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Boy killed mother, Shot father because they took Halo 3 away

blog.cleveland.com — Daniel Petric was so angry that his father would not allow him to play the violent video game Halo 3 that he killed his mother and shot his father, then tried to make it appear to be a murder-suicide, prosecutors told a Lorain County jury this morning in the boy's murder trial.More… (Xbox)


Wireless Controller Helps Recover Stolen 360

kotaku.com — A Missouri State student came back to his dorm to find his Xbox 360 stolen. Realizing the controller still connected when turned it on, he set out to find the console. And he did.More… (Xbox)


Microsoft Can't Send Shipping Label B/C They Have Your X-Box

consumerist.com — Ryan is probably looking at his XBOX 360 right now, wishing he could play it, but he can't. Why not? Red Ring. And Microsoft can't fix it because they say they already have it. But they don't. Ryan has it. They sent it back to him, unrepaired. He's tried to explain this concept to Microsoft, but all they do is tell him to call back later when More… (Xbox)


Gears of War 2 sales surpass 3 million copies

joystiq.com — Epic VP Mark Rein has confirmed that 3 million copies of Gears of War 2 have sold through (not just shipped to stores) worldwide since the game launched on November 7.More… (Xbox)


Top 10 Hottest Xbox 360 Games for 2009

gameplayer.com.au — Even though it’s still early December, Christmas is pretty much over for gamers like us. Prince of Persia marked the very last big release of the year, and it’s passing onto store shelves essentially means two things: first, we have a ridiculous stash of AAA games to play through, and secondly we have to make frantic junkie plans to score our. . .More… (Xbox)


Fable 2 patch detailed, removes child assassinations

xbox360fanboy.com — There's a new Fable 2 patch making its way through Microsoft certification and our friends over at Lionhead Studios made a list (and checked it twice) of all the changes, including the removal of child assassinations. Humph.More… (Xbox)


Xbox 360 Jasper: What's changed?

arstechnica.com — The latest iteration of the Xbox 360, the Jasper, is out on store shelves. We take a closer look to see what has changed. Details inside.More… (Xbox)


the new portable XBOX 360

benheck.com — Ben Heck is at it again! Check out his new portable version of the XBOX 360!More… (Xbox)


Ben Heck Unveils the 'Xbox 360 Portable'

blog.wired.com — Master modder Benjamin Heckendorn has revealed his latest project: A souped up Xbox 360 stuffed into a portable, laptop-esque case.More… (Xbox)


Best of 2008: Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

blog.wired.com — Xbox 360 had an excellent year, although most of the glory was shared with other gaming platforms.More… (Xbox)


Left 4 Dead - Star in The Best Horror Movie Ever!

videogamer.com — The scariest horror game ever... More… (Xbox)


50 of the Oddest, Weirdest and Dumbest Xbox Achievements

gamesradar.com — Boost your Gamerscore with points earned by being stupidMore… (Xbox)


Xbox 360 outsells the original Xbox...

engadget.com — In the manner of a modern day fable on par with The Little Engine That Could or Rocky, Microsoft has just announced that sales of the Xbox 360 have outraced total sales of the original Xbox, a mere two days after the 360's third birthday on November 22.More… (Xbox)


Celebrity Xbox NXE Avatars

gamesradar.com — Don't like the way you look? Impersonate a famous game character, movie star or politician instead.More… (Xbox)

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