass I-90 sno
Stevens Pass US2 ste
Wauconda Pass SR20 wau
White Pass US12 whi

WSDOT will then tweet you back the current weather and road conditions for any mountain pass you specify.

Learn more about how to use Twitter at their help site.