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Bugfix release, 0.77b5
Posted by Auswaschbar at 2008-10-22 00:17, 37 comments.
Because some bugs still slipped through the 0.77b4 version, we have created a b5 release. If everything went as expected, this should be the last release in this short time, next one will take longer (even if it might become another bugfix release).
Look at the download page for direct download links, or use the ingame updater which should now work in this version.

What has changed?


  • check if common unitsync users are running, abort installation if any is found

  • don't download and install RiverDale and SmallDivide when the user already has it

  • even more preventions of DIV0

User Interface:
  • whe watching a demo with a setup locally, overwrite maxspeed with 10

  • fix mousehover detection for radar icons

  • fixed performance of Lua fontHandler

  • make the orbit-controller actually do something on win32

  • make the orbit-controller speeds configurable

  • rescale fonts on window resize so they don't look ugly

  • fixed black border blending of fonts

  • ATI drivers lie about not supporting extensions required by shadows. we ignore that extension now

  • new fbi tag: bankingAllowed - only affects hoverAttack=1 units; controls if the aircraft can bank.

  • fbi tag upright now affects gunships

  • fix CAirMoveType using an uninitialized variable (maxSpeed)

  • fix Aircraft fuel not working properly on units with multiple weapons

  • fix SendLuaMsg

  • improve heading table resolution, this makes huge units less jerky

  • fix the gamespeed not going back up after it was slowed down

  • when ArchiveCache has not been written yet, do not add archive dependencies that are already in the chain (was breaking demos)

  • fix factories switching their yardmap to fully-blocked when a unit is present inside (so units don't getstuck inside)

  • fixed map defined detailtex

  • fix LUA Spring.GetTeamResources does not return "received" for one player on each team

Unitsync / Lobby interface:
  • engine now loads many start script options from GAME\ModOptions\ section in start script, instead of just GAME\

  • added EngineOptions.lua to springcontent.sdz, this contains the default engine options for backward compatibility

  • GetModOptions unitsync call parses both EngineOptions.lua and ModOptions.lua, and returns combined list of options


  • lots of fixes to CMake and dedicated server (already released)

  • minor KAIK stability fixes

I stopped uploading zip archives with the source code because I don't consider them usefull. If you have used them, post a hate message here.

Almost forgot to thank people who made this happen: imbaczek, kloot, tvo, submarine, jK, det and all helpers, testers, contributors etc.

Important: You have to upload your lobby to make use of some of the new features (included in the installer).

Bugfix release, 0.77b4, Now with less bugs
Posted by Auswaschbar at 2008-10-15 00:41, 20 comments.
Because 0.77b3 still had some bugs left, 0.77b4 is now ready for general consumption. You can find them at the download page.

Things changed:
  • fixed a crash (on exit) in colormap.cpp

  • fixed another division /0

  • fix crashes on "/take"

  • fix crash when loading units into transporters

User Interface:
  • fix tabulator toggling overview mode

  • reduce the maxBreaking-is-zero message spam

  • fix far textures showing up as gray rectangles

  • the error message "no writable directories found" now has a windows version too

  • Fix explosion spheres appearing at wrong position

  • fix attackorder for radar dots

  • fix attacking gaia units

  • fix the collision detection for dgun (and other noExplode) projectiles

  • Made gunships (and possibly other units too) point their noses at the midPos of their target instead of the pos, the old behaviour could cause trouble with units where midPos and pos differ much.

  • added crashDrag tag (float, default 0.005) to fighter/bomber planes, when the plane is crashing it uses this drag instead of the automatically calculated drag it uses when flying. The calculated drag is no longer used when crashing, even if no crashDrag tag is present in the unit fbi

  • fix (AirMoveType) aircraft refueling

  • fix gameend detected not propperly

  • gameslowdown triggers at higher CPU usage and is limited to half the userspeed

Bugfix release, 0.77b3
Posted by Auswaschbar at 2008-10-10 02:13, 20 comments.
After some people have stated that we should release more early and often,we give you 0.77b3 here. Its still not perfect, but the most serious bugs have been resolved.

You can find direct download links on the downloads page.


  • fix transports not killing their transportees when they should

  • update installer shortcuts

  • when kicking a player, kick only the player and don't disconnect everyone

  • fix invalid command spam

  • fix some divisions through 0

  • fix crash for all players when someone gives away all his units

Thanks to everyone who helped fixing those bugs, especially kloot, imbaczek and det.

Note 1:
To make the update work properly, you need to quit all spring related applications before installing it, this includes springdownloader and the Lobby.

Note 2:
The settings where not imported right into 0.77b2. This have changed now, it will use your old settings again (and with each further update). So please excuse that you need to adjust your settings for 0.77b3 again.

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