♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, December 16

Strawberry licorice: it's getting stuck between my teeth as I speak, but that's okay because it's lovely taste makes up for all the sticky business

Twister: We were playing this at Sophie's house just the other day (more of this on Thursday), and even though it feels like you're doing yoga with people's limbs intertwined into yours, it's great fun..

Fairy lights: I love the look of fairy lights in shop windows, front of houses and on Christmas trees.

Postsecret.com: this website manages to make me laugh out loud, cry, and melt inside. Some of the postcards are so sad, whilst others are so sweet. It makes my day every Sunday.

Black sequins: they're glitzy and glamorous at the same time. It's a newfound obsession.

Change The World

Saturday, December 13

Isn't it funny how you can know someone for years and hardly notice them. Then suddenly, they catch your eye and you fall in love with them? Or, how you suddenly become friends with someone you've never really talked to, after you get the chance to find that you have things in common?

It's because you haven't given yourself the chance to know them, or you stuck with previous impressions or judgements. Imagine this: everyone accepts each other wholly, no one judges each other, and first impressions aren't really important because people would give each other the chance to express themselves fully. Wouldn't the world be such a nice place?

So starting from today, go out there and change the world:
- do not hold people to the first impressions they give you
- do not hold expectations upon others
- accept people for who they are, imperfections and all
- forget and forgive
- remember that people change, for the better and the worse
- strike up conversations with people who you normally wouldn't talk to
- keep your mind open, accept other people's beliefs and opinions, and state your own
- accept that people make mistakes
- learn that people can learn from their mistakes
- make mistakes of your own, and learn

It's not that long, and it's not that hard, so GO.

P.S. We reach another milestone! Today, earmuffed.com officially turns half a year old!

Life Lessons

Thursday, December 11

So, as of tomorrow, I will have been alive for 16 years. The little life lessons I have learnt in that time:

If you know you’re not going to able to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, then for Pete's sake, don’t set the alarm to ring at that time! You may think that maybe, maybe this time you’ll be able drag yourself out of your warm cozy bed, maybe. But you’ve never been able to, and it’s about time that you know you’ll always stay in bed until it is absolutely necessary that you get up.

Your grades in year 7 do not count in the real world. Neither do detentions. And surprise surprise, your future employer is not going to want to know what mark you got for your Science report either. Save yourself the eye bags for when you’re that rich and successful business woman. In the meantime, go to sleep.

Browsing clothes online has got to stop. It brings you nothing but depression for lack of affordability.

People change. So when your first ever best friend turns up with a boyfriend all of a sudden, don’t be offended. There is no need to remind her of that pact you made when you were eight about growing old together in the absence of the male specie.

Should you ever have the bright idea of stalking someone, then for the love of god, don’t tell them! You will only scare them off. It’s a natural reaction.

You and shopping trolleys. You guys are just not meant to be! Don't push it!

Next time you write yourself a sticky note reminder, make sure you actually understand the meaning behind the strange codes you make up for yourself. Honestly, “medi m+c” either means you can’t understand yourself, or you need to take mac and cheese as medication.

So your brother likes olives. Just because you picked them out everytime you ate your food when you were his age, doesn’t mean you get to steal his now!