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Thousands of people pack the Millennium Bridge in London when it
re-opened in 2002

Revealed: why the wobbly bridge wobbled

The mysterious wobble of the Millennium Bridge which caused the £18.2m "blade of light" to sway dangerously was caused by the tiny foot adjustments people make to keep their balance, a scientist believes.

Inside Science

The Beaufort Sea, just north of Alaska, where near-surface air temperatures are 7C higher than normal

Arctic at the tipping point

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Steve Connor, exclusive: Evidence that region is warming faster than the rest of the world, a decade before it was predicted.

Obesity poses danger of type-2 diabetes, which scientists hope can be avoided

Obesity can begin in the brain, gene study shows

Monday, 15 December 2008

Hope for new treatments for the 400 million people WHO believes are too fat

Elephants in captivity have more health problems and have lower reproductive potential

Elephants kept in zoos die younger than in the wild

Friday, 12 December 2008

Steve Connor: First evidence to show animals' health and lifespan suffers in captivity

The path to evolution: the British Library's interactive exhibition 'In Darwin's Footsteps'

Darwin at 200: a family celebration

Friday, 12 December 2008

As the 200th birthday of the pioneering naturalist nears, his great-great-grandchild, the poet Ruth Padel, urges us to see her forebear as an extraordinary human being as well as the man who gave us the theory of evolution

The devastation in the Indonesian province of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, caused by the tsunami of 2004

More tsunami quakes forecast

Friday, 12 December 2008

Scientists predict a succession of tremors similar to the one that laid waste to South-east Asia in 2004

An artist's impression of the Jupiter-sized planet, HD 189733b, which is 63 light years away from Earth

Is there life on planet HD 189733b?

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Discovery of water and carbon dioxide on planet 63 light years away raises tantalising prospect

A handout photograph showing the heart of the Milky Way taken in near infra-red light as astronomers say that

Giant black hole found at galaxy's core

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Astronomers who have taken a close-up look at the heart of the Milky Way say that "beyond any reasonable doubt" a giant black hole lurks at our galaxy's core.

The disease is caused by a parasite transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito and is the leading killer of children under the age of five in sub-Saharan Africa

Hope for malaria vaccine within five years

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Jeremy Laurance: Trials show protection against disease that kills over a million people a year

Oliver Reed, who was famous for his drinking, may have been 'born alcoholic'

Scientists find gene that can predict alcoholism

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Now they want to find how to attack 'genetic fault'that causes the addiction

The subject is asked for the paw by the experimenter and obeys. The partner dog is sitting next to the subject and waiting for its turn

It's not just humans who can go green with envy

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Experiment demonstrates the surprising range of canine emotions

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Hamish McRae: It's now back to Victorian values

The 19th century constructed not just a regulatory financial code but a moral one


Mark Steel: To George Bush, his critics are just lone difficult schoolboys

It's impossible for the President to acknowledge his failure in Iraq


The Sketch: Davies the demonic, red-faced alien

Imagine being shown round the Great Hall of Quentin Court, or wherever it is that the Procurement Minister lives

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