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Lightly armored vehicles
Weapon Systems

The Weapon System With the Fire Control System and Kornet-E Guided Weapon Designed to Equip Armoured Vehicles

BMP-2 with the Kornet-E

Designed to upgrade light combat vehicles (IFV, APS and others).


  • armament including a 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, two launchers for the Kornet-E ATGMs (one launcher for two missiles) and a 30mm automatic grenade launcher (AG-30);
  • automated day/night Fire Control System;
  • armoured cupola with a basket and seats for the crew members.

The fighting vehicle equipped with the new weapon system obtains innovative capabilities:

  • firing capability by any ammunition by day and at night, on the move and afloat;
  • automatic target tracking;
  • improved fire accuracy by any ammunition;
  • increased rate of fire by missiles;
  • extended range of target detection and recognition;
  • effective anti-aircraft fire;
  • reliable engagement of up-to-date and future tanks;
  • firing capability against entrenched manpower equipped with antitank weapons.

Sighting and observation system comprises optical, thermal and TV-channels and provides the gunner and the commander with effective capabilities to fire at any target in current combat operations.

Basic Characteristics
Combat weight, t 2.85-3.25
Guided armament
  Range of fire, m up to 5500
  Armor penetration, mm
  Ready-to-fire missiles, pcs. 4
  ERA destruction ensured
30mm automatic cannon
  Range, m up to 4000
  Rate of fire, rpm
      - low 250-350
      - high not less than 550
  Ammunition, pcs. 500
30mm automatic grenade launcher
  Range, m 1700-2000
  Rate of fire, rpm up to 400
  Ammunition, pcs. 300
Automatic fire control system
  Gunner's sight Integrated,
with thermal, laser beam range-finding and laser guidance channel
  Commander's sight
Panoramic, TV with rangefinding channel
  Target autotracker, digital stabilizer, digital ballistic computer with sensors, data and control system yes