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Coming off a thirty-day stint last year at Rikers relating to his impersonation of an FBI agent -- and an uncharacteristic three-year break from recording -- the only artist in history to have his first five albums debut at Number One returns to tear apart a rap game gone soft from bling. Year of the Dog . . . Again thrives on a classic formula: Swizz Beatz's compressed, head-drilling fanfares and DMX's adrenalized, gland-chewing rhymes. "If you gots the whip, you better get on/'Cuz if I pull up it won't be for Grey Poupon," X greets us on "We in Here." (To hear him bark his trademark "What!" remains a thrill on par with Iggy Pop's "Huh!") The Busta Rhymes co-feature "Come Thru (Move)" sports a club-savvy chorus, and "Baby Motha" mines some Isley Brothers-style soul as X laments, "Nigga, 'cuz we got a kid together I'm stuck with her." The atrocious, heavy-metal-driven "Wrong or Right (I'm Tired)" could be a Gitmo torture jam, and "Blown Away" ("Went to jail a few times, but that didn't stop me/All it taught me was not to be sloppy") is undermined by saxophone drivel. "Goodbye" veers close to comedy when X shouts out, "Jesus!" and growls like a pit bull in the same breath, but he's obviously so serious the laugh gets stifled. The unwritten message of Dog: Darkman X can still kick all y'all asses. And who are we to argue?


(Posted: Jul 31, 2006)


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LandMark1 writes:

4of 5 Stars

I've always been a die hard DMX fan for all of his previous albums.I have to admit, when i first went through this album, like a lot of music listeners, i just scanned through it listenin to like 10-30 of each song. But one day i put this cd in the deck and let it play all the way through. This album did not leave my deck in about 2 weeks. My only suggestion that would have made it over the top is that he might have one of those "vintage" DMX anthems that had us growlin and barkin in the club (Ruff Ryders Anthem, What's My Name, My Niggas,Party Up,Get At Me Dog, Who We Be, Niggas Done Started Something, Dont You Ever, and Scenario 2000). He is still one of my favorite mc's. He's original and has a unique style of his own that can not be duplicated. And unlike most new rappers coming up, he's "Believable"!.

My favorites are :
I Run Sh*t,Its Personal(w/Styles P and Jadakiss),Baby Motha, Dog Love(w/Amerie)
Give'Em what they want(Produced by Scott Storch), Walk These Dogs, Blown Away, Goodbye, Life Be My Song, The Prayer, and Lord Give Me a sign.
Ones I think are ok are :
We In Here & Come Thru - Lyrics & Beats are nice. Hook is boring.

Definitely a must-have for dmx fans and a blueprint for rappers who rap about a bunch of nothin.

Dog 4 Life!!

Oct 16, 2008 12:30:02

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jettedf writes:

5of 5 Stars

SICK!!! X keeps his shit real. He ain't comformin to da bullshit you hear on the radio. He's hood for real, and raps his life. Dog still outraps the cats, so scratch the rest of the pack and feel his tactics, it's some mad fat shit. He'll bark off your hat quick, this dog's hard cuz he's that sick. The D is a #1 pick until he dies, he tries to be true and it's true, he's been through more than you so listen to him tell his story over a Perfect swizz core beat. Much love for X, #1 for life.

Aug 7, 2006 12:02:19

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WN1 writes:

5of 5 Stars

Listened to the lbum one time and did not think much of it, but after the third time, I elevated it to a level right below "And Then There was X". Easily it is his third best album. The passion is still there and it offers you much more than the nonsense coming out of the Souht. Tracks 12 and 13 are the superior tracks on the album, although all of the tracks are go except for one or two.

Aug 5, 2006 05:22:53

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