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Money matters: the University of Central Lancashire is one of only two universities giving students bursaries for studying abroad

How to tap into the biggest bursaries and scholarships

Today, 'The Independent' publishes an exclusive table of bursaries and scholarships – to enable students to make informed choices about where to study

Inside Student

Gingham shirt from Fred Perry

Budget clothes for the boys

When it comes to selecting some choice garments off the rack for the Christmas party season, the gentleman buyer can find himself being overlooked in the rush to wax lyrical over the latest cocktail dress. Not so here at Indy Student.

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The University of Oxford

Educated opinion - the University of Oxford

In the first of our “Educated opinion” series, a student from the University of Oxford gives us her views on life at the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends

Any volunteers?

Let’s face it, being a volunteer isn’t always seen as the most glamorous thing to do in your spare time – or, perhaps, during your gap year – but there are students out there making it an award-winning extra-curricular activity.

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