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Studded tires not necessarily safer in winter

Dear Tom and Ray: I have a car question, about which I am sure I'm correct, but...

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Top Down by Michael Taylor

Pebble Beach Concours -- the real deal

For one week every summer, Pebble Beach, an exclusive outpost on the Monterey Peninsula, becomes the center of the world for...

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Trouble for Japanese makers, too

Japan's automakers aren't celebrating the troubles of their U.S. rivals, believing that what's bad for the industry in...

2 VW plants to suspend production in China

Two Chinese auto plants run by German automaker Volkswagen AG through joint ventures are planning to partly suspend production lines to conduct...

Technologies contribute to rider safety

It certainly isn't news that motorcyclists and scooter riders are more vulnerable on the road than those who pilot autos, SUVs and trucks. Bikes and...

Cutting costs from cars to quadrupeds

Formula One's governing body announced a series of cost-cutting measures Friday, including longer-lasting engines, limits on expensive testing and cheaper...

Drive Green

Obama's team augers a green future

President-elect Barack Obama named an environmental and energy team Monday that he said signaled his determination...

Hitting pay dirt with clean cars

I try to imagine walking through Times Square and not hearing engine sounds. The streets are full of electric vehicles...

Battery company launches plug-in hybrid car

Battery maker turned car company BYD Co. has launched China's first homegrown hybrid vehicle for the retail market, seeking an edge over its...

Driving declines as gas prices drop

Drivers clocked 9 billion fewer miles on the nation's roads in October even while gas prices were dropping, suggesting a downturn in driving that began...

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