Full Episode: The Rocky Mountains
Full Episode: The Florida Everglades
Full Episode: The Grand Canyon
Full Episode: The San Juan Islands
Full Episode: Mount McKinley, Alaska
Full Episode: Catalina Island, CA
Full Episode: The Great Lakes
Full Episode: Hawaii's Big Island
Full Episode: The Badlands
Full Episode: The White Mountains
Severe shifts in dueling climates
Riding waves in the sky
Snow Kiting: Go skiing and flying
How to detect avalanche risk
Going to work with dynamite
Dogs find people buried deep in snow
Rain shadows and shower curtains
How Hurricane Ridge got its name
Weather you can smell
The playground of Orca Whales
Hunting for the elusive truffle
The lake that spawned the Everglades
Crocs and gators living side by side
Stone crab capital of the world
A fisherman's paradise
Best shelling in the world