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MI-6/Saudi Funding
Of Islamic Terrorists

(LPAC) -- Lyndon LaRouche has tasked an intelligence spotlight to be put on the Anglo-Saudi operations that are financing, recruiting, and training Islamic terrorist operations throughout North Africa into Southwest and South Asia. Cleaning up this British-Saudi operation will be crucial to stopping the further escalation of major terrorist attacks in the aftermath of the Mumbai massacre by the Lashkar e-Taiba. On Nov. 26, LaRouche identified this as a British intelligence operation, but most of the world's media are trying to narrow the blame to "Pakistani'' institutions, especially the Inter-Services Intelligence agency ISI. But, LaRouche stated, "So what. It's British intelligence.''
Sources in India and Washington have identified one of the key operatives as former ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, who, EIR has reported, is nicknamed the "Godfather of the Taliban,'' and whose main role for British MI-6 was as a recruiter of Islamic fundamentalist fighters in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation of that country. Indian and U.S. intelligence sources have stressed the role of the recruitment of Pakistani terrorists from the radical mosques freely operating in Britain. With British passports, it is far easier for these fighters to move internationally.
The Press Trust of India (PTI) reported today that the U.S. State Department has a list of at least four Pakistanis, including former ISI chief Gul, that is being sent to the UN Security Council for imposing sanctions against them for terrorist activities. PTI's sources indicated that in addition to Lt. Gen. Gul, who served as chief of the ISI during 1987-89, others on the list are believed to be Lt. Gen. Javed Nasir who was ISI chief during 1992-93, Maj. Gen. Zahirul Islam Abbasi, and a former army chief. The State Department deputy spokesman would not confirm who is on the list until the document is delivered to the UN.
In July 2008, EIR reported on the importance of Hamid Gul, and described the MI-6/ISI relationship: "There exists a policy agreement between the ISI and MI6. Following the withdrawal of the defeated Soviet Army in 1989, the ISI moved in to arm and train the Taliban. The intelligence agency also brought in al-Qaeda, and was in the process of developing what is called 'strategic depth,' which, it argued, was necessary to protect the country from its 'mortal enemy,' India. The civilian governments in Islamabad, under the late Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, had little choice but to allow the Pakistani Army and the ISI to pursue this objective.''
Since the time of British Intelligence's Afghansi operation, these ISI networks have been a British-protected entity, permitted to maintain the protection of fundamentalist terrorist groups like the LeT, despite the so-called "war on terrorism.''
While the MI-6/ISI relationship is well known, the Saudi side, which ties back into the 9/11 attacks, has been covered up. The Saudi international financing apparatus under the cover of religious and charitable networks throughout South Asia has been largely ignored. Washington intelligence sources stress that Pakistan itself does not have money for these operations--the country is in dire financial straits, but the money for the fundmentalists is coming through Dubai and the UAE--where organized crime chieftain of Mumbai/Bollywood, Dawood Ibrahim, operated.
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