The New USFL is happy to announce its newest members to the Advisory Committee:

  • Anthony Davis - Former All American with USC; played in the NFL, WFL, CFL and USFL with the LA Express


The New USFL is happy to announce its newest members to the Advisory Committee:

  • Jack Youngblood - Hall of Fame player with the Los Angeles Rams
  • John Jenkins - As coach, his offense has broken records in NFL, USFL, College and the CFL.
  • Ron Calcagni - Quarterbacked the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1975-79; served as the President of Arkansas Sports and Entertainment; has over 20 years of coaching experience; has coached 15 All American players, including 1989 Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware.
  • Gary Anderson - Former USFL (Bandits) & NFL (Chargers, Buccaneers & Lions) Pro Bowl running back; Gary is also in the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame; 4th leading rusher in USFL history.

The New USFL awards 12 states as the home of a New USFL teams. The states are:

California (2)
New York

Keep in mind fans, this could change depending upon the owners.


A press release has been issued to the media announcing the plans for the New USFL. Click here to download the PDF press release file.

Commissioner Dwyer and the Board of Directors name Asst. City Attorney Tom Shapiro new USFL Commissioner. Michael Dwyer, founder of the league becomes Chairman & CEO.

USFL to start awarding teams by September 8th.

USFL looking to open office in Redondo Beach, Hermosa, San Pedro or Rolling Hills, CA. 

The league is already being contacted by players wanting tryouts. The league will help set up tryouts for players as soon as teams are awarded.

Group in San Jose contacts league for a team of their own.

Boone Pickens Stadium in Oklahoma says no thank you to a USFL team in 2010. Sorry, football fans of Oklahoma, we tried.

A New Orleans group wants to try for a team. Commissioner Dwyer says it all depends on who will own the team and if a stadium deal can be worked out.

Los Angeles - Commissioner Dwyer had a talk with the Home Depot Center and it seems the door is open. Much depends on who will own the team and if the field can take the extra load. The Commissioner has gone on record that the USFL would like to play at the Home Depot Center, and will do everything in his power to make it work. "WIth the right owner in place, we'd be looking at a sell out every game!"

The league is in contact with Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. However due to no beer sales at the stadium, a great financial deal to use the stadium will be needed and a local person or group to come forward for ownership if the team is to play there. We'd love to be in Salt Lake, but this limitation makes it very hard to sell to anyone outside of Utah said Commissioner Dwyer.

The USFL has also been in contact with a local Salt Lake soccer team regarding the use of their new upcoming stadium in 2010.

Commissioner Dwyer appears on the Loose Cannons Radio show on 570 KLAC.

Commissioner Dwyer names DeWayne Gatewood as Director of Security for the new USFL. He will over see security on all USFL matters, including stadiums and the security of the USFL Commissioner.

Commissioner Dwyer also names A.J. Johnson as Director of Player personnel. His duties will include finding players who have NFL or College experience and are not on a NFL roster at this time. This includes looking at NFL, AFL & CFL players who will soon be free agents or recently retired players who may still want to play.

The league to pull Arkansas (Indian Stadium) off the table. Sorry, football fans of Arkansas, we tried.

League to start letting fans sign-up for ticket email notification for their home team. (See Tickets section)

Talks still underway with Home Depot in Los Angeles.

The league is looking into Arkansas as a USFL home. Will know by the end of July.

League backs out of talks with Franklin Stadium in Philadelphia over beer sales. However the League is still looking into Philadelphia as a home.

Texas steps up big this week with 3 stadiums willing to call themselves home of a USFL team. San Antonio's Alamo Dome, Houston (we have two stadiums wanting a team) and the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. And two groups seeking ownership in Texas.

Memphis may be next to call USFL home.

Talks start up with Wilson Stadium in Buffalo.
USFL Commissioner Michael Dwyer to fill front office staff by the end of the month.

League looking to start talks with Buffalo in New York. USFL wanting to call Wilson Stadium home in 2010.

Atlanta trying to make a move for a team. Talks under way with Bobby Dodd Stadium. No beer sales may kill it? 

Talks start up with RFK in Washington.

Jackson Mississippi says yes to a new USFL team in 2010. The South is coming on strong.