Soul Calibur II Hits Japanese Arcades

Namco celebrates the arcade release by unveiling the first screenshots of the game's "Destiny Battle" system.

Soul Calibur II officially hit Japanese arcades yesterday, and Namco commemorated the day by releasing a few screenshots of the game's three hidden characters. These three characters?Yoshimitsu, Cervantes and the brand-new Charade?will be made available on a time-release basis, with Yoshimitsu becoming a selectable fighter sometime next week in Japan.

Namco also revealed what they call the "Destiny Battle" system, part of their effort to include a deeper story aspect in their arcade fighter. In the seventh battle of an 8-battle game, your character will always fight someone he or she is related to within the game's plot, and the game will play a little cutscene beforehand to show the player what's going on between the two characters. The screenshots below are from these cutscenes, and not only do they show off the detailed character models Namco's prepared this time around, but they also reveal some quite lovely new costumes for nearly all the non-hidden fighters. Neat stuff. The game should hopefully appear in American arcades before the end of the month.

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