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Top 25 Nintendo Moments

gamedaily.com — Nintendo has quite a storied history. It launched one of the biggest arcade games of all time (Donkey Kong), revived the home video game market with the NES and redefined modern gaming with the Nintendo Wii. Join us as we list our top 25 Nintendo moments.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo sued over 'dangerous' Wii controllers

telegraph.co.uk — Japanese video games giant Nintendo is being sued by a parent who believes the strap used on the Wii console's motion-sensitive controllers is faulty and "prone to break".More… (Nintendo)


Top 10 Nintendo DS games of 2008

gamepro.com — Right now we're staring down the barrel of about two weeks' worth of shopping days left until Christmas, and if you're having a hard time thinking of what to buy someone... hey! Do they have a Nintendo DS? Then how about snagging them a DS game? Here's a list of the ten best all-around DS games to buy somebody as a gift this holiday season.More… (Nintendo)


Ubisoft Capitilizes on The Wii; We've Got Advice for Others

arstechnica.com — The Nintendo Wii is easily the most successful console of the latest generation, but the monster hits on the console come from Nintendo. There is money to be made on the system, but Nintendo seems to be taking the lion's share;More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo Warns Parents That Mr. Resetti May Disturb Kids

gonintendo.com — It is important that players save before switching off the Wii console in order to retain data after each play session. If players switch off without saving, the character Mr. Resetti may appear upon restarting. Mr. Resetti’s purpose is to teach players the importance of saving. However, parents should be aware of his personality and tone of voice.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo: New Wii Disk Drives Render Modchips Useless

gizmodo.com — In their latest attempt to block homebrew on the Wii, Nintendo has begun using a new revision of the Wii's optical drive—one that prevents any existing mod chip from functioning.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo Considering Changing Wii Accelerometer Chips

1up.com — After a few years of release, it's common practice for platform holders to modify their hardware with cheaper, more efficient components. The Wii may not have the most advanced processor and graphical capabilities, but that doesn't mean there aren't areas in Nintendo's console where they can cut costs, too.More… (Nintendo)


800,000 Wii's Were Sold During Black Friday Week Says Iwata

news.vgchartz.com — Speaking to Reuters, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that the Wii sold 800,000 during the week of Black Friday in the US. This was more than double the amount sold during the same week in 2007 and the most for any piece of hardware in history!!More… (Nintendo)


Mother's fury over Nintendo DS Scrabble - Wants game banned

dailymail.co.uk — A mother has described her shock when she found her eight-year-old son learning swear words from Nintendo Scrabble - after she bought the game thinking it would be a fun way for her son to improve his vocabulary. lolMore… (Nintendo)


Real Life Mario Kart - Remi Gaillard

nimportequi.com — A real world version of Mario Kart...AWESOME!!!More… (Nintendo)


Parents warned on fake consoles (with VIDEO)

news.bbc.co.uk — Parents are being warned about fake imported Nintendo games consoles which could be a fire hazard and a danger to children's safety. HM Revenue & Customs said it had seized 100's of counterfeit Nintendo DS/DS Lites, were discovered to contain dangerous power adapters. Nintendo confirmed it had not produced potentially dangerouus power adapters.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo's new DSi already hacked

techradar.com — It seems that enterprising hackers have already destroyed Nintendo's best laid plans, having already cracked the new DSi with an R4DS-like device doing the rounds in Japan.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo Apologizes For Racial Slur in Animal Crossing Press

1up.com — On Wednesday afternoon both MTV Multiplayer and Kotaku posted stories detailing how they had received copies of Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS from Nintendo. Because these carts were meant to show off the character importing feature of Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, the DS carts were already opened and had saved games featuring a tMore… (Nintendo)


U.S. Patent Office Denies Nintendo's 'Wii Remote' Trademark

gamepolitics.com — The United States Patent and Trademark Office has suspended Nintendo's application to trademark the term Wii Remote. A letter sent by the USPTO to Nintendo last week indicates that the word remote is too commonly used to be trademarked. Nintendo submitted an official application to trademark Wii Remote in March of this year.More… (Nintendo)


Nintendo Makes $6 on On Every Wii Sold

techradar.com — Nintendo makes an operating profit of $6 for every Wii console sold, according to the latest analyst reports, with Microsoft breaking even with the Xbox 360 and Sony still making a loss on each PS3 it sells.More… (Nintendo)

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