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Iraqis demand freedom for the journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, who has become a hero to Muslims all over the world

'Shoe-thrower of Baghdad' brings Iraqis on to the streets

As Muntazer al-Zaidi remains in detention, his countrymen demonstrate their support for his anti-Bush protest

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Abhisit Vejjajiva is the leader of Thailand?s opposition Democrat Party, which has won power after a court ruling last month that banned the former PM and three political parties

Opposition leader educated at Eton is new Thai PM

An Oxford-educated fan of Newcastle United Football Club, who also has a taste for Albert Camus, has been elected Thailand's third prime minister in as many months – a position heavy with challenges and political uncertainty.

Forbidden City

    After years of restoration, an 18th-century Chinese studio is back to its former glory

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Mary Dejevsky: What were we doing performing this 'rescue'?

This case is less about forced marriage than personal fulfilment


Dominic Lawson: What rich people lack... even more money

Most of us would be content with £873m. Not the likes of David Ross


John Walsh: Sir Paul feels he can hector the Dalai Lama

He exists in a heady stratosphere of Olympian fawning.

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