Eligibility for Rent Assistance

You may be eligible for Rent Assistance if you:

  • receive a pension (special rules apply if you are under 21 years and receive Disability Support Pension), or
  • have dependent children and get more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit, or
  • have care of a child between 14% and 35% of the time and are not eligible for Family Tax Benefit but meet other Family Tax Benefit requirements, or
  • don't have dependent children, receive an allowance or benefit and you:
    • are over 25 years, or
    • have a partner, or
    • are under 25 and living permanently or indefinitely apart from your parents or guardians.

To receive Rent Assistance you must also meet the residence requirements of your pension, allowance, or benefit.

Paying rent

If you pay your rent directly to State or Territory Housing Authorities, you are not eligible for Rent Assistance.

To be eligible for Rent Assistance you must be paying more than the amount of rent shown in the table below for:

  • rent (other than for public housing), or
  • service and maintenance fees in a retirement village, or
  • lodging (if you pay for board and lodging but are unable to tell us exactly what you pay for each, two thirds of the amount you pay will be accepted), or
  • fees paid to use a caravan site or other accommodation that you occupy as your principal home, or
  • fees paid to moor a vessel you occupy as your principal home.

Rent cutoffs for Rent Assistance

If you are You must be paying more than this amount of rent per fortnight
single with no dependent children $95.40
single, sharer, no dependent children $95.40
single with children $125.44
a couple with no dependent children $155.20
one of a couple who are separated due to illness, no dependent children (including respite care and partner in prison) $95.40
a couple who are temporarily separated, no dependent children $95.40
a couple with children $185.64

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